11 Home Lunch Ideas: Healthy, Creative and Fun!

Back to school is apporaching fast! Although I have some experience in school lunches, this is still some new territory that we are working on. My friends over at Deals to Meals have come up with 11 home lunch ideas that are bound to add some fun for lunch.

Take it away ladies: 

Thanks Jordan! Let's get ready for a new school year with some healthy, creative and fun home lunch ideas. You won't believe how cute and creative these lunch ideas are! Not only are  these lunches kid friendly and delicious, but super healthy too. Remember the acronym C.A.R.E. when planning your children' lunches.

  • C: Colorful-keep your lunches colorful with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  • A: Attractive-use some inexpensive tools to make your lunches creative and pretty too.

  • R: Real-use as much ‘real' and fresh food as possible to keep your lunches healthy and delicious.

  • E: Easy-all of these lunches are easy to prepare and can be made in only a few minutes. 

You might be thinking these lunches would be labor intensive, but each one can actually come together in only 5-10 minutes. Even some rolled sushi can be made in only a few minutes. How fun is that!? Your kids are going to be the talk of the lunchroom with these awesome bento box lunches. Head over to the Deals to Meals Blog to get all 11 lunch ideas, free printouts and helpful tools to making home lunches easy and fun!

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Thanks for sharing such cute ideas! I would love for you to share any lunch ideas or hacks you have down below.

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  1. AvatarTina says

    I want my baby girl, and her sister on the way, to be old enough just so I can try these out with them lol. Until then, maybe I’ll give them ago 😉 …or at least the C.A.R.E. plan! Love Deals-to-eals! I really want to be a member, but wonder, would that fall under the “budget” category, or just overall “expenses” category? Thanks!

  2. AvatarJessica says

    I hate making lunch, so thank you for the tips! I think I need to remember to keep it colorful for my little ones. I bought lunchtrays at my DI and they are one of the best purchases I have ever made.

  3. AvatarRaechal says

    Oh! I NEED all these lunch ideas! Lunch is the hardest! My kids are home every day and I feel like we always eat the same thing ?

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