A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Welcome back to another edition of About Me…Wednesday? Oops. I didn't have time to do it on Monday so here I am! The purpose of A.M.M's is for us to get to know each other better. Since last time I shared my pet peeves, I thought I'd get us on a positive track and share my FAVORITES (since it is Nothing Negative Week and all). So be sure to share YOUR favorites in the comments so I can get to know YOU better as well! Here goes nothin'…

Some of My Favorites:

  • Slushy drinks. Not slurpees, SLUSHYs. Namely blue coconut cream slush from Sonic. Dreamy
  • My Dyson vacuum. If you buy any other vacuum you are wasting your money.
  • Biceps and shoulders. I think that's one of the sexiest part of a man, and I think toned shoulders look so good on a woman too!
  • Italian food, namely pasta. And ravioli. And tortellini. And anything pasta-related.
  • $1 E.L.F lip gloss. I swear it's the best.
  • Aqua Di Gio men's fragrance. I know it's old school, but seriously, I could eat it. It smells SOOOO GOOD. I won't let Bubba wear anything else.
  • Sushi. Especially the hole-in-the-wall super cheap stuff.
  • The show “Parenthood“. Hands-down the best drama ever created. It's so REAL I forget I'm watching TV sometimes! Fabulous, highly recommended. I laugh out loud (but not LOL…) and cry every time.
  • Reality TV, namely cooking and dating shows. Which is funny on the cooking shows aspect because I don't really like cooking all that much. Some of my favorites include Chopped, The Taste, Iron Chef, and Top Chef. Oh and I totally want to be on “Worst Cook In America” someday. Non-cooking shows include The Bachelor, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, Fashion Star, occasional shows on TLC, and Shark Tank (my most favorite)
  • Colors: Aqua blue, gray, gold, and peachy colors. Basically my website but peach instead of yellow 🙂
  • Type of movies: Action and feel-good.
  • Some of my favorite movies include: Warrior (I loved it SO SO SO MUCH), Remember the Titans, Dan in Real Life, The Blind Side, Titanic (who doesn't love Titanic??), any of the Mission Impossible movies, and I'm sure lots more that I can't think of.
  • Sour candy. And those mini Cadbury eggs. Oh baby I can't wait for Easter…
  • My huge jug of water with a straw that you get from the hospital. I have two from my last 2 babies and they are precious to me. Best things to drink out of.
  • Yellow labs. What can I say, they are the best dog breed ever.
  • Vacation types: weekend trips with friends, the Oregon coast, anything Disney-related (though I haven't done that yet with my family), and Cruises. I could cruise forever. (More on that soon…spoiler alert…)
  • Autumn. Best season ever.
  • Odd numbers. If you ask me to pick a number from 1-100 it will always be an odd one. They are just way cooler than even numbers.
  • Music artists: Colbie Cailet, Benton Paul, my little brother Nate, Celine Dion (old favorite), Imagine Dragons.
  • Chores: loading the dishwasher, vacuuming (with my Dyson, of course), making the bed. Trying to stay positive on this one.
  • My family. I could hang out with my hubby and kids all day every day and never get sick of them.
  • Favorite quirk of Bubba's – that his eyes get so squinty when he's tired, that he's AMAZING at pillow talk, his perky bum (is seriously a girl's dream), that he watches reality TV with me and actually enjoys it, and of course, his dance moves that win him $2000 watches.

Those are some of my (random) favorites.

Now it's your turn to teach me about yourself…what are some of YOUR favorites??