Updated Back To School Morning Routine with 8 Kids

Oct 5, 2023 | YouTube

New school year, new morning routine! Follow along a typical morning in the Page Household as we get eight kids ready for school with all our usual great tips, tricks, and routines! 

Another week, another new video on my YouTube channel! I'm having so much fun getting back into filming for you! In case you missed it, I am back to weekly videos on YouTube after a one-year break. You can catch up on my first video back here!

Today, I'm bringing you along on a typical morning in the Page household as we are getting back into the swing of a new school year. Watch the new video here, and check out the links below for anything I've mentioned in the video that you might also be interested in!

Quick Links Mentioned in the Video:

More links for everything else you've seen in this video below!


In this video, it is back to school season! Hutch is 13, Priya is 12, Beck is 10, Daivey is 8, Morey is 7, Mac is 5, and the twins Joss and Dev are 3! This is the first year that all of the littles will be in preschool, so our morning routine has naturally changed a little bit! This is a glimpse into a typical school morning for us.

If I don't already have a pre-made breakfast for the kids to grab & go, I will whip something up like protein waffles. (You might start to notice a trend…we typically have TWO of everything for a family as large as ours! Including our waffle maker and dishwasher.)

Speaking of dishwasher – I make sure to run the dishwasher every night before I go to bed so the dishes are clean and ready to be put away in the morning. My kids help unload the dishwasher every day before school, because we are all about #RAISINGCAPABLEKIDS around here! I have gone into tons of detail about allowing your kids to help out with responsibilities and age-appropriate chores in this blog post!



While the kids eat breakfast, we multitask by getting in some scripture study with our favorite videos Drawn In. If they didn't sleep in their school clothes the night before (their idea, not mine!) they'll head to the laundry room and find something clean to wear. The kids start doing their own laundry when they turn 8, and we have a pretty viral (and unconventional) laundry system that you should check out if you haven't heard of it!

Once the kids are off at school, I typically try to get to a fitness class at the gym. This week I'm still nursing my back that I threw out, so we'll skip the gym – oh darn! Time to get myself presentable for the day, which doesn't take long since I shower at night.

We still use our Clipboard System daily – you need to try this with your kids if you struggle with screen time or getting chores done! – but we also just recently got a digital calendar that we are still testing out. If we love it, I'll come back with a review and try to get a discount code because I love ya 😉

Yes, we still have our 15 passenger van (we call her Bertha and you can tour her here!) but I also recently bought my own car! Paula the Palisade, I love her so much. Sometimes I just sit in my car for a few moments after I get back from school drop-off for the peace and quiet…..anyone else?? Just me…?

Once I get inside the house, it's time to sit with my Block Schedule Planner and organize my tasks and to-do's for the day. If you want to learn more about why my Block Schedule is the only planner you'll ever need again, check out this post. Use the code “YOUTUBE” for 10% off!

I also like to make up my morning concoction in my pretty, sparkly cup. If you didn't know, I have pretty severe Grave's Disease which I've been focused on healing for the last year. I used a strict anti-inflammatory diet that I'll get into in a later post. But even on the strictest diet, I was still able to enjoy my favorite MixHers drink mixes because of their clean ingredients!

You can use my link to shop MixHers and receive a 15% discount on your order. I love ALL their products, but if you are wondering where to start then I suggest HerTime and HerPower! I love using these mixed with some water, and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and protein powder from Clean Simple Eats  (Use Code “JORDAN” for 10% off).

Friendly PSA that your morning routine should include thinking about that night's dinner! If you need to pull out anything from your freezer to thaw, or if you need to start throwing things into a slow cooker….make sure you're thinking ahead and avoid having to grab a last-minute meal out!

Alright, it's time for a work Zoom call and then picking up the littles from preschool! And that's my current morning routine! What else would you like to see in upcoming YouTube videos? Let me know!

See you back here for my next new video NEXT THURSDAY!

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