DIY 3 ingredient Sidewalk Chalk


Summer. Summer. Suuuummmmeeeerrrr. Is it killing anyone else?? My dear sweet lovely adorable children are…well…DRIVING ME NUTS! Their little brains are bored without school to keep them occupied, no matter how many time we swim in a day. However, with 5 kids I don't have the time to do intricate, completed activities like I used to. I found this old post that is a perfect boredom buster. It's easy, quick, fun, and can be made with stuff you have lying around. It's on our to-do list for tomorrow so I thought I'd remind you all about it too! (And reminisce with old pictures of my kiddos that are growing up way too fast…). I now introduce:

 My favorite 3-ingredient homemade sidewalk chalk paint recipe to kill all those summer boredom blues!

Today I’m sharing my quick and easy DIY paint version. The best part is it can be made with things you have on hand or can find easily at the store. This little DIY is so easy and fun, you can enlist your kids (of any age!) to help make it!

All you need to make Sidewalk Chalk Paint:

(See the orginal post HERE)

  • 1 Cup corntarch
  • 1 Cup water
  • Food coloring
  • 4 Small jars with lids (I prefer baby food jars)

DIY 3 Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint |

Here's how to make it:

  • First, mix 1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup of water together in a medium size bowl to make the chalk paint base.
  • Divide the mixture between the four jars evenly.
  • Now you add the color! The amount of drops will depend on how bright and vibrant you want your paint to be, so eyeball it based on preference.

Once the paint is mixed you’re ready to take it outside and have some fun! We like using small inexpensive paint brushes from the dollar store, but you could also try bigger brushes or even small foam brushes. It’s also helpful to have a bowl of water nearby for rinsing between colors. The paint might be watery at first but becomes more vibrant is it dries, and while it does leave some chalky residue (it is chalk paint after all) it is rinsed off easily with water. Note, it doesn’t store well, so you’ll want to use it up that day. Luckily it’s cheap and easy to make a new batch tomorrow!

I was out shopping at Target the other day and glanced at the sidewalk chalk they had. It was $10 for three colors…You can make endless colors for $10

DIY 3 Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint |

So there you go! A fun, and simple way to get outside and have some fun this summer. For more summer fun be sure to sign up for Focused in '17, a year of monthly challenges to help you have the best year ever!  Find out more HERE or just sign up HERE for the current and all the past challenges! 

DIY 3 Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk Paint |

If you have any additional ideas on fun and affordable summer activities let me know below!