Easy and Fun DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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This DIY sidewalk chalk paint is such a fun summer activity for kids of any age! It’s so easy and can be made with things you probably already have on hand or can find easily at the store. Even your kids can help! 

This DIY Sidewalk Chalk is so easy kids can make it and you only need 3 ingredients! Fun Cheap or Free

Summer. Summer. Suuuummmmeeeerrrr. Is it killing anyone else?? My dear sweet lovely adorable children are…well…DRIVING ME NUTS! Their little brains are bored without school to keep them occupied. Sometimes we need all the help we can get keeping our little ones occupied during the rollercoaster that is summer.  

Sidewalk chalk paint is the perfect boredom buster. It's easy, quick, fun, and can be made with stuff you have lying around. If your kids are anything like ours, they always seem to get soooo bored. (Cue mom eye roll…) This DIY sidewalk paint is perfect for keeping those hands AND minds busy by helping spark their creativity! 

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Not only is this homemade sidewalk paint great for the kids, it’s a total mom win because it’s SO EASY and ridiculously cheap! With 3 basic ingredients (that are probably in your pantry!) and a few empty jars, you’ll have hours of fun ready to go that cost you pennies! Well, what are you waiting for!?


Save money when you make your own DIY Sidewalk Chalk with 3 ingredients. So easy kids can do it themselves! Fun Cheap or Free

Sure, you could skip the DIY and grab some store bought sidewalk paint instead. Last time we checked, Target had 3 colors for $10… do you know how much sidewalk paint you could make with this recipe for $10?? A TON! 

Not only will this recipe save you money, it also gives you an opportunity to show your kids how to make something with their hands. The store is NOT the only solution when we want something new. Skipping the store and making it yourself teaches them the valuable life lesson of being resourceful and creative! 


It's so easy! All you need is corn starch and water!

Mix it up in a big bowl and then divvy up into any type of jar or tupperware. Once the corn starch is dissolved in the water, add food coloring and voila! Told ya this was going to be a breeze! SO basically, if your kid can measure out 1 cup and mix… they can make this themselves. Kids 7 and up can probably make it without the kitchen looking like a tornado went through.

If you want to be able to dip a paintbrush, we suggest mixing your paint in something more open. We love these little squeeze bottles because they make it easier for the kids to use the sidewalk chalk paint without spilling and wasting. Yes, they are designed specifically for condiments, but they work great for all kinds of crafty stuff…


This is such a fun activity for the kids to do outside! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Once the paint is mixed, you’re ready to take it outside and have some fun! We like using small inexpensive paint brushes from the dollar store, but you could also try bigger brushes or even small foam brushes. It’s also helpful to have a bowl of water nearby for rinsing between colors.

The paint might be watery at first, but becomes more vibrant as it dries. While it does leave some chalky residue (it is chalk paint after all), it is rinsed off easily with water! 


Use your sidewalk paint up the same day you make it since it doesn't store well - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

This homemade sidewalk paint doesn’t store well, so make sure you use it all up the day you make it. This is one of the few things we DON’T suggest making ahead of time and storing for later! Luckily it’s cheap and easy to make a new batch the next day.

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

Grab your kids and make this recipe together!


  • 1 cup Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Water
  • Food Coloring


  • First, mix 1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup of water together in a medium size bowl to make the sidewalk paint base.
  • Divide sidewalk paint base evenly between your jars.
  • Now add the color! The amount of drops will depend on how bright and vibrant you want your paint to be, so eyeball it based on preference.


Sidewalk paint makes for the best free play outside! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

This homemade sidewalk paint isn’t just great for free-play… it’s also a great tool for practicing school work. Don't worry, they'll think it's a BLAST!

  • Sidewalk Paint Spelling Lesson – Give your kids words verbally and see if they can spell them correctly with their paint!
  • Sidewalk Math – Use a paintbrush to write a few math equations and let them solve away. 
  • Illustrate Stories – Tell them a story and let them illustrate with the homemade sidewalk paint. If you have multiple kids, it’s fun to see how their illustrations compare! 

Keep their brains sharp for when they go back to school in the fall! We can't find a single reason NOT to make this homemade sidewalk paint this summer—it's quick, easy, provides the kids hours of fun and it's so dang cheap. What is your favorite DIY boredom buster for the summertime? Share with us in the comments below!

Super easy 3 ingredient sidewalk paint for kids fro Fun Cheap or Free

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    • Fun Cheap or Free

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