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Toddler Proof Your House

One of our readers posted this on our Facebook wall: “I need a baby gate to go around our entertainment center…the problem is I don’t want to spend 100+ dollars on it!!! Any tips?” I wanted to share this will all of you.  My husband got lattice from a home improvement store, heated up certain…

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How to stick a bow to a baby’s head

Welcome back to “You’re Welcome” Wednesday, where I share a creative tip with you that’s bound to make you say “THANKS!” With the birth of baby girl I’m becoming well acquainted with all-things-girlie. One of my favorites? Those tiny, cute, adorable baby bows! I nearly died of cuteness when they brought her to me from…

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Tips for saving when having a baby! (Guest post)

Our new blog friend, Tara, emailed me some AMAZING baby-saving tips from her site,, and I just had to share. She is a new mom and is excited to share the ways she’s saved, so read her post and check out her site.  Thanks for the tips, Tara! Hi new friends!! I’m Tara, a…