How to Stay Connected Even When You’re Apart

Apr 19, 2020 | Lifestyle

Being apart from those we love can be a challenge, and quite frankly, a total bummer! Maintain your close relationships and stay connected, even when you aren't together physically. We'll show you how!

When you can't be together in person, stay connected to those you love with these great tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

There are many things that can keep us apart from those we love the most. Maybe it's a big move, extended travel, sickness or even the threat of sickness keeping you apart! No matter the reason, the goal is still the same—stay connected and nourish those valuable relationships even when you can't see each other face to face.

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Even though it STINKS not to physically be with our friends or family, there are many ways to stay connected and enjoy each other's company from afar. Advances in technology have made it possible to literally feel like you are together even if you're thousands of miles apart—it's incredible! Here are some of our favorite ways to be together… even when you can't!


Find ways to stay connected with friends by continuing routines remotely, even when you can't be together! Get tips from Fun Cheap or Free.

If something separates you and a friend from your regular weekly lunch, replace that physical time together with something remote. Jump on one of those virtual meeting spaces we mentioned above or make it a weekly “lunch over the phone” date!

Do you normally go walking with your sister every Tuesday morning? Make it a point to both still go for a walk at the same time, wherever you are, and spend that time on the phone talking just like you would if you were together. (AirPods really come in handy for this!) Don't let a lack of physical togetherness keep you from connecting with your friends and family. We have other ways to stay connected, so take advantage!


When we find ourselves apart from our loved ones, there are so many ways we can stay connected via the internet. Check out these apps that do just that!

  • Zoom
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting
  • Houseparty
  • Google Hangout
  • Zoho Meeting
  • ezTalks Cloud Metting

These virtual meeting spaces are perfect for long-distance birthday parties, meeting with coworkers or your weekly Bible study you haven't been able to attend physically. It's a great way to stay connected when you can't be together. Get everyone together remotely on their own device or have a device at the gathering for the one person who can't be there!

Some of these virtual meeting spaces even have free plans so you can connect with your friends through video chat at NO cost. Wahoo!!


We need companionship for so many reasons—it's vital to our mental and physical health! One of the many wonderful aspects of personal relationships is accountability. Setting goals and striving to reach them together is a great way to grow personally and strengthen a friendship. The only problem is… how do you do that when you can't be together physically?

The answer? Google Docs! If you and your friend suddenly find yourselves apart from each other, stay connected by setting goals together in a shared Google Document. Maybe it's a health and wellness goal, a book reading goal or a list of new recipes you both want to try! Google Docs allows both of you to access and revise this document so you can always see what the other is doing as well.

If you aren't one who loves setting goals and making lists, start a Google Docs diary! Each participant can add funny stories or thoughts that can be read by all parties. While this may seem simple, every little thing we do to stay connected when we're apart will pay dividends in the end!


Stay connected to long distance friends and family via online games. Get MORE ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

If you're anything like us, you LOVE a good game night sesh with friends. When you can't be together, it can really be a bummer! While it's not quite the same as being together in a room, playing a game online together can be a fun alternative. Here are some of our picks!

  • Words With Friends – It's like virtual scrabble.
  • Jackbox Games – Play trivia with your friends!
  • Minecraft – Up to 8 can play together at the same time.
  • Mario Kart Tour – A classic that you can now play virtually with your friends.
  • Rocket League – Two words… car soccer! This one is fun for all ages.
  • Gummy Drop! – This one is a solo play game but you can connect with other friends who are playing and check their progress to help you stay connected!

Some of these do require a gaming system to play but others can be played through an app on your phone for free!


Sometimes unforeseen events in life can take us from the ones we love, even when we are so close to them. Sickness and disease can often lead to people needing to quarantine from the public for a time. Maybe it's a virus, chemo or an autoimmune disease. Whatever the circumstances, we have some great ways you can lift their spirits and make the most of the days when you can't be face to face.


When sickness or quarantine keeps you apart, celebrate your friends and family with a drive by parade. This and more from Fun Cheap or Free!

Perfect for quarantine birthdays! Gather together as many friends and family as you can and organize a drive by parade. Decorate your car with birthday signs and streamers and make sure you lay on that horn as you drive by! Some cities will even send a fire truck or a police cruiser to join the parade for a special surprise… you just have to ask!

After the parade, you can even have participants circle back around and gather (from a distance) to sing Happy Birthday. This bummer of a birthday might just turn out to be the most memorable one ever!

Drive by parades aren't just for birthdays, though. It can simply be a great way to make someone's day when they can't get out of the house to see their friends and family!


Another way to surprise someone who's stuck at home is to have their favorite restaurant food delivered to their door. Use a delivery service like Door Dash or pick it up yourself and drop it at the door. This is such a sweet way to brighten someones spirits when they have to stay isolated!


Letters may be a thing of the past, but they are still so meaningful. Write a sweet note to your loved one and drop it in the mail or put it in their mailbox yourself. It will lift their spirits when they can't have visitors. Better yet, become pen pals and write each other regularly!

No matter what it is that separates us, we can stay connected with those we cherish the most. While it may be a difficult season, we believe this time will only strengthen relationships and make reuniting all the more sweet one day. What are your favorite ways to stay connected when you can't be together? Share with us in the comments below!

Stay connected to friends and family even when you can't be together physically. Find out how with ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

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