My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you've seen several pictures of #JordansCrazyLegs, aka the HORRIFIC varicose veins I got (mostly) during my 4 pregnancies. Freebs, they were bad. Some of the worst my Doc had ever seen, in fact. I had 2 major procedures and 3 smaller sclero (spider vein) treatments.

The results are…well…see for yourself!

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

Every time I'd post a picture y'all would go NUTS over them; the questions would pour in! I didn't do a post on it earlier because Veins don't really have anything to do with living a frugal life. However, I know how much my life has changed since having them fixed. And actually, it ended up being much more affordable than I thought because insurance covered my major procedures! (Happy surprise!). My doc is Peter Jensen at Utah Vein Specialists and he is UH-MAY-ZING. He was referred by 2 friends who said he's the best, and I whole-heartedly agree.

Now that my procedures are all done (for the most part), there was no denying how curious you all were. Thus…

I finally sat down and did a video answering ALL of your questions!

This video leaves nothing to the imagination, peeps, so fair warning that some of the pictures are pretty graphic! So close your eyes in the “procedures” section of the video if you don't want to see. Either way, I hope this video helps someone somewhere!!

For the rest of you, here's my finance/frugal tips to make it applicable to everyone in some way or another:

  • I recommend having an HSA or savings account just for medical purposes, where you set aside money each month just for medical expenses. That way when something like this comes along, you're not dipping into your family savings or “everyday” money to pay for it!
  • ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE! It's amazing what things can be covered! Not just with veins, but if ANYTHING in or on your body is bugging you, call your insurance (or talk to your doc) and there might be a way to have part or all of it covered!
  • Price-shop, and ask prices! While you do want a good, reputable doctor, sometimes doctors could be just as credible, but cost less than others for whatever reason…and not because of quality of care! Maybe they have less overhead because of rent/mortgage, staff, location, etc. Either way, be sure to ask your doc up front what the expected costs will be so you aren't surprised when the bills come in the mail.

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

Ok, with all that being said here's the video!

Watch online or click and watch below:

So there you go!

Sorry about all the nasty pics, I'm sure they are forever burned in your memory (in a bad way. Oops!). I just hope my story and experience helps someone, somewhere!

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

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