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Tips and tricks for traveling with kids!

I love road trips, it’s true. But when you’ve got young kids, it can be…well…let’s just say A CHALLENGE. I was in Oregon all last week and made the trip BY MYSELF. It was tough because I was flying SOLO with my 26 month old and 8 month old. not easy, people. However, with lots of practice, trial,…

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Do you ever feel homesick? I have never felt homesick before. Ever. In my whole life. I’ve always been independent, adventurous, spontaneous, and couldn’t WAIT to get away from home when I was younger. But you know what? I’ve been a bit homesick lately. If you haven’t guessed before, I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by…

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FCF Weekend Wrap-Up: Free tix to a musical, concert (back stage with the bands!), dinner with lots of freebies & tons of other fun, cheap, free things

It feels like Monday to me, but happy Tuesday nonetheless! (Thanks, by the way, for your sweet comments and concern yesterday! Baby Priya is doing better, just sick and miserable.) Other than having to go to the hospital at 4am on Sunday I had the most amazing weekend! It was one of the funnest, cheapest,…

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Saving Money on Hair Care + hair tricks and tips

Today’s tip(s) are given by Lauralee from Hair Tips and Tricks. She’s going to teach us all about saving money on hair care…and you might be surprised at what you learn! Enjoy 🙂 Source As a cosmetologist I have had friends and clients ask me how to save money on hair care without sacrificing quality. So…

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How to make an area rug out of remnant carpet

Happy weekend, everybody! So on Tuesday I was on TV (see my segment details HERE) talking about 3 hot trends in frugality. DIY projects was one of them. But my “take-home message” was that… just because you do it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean it will save you money…you need to do your research first! I…

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Fun, cheap, or free graduation pary ideas

T.G.I.F! I recently got an email from a reader frined, Lynne, asking for party ideas. Here’s what she said: Q: Do you have any ideas of how to do a graduation party on the cheap? Invites are taken care of but looking for food ideas & decoration ideas. I don’t want the reuse ideas so…