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Doctored Up "Suddenly Salad" Pasta Salad Recipe

A good friend of mine, Sharla, is awesome. She’s hilarious, fun, crafty, and is a GREAT cook (check out her new blog, This is Doable). One day she was telling me about her favorite pasta salad recipe. She uses “suddenly salad” as the base, and it reminded me that I used to do the exact…

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Eating healthy on a budget

Since starting the 10-Pound Challenge this month I’ve really tried to focus on making conscious choices about my food. I tend to run around my day popping whatever’s within reach into my mouth without thinking twice about it. Thanks wholly to my genetics, my weight and size hasn’t fluctuated much throughout the years, so I…

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(Surprising) Substitution for eggs in baking!

photo source Last Sunday (Father’s Day) I slaved the day away making my lovely hubby’s favorite meals. At the end of the day, he asked for his favorite dessert…gooey, chocolatey, delicious-y BROWNIES. I was half-way through making them (via a mix that I price-matched) and realized… I was out of eggs. DOH! Don’t you hate that?…

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Good deal on baby food pouches

I’ve been asked lots before about baby food. I try to make my own whenever possible (because it’s the easiest thing ever and is a good way to use up produce). But when buying food, I prefer to buy the jarred baby food from Walmart, usually the Beechnut brand (because if you get on their…


Enter to win a 1-year Costco membership!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. On Friday I was featured on one of my favorite blogs, “One Good Thing By Jillee“! I did a big Costco compilation post that you’ll for sure want to check out. The best part? She’s giving away a 1-year membership!! So run on…