My Varicose Veins Story – ALL Your Questions Answered!

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you've seen several pictures of #JordansCrazyLegs, aka the HORRIFIC varicose veins I got (mostly) during my 4 pregnancies. Freebs, they were bad. Some of the worst my Doc had ever seen, in fact. I had 2 major procedures and 3 smaller sclero (spider vein) treatments.

The results are…well…see for yourself!

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

Every time I'd post a picture y'all would go NUTS over them; the questions would pour in! I didn't do a post on it earlier because Veins don't really have anything to do with living a frugal life. However, I know how much my life has changed since having them fixed. And actually, it ended up being much more affordable than I thought because insurance covered my major procedures! (Happy surprise!). My doc is Peter Jensen at Utah Vein Specialists and he is UH-MAY-ZING. He was referred by 2 friends who said he's the best, and I whole-heartedly agree.

Now that my procedures are all done (for the most part), there was no denying how curious you all were. Thus…

I finally sat down and did a video answering ALL of your questions!

This video leaves nothing to the imagination, peeps, so fair warning that some of the pictures are pretty graphic! So close your eyes in the “procedures” section of the video if you don't want to see. Either way, I hope this video helps someone somewhere!!

For the rest of you, here's my finance/frugal tips to make it applicable to everyone in some way or another:

  • I recommend having an HSA or savings account just for medical purposes, where you set aside money each month just for medical expenses. That way when something like this comes along, you're not dipping into your family savings or “everyday” money to pay for it!
  • ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE! It's amazing what things can be covered! Not just with veins, but if ANYTHING in or on your body is bugging you, call your insurance (or talk to your doc) and there might be a way to have part or all of it covered!
  • Price-shop, and ask prices! While you do want a good, reputable doctor, sometimes doctors could be just as credible, but cost less than others for whatever reason…and not because of quality of care! Maybe they have less overhead because of rent/mortgage, staff, location, etc. Either way, be sure to ask your doc up front what the expected costs will be so you aren't surprised when the bills come in the mail.

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

Ok, with all that being said here's the video!

Watch online or click and watch below:

So there you go!

Sorry about all the nasty pics, I'm sure they are forever burned in your memory (in a bad way. Oops!). I just hope my story and experience helps someone, somewhere!

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

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  1. AvatarMMW says

    This video was SO incredibly helpful to me! I am pregnant with #7 and have had vein problems since baby #2. I was also told by my Ob/Gyn not to have them looked at until we were completely done having children. My vulvar/leg/groin varicosities have gotten so bad that I have an appointment with 2 different vein doctors in NM to start looking at options. I want them to see them while I’m pregnant even though I know they can’t do the work right now.

    My question to you is this: Do you know whether you have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? I have read that these varicosities actually start in the ovarian veins coming off of the aortic artery and that the pelvic region is FILLED with them. There are a host of problems they can cause. Because my veins are all on ONE LEG, and are in the groin/vulvar region (and continuing on down the leg), I was told that I have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and will need all of those ovarian veins/pelvic veins addressed in a similar fashion to your major procedures. Do you think you could also have PCS? Did the doctor ever rule it out? My vein doctor said I will need to see an interventional radiologist for that procedure. It is possible to have children after it, but doesn’t sound very comfortable as they leave the veins inside you, closed off with metal coils. :/

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      YIKES! Honestly, we didn’t talk about the groin area much. He didn’t even look (thank goodness!). It’s not in his wheelhouse I guess, and he (and I) wanted to see what happened when he removed the large roping veins. So I guess we’ll see with the next pregnancy! But I’m so glad to know about PCS, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had it :S

      • AvatarShannon says

        I’ve been waiting for this post and will be watching the video tomorrow. I have had varicose veins and pain for over 10 years and recently talked to a vein specialist. Actually he’s the second one I’ve seen.

        Long story short is the doctors I’ve seen so far seem to have a very slick sales pitch, which I havn’t felt comfortable with.

        I was told my veins were not so bad, and I thought the doctor was crazy. Then you shared yours and I felt a little better. Sorry! Trust me, I can only imagine the amount of pain you’ve put up with and am happy for you that the treatments worked for you.

        Anyway, I have asked several doctors about Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and have done some research on it. I believe you need to be concerned when the veins are on the LEFT leg as that is where the artery and vein in the pelvic region cross over. That’s good news for you Jordan since your veins are on your right leg.

        I haven’t found anyone really willing to test for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, but my doctors have told me that you need to see an OB/GYN and they do a vaginal ultrasound for that.

        Sorry if all that is TMI, but I hope that helps a bit!

        • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

          I love this info! So good to know about the left leg thing. I’m sure it will strike at some point, so I’ll make sure to be proactive when it does. Thanks for watching and commenting!! XOXO

          • AvatarJess says

            How did your veins fair during your next pregnancy? Also, how did you deal with the pain of the veins while pregnant and still do all your “momming.” I want to have one more baby but am so scared I won’t be able to function if my veins get worse. I don’t have anything to fix between pregnancies because by some miracal they went back to normal even though I looked like a horror show when pregnant.

        • AvatarTeri says

          Hey there
          First of all why is it that you have to be concerned when the veins are only on your left leg.
          I had bad close to Jordan maybe not quite, could see them through jeans. My dod was old school so i got mine stripped. Let me tell Ya that hurts. Like a lot. like really a lot.
          Anyway i got mine taken out between my two kids. and due to the veins, i got pulmonary embolisms in both pregnancies so for my sake we have stopped having kids, unfortunately it’s to risky. I was hospitalized at 24 weeks due to huge blood clots in my lungs with my first and despite the fact that i had to inject myself with the maximum dose of blood thinners twice a day.
          I still to this day have major pain in only my left leg, my dr just shrugged it off and told me to be happy i didn’t have any more blood clots. And have not made much progress, I am trying to gather information to take with me, so i have some background knowledge and can demand things to get checked but am not 100% certain. so if you have any tidbits here let me know. You can’t see them so much but any of you who have had the veins know the feeling it has a very specific achy feel, so i can feel it, it’s in there it’s just a matter of getting someone to take me seriously and/or not be scared of me being their patient.

          • AvatarShannon says

            Hey Teri-

            I am not in the medical profession and am not good at explaining these things. I’ve just had vein issues and leg pain so long that I had to research a lot since my doctors won’t help me.

            From my limited knowledge, you do need to be more concerned when the veins are on the left because there is a vein in the pelvic region called the iliac vein. It can get compressed by the iliac artery (or it may be the other way around). When this happens, I believe there is a greater risk for varicose veins up there. Whenever varicose veins are, there is a higher chance of clots, strokes, heart attacks, or PE as you mentioned.

            I’m glad to hear you are okay since you had the PE twice. I don’t mean to scare you, but if you haven’t gotten a thromphilia panel, I would strongly recommend it to rule out if you have any type of blood clotting problem.

            When I began having vein issues and pain (mine are primarily in my left leg), my doctors thought I had everything from a blood clot to just “normal” superficial veins to a circulation issue. All the tests thankfully turned out negative.

            I happened to stumble on a doctor who saw me that time of the month when my veins are worse and he did the thromphlilia panel. I have a genetic thing called MTHFR that makes me more suspectible to blood clots, strokes, etc.

            From what my doctors have told me and the research I’ve done, there is a higher risk of these issues during pregnancy so since you had a PE during both pregnancies and a blood clot already, that would be something I’d give serious consideration to talking to your doctor about as there are supplements and lifestyle changes you can make that will better your changes of being healthy in the long run.

            If your doctor thinks your veins or the possiblity of a blood clotting issues are not a big deal, that’s the sign you need a new doctor!

            You may also ask to have your Vitamin D tested. My pain started in my left leg and over a 10 year period spread all over my body.

            It was only recently a doctor figured out I was extremely deficient in Vitamin D. Currently I’m taking a super high dose of Vitamin D once a week. Almost all my pain including the fullness and pain in my legs is gone. I still have the veins, but the pain is so much better and the quality of my life is better too.

            Any regular family doctor can test for Vitamin D.

            A reporoductive endocrinologist did my thromophilia panel, but I’m guessing a regular OB/GYN or a family doctor could probably order it as it is just a blood test.

            Again, let me stress I am not a doctor. Don’t take my word as gospel, but that should be a general guideline to know the types of tests to ask for during your next appointment.

            Hope that helps a little!

      • AvatarEvelyn says

        So I have to ask because I’m going through this now, did the veins in the groin area clear up for you after giving birth?

    • AvatarAsh says

      Hey, how are your veins doing now, post operation? Mine are pretty terrible too and I’m trying to learn the rate of recurrence 🙂 Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with your veins with us, it’s super helpful! 🙂

  2. AvatarLaura says

    It’s insane what kids do to our bodies! After having 3, I like to say I’m on my “5th body” (you know, my pre-married body, my “newlywed/hi-I-make-pies-everyday” body, then literally different bodies after each child. Cray. CRAY.

    Girl. Super brave of you to share this with the world. Hats off to you, sister! I seriously cannot even IMAGINE going through that, but I know you’re going to help so many women know that they’re not alone and hopefully educate themselves to some next steps.
    Laura recently posted…Heart of Gratitude in the Thick of ItMy Profile

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha! Laura, you are my favorite! That comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!! XOXO

  3. AvatarCaitlin says

    Thank you SOOO much. I have 4 as well and my last baby was so hard on my legs. Personal question, what did the doc say about vulvar veins? did they make incisions there?? We thought we were done after 4 and my main reasons was my veins. This gives me hope. Calling a local doc asap!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      We didn’t even address the “crotch veins” as I affectionately call them (psssht. eye roll). They are the worst right?! He wanted to see what happened once the other veins were taken care of, he didn’t even look “there”. I’m going to see what happens with baby #5 (and no, this is not an announcement), and I guess I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

  4. AvatarDenise says

    You helped me soooo much! I have varicose veins that have been getting worse recently. After I starting running (go figure :().

    Thanks for all the real info. I think I am finally going to check it out.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  5. AvatarRebecca says

    Jordan, I am so happy for you that everything turned out well & that you don’t feel self conscious any longer! You are brave for sharing & will be helping many women with the same issue!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I had to take a few weeks off. Even with Sclero, I had to go easy for 3 weeks – no running, or even yoga or pilates. Basically only cycling, elliptical, or swimming. But now I’m back in the game!

      • AvatarAmber says

        Hi Jordan – I’m new to your blog. I was also wondering about exercise… Are you a long distance runner, by chance? I like to do 1/2 marathons and I’m planning to get pregnant for the first time this year. Have you had any luck running while pregnant? Could it increase one’s chances for varicose veins? (As far as I know I don’t have bad veins.)

        • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

          I am certainly not a runner :S I’ve never taken to it! I have friends that run pretty much their entire pregnancies though. Just listen to your body…and your doctor! And yes, runners often have bad veins, but the beauty is that you can get them fixed! 🙂

  6. AvatarAmanda says

    Jordan, I love you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I too have this issue and am on my 4th right now, and am so going to treat mine after this baby! So helpful! Thanks again!

  7. Avatarcapturing joy with kristen duke says

    Girlie, I just watched the whole thing and love watching you talk! I’ve told you I’ve got a similar issue. It’s visible, but not as much as you had. I loved all the pictures and step by step! Who knows when I’ll do something about it, I need to check my insurance first. It scares me (anything elective scares me!) but you made it sound totally do-able. I wore compression hose with EACH of my 4 pregnancies and always felt pain, it just got worse with each child.
    capturing joy with kristen duke recently posted…25 Delicious Artichoke RecipesMy Profile

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      GUUUUURL, go get them checked! At least you’ll know what your options are. We should start a varicosities club! 😉

  8. AvatarMMM says

    Jordan, thanks so much for sharing your story….I can totally relate! I just had endovenous laser ablation done 3 weeks ago and currently in the process of doing sclerotherapy sessions. During pregnancies with my three children, my left leg had started developing varicose veins. I finally decided to go ahead with this procedure and I am SO glad I did! Having nice legs again so I can finally wear shorts again is the BEST thing I have ever done!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      So happy for your new legs! Amazing what it does to the morale, right?! Thanks for watching 🙂

  9. AvatarKrystal says

    I really enjoyed this video, even though veins haven’t been an issue for me (yet!), three babies in with hopefully more to come. I can commiserate with you about the blood thinners. My last pregnancy I had to have 4 injections daily from 8 weeks pregnant until six weeks after delivery. The fortnightly cost is $1200. So grateful we have universal healthcare (Medicare) in Australia as it only cost me $6.10. I will have to follow the same procedure for each baby we have from now on. So glad you have found relief from the pain!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      $1200?!?! Holy MOLY! So happy it only cost you a few dollars, what a blessing for your family. Hoping all your endeavors help you too! Thanks for sharing, and G’Day! 🙂

  10. AvatarChristine says

    So….. while this makes me feel better because 1. I can get this done before I’m having kids and 2. it wasn’t super invasive. It also really really bummed me out. I have had 2 kids, and I’m already having a lot of problems and can’t get anything done right now. It doesn’t look as bad as yours but I am in a lot of pain. I know that after the next baby it will be pretty bad.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      If you have health insurance and if your doctor deems it medically necessary you might be surprised what your insurance covers! Here’s big hugs and happy thoughts about someday getting them fixed. Good thing the babies are worth it! XO

  11. AvatarRebecca says

    Hello Jordan, first I want to say I LOVE YOU! I mean it! You are the most honest & couragous woman I have ever met. When I see your usual pics you lool like the typical beautiful cheerleader type and I have found myself thinking “if I looked like that and was so thin I would be happy, too”. Shallow from my side, I know. I have problems with varicose veins, too and will get an operation this year. You are an encouragement to me, because I like to hide my problems to keep up appearances and you are teaching me to be more open and vulnarable and therefore become more helpful to others. You have the greatest personality EVER! Your husband is lucky man. Never change, please! xxx Rebecca

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      OH. MY. GOSH. Rebecca, I can’t tell you how much your comment brightened my day! You are so sweet to take the time to say such kind and encouraging things. We need more Rebeccas in the world, thanks for being you!! XO

  12. AvatarMelissa says

    Hi Jordan! I recently watched your video and had a couple of questions. Do you feel like your legs are “back to normal” or do you still have some discomfort? I have had some vein issues but, thankfully, they were not as bad as yours. I have had the laser ablation and some sclerotherapy but my legs still get tired and achy sometimes. Especially if I’ve been on them a lot that particular day. My problem was mainly with my left leg but now my right is starting to bother me. Thank you so much for posting this video. It is so nice to know that I am not alone!! Thank you again!!

  13. AvatarKatie says

    Thank you for being brave and sharing this. It’s so embarrassing to experience this as a young, otherwise healthy person. It’s so validating to know that other women have the same problem. I’m approaching my third trimester with baby #3 and trying not to panic because my veins are already starting to cause me a lot of pain. I actually had a procedure done in my right leg after my second baby and it was totally life changing. My legs are still feeling pretty good at this point but the veins in my pelvis are really starting to hurt. I hope I can make it through this pregnancy ok. Do you mind if I ask what you did to deal with the pelvic pain during pregnancy? Did you try a belly brace or V2 supporter? I can’t wait to go back to my doctor after this baby comes and get some relief. Like you said, it’s totally worth it!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      There was nothing I could do for the pelvic pain, it was so horrific. I mean, picture my leg…but worse. Yikes. I’m hoping now that my veins are fixed there won’t be so much back-flow and pooling of blood and it won’t be an issue any more. I guess only time will tell!

  14. AvatarMerrie says

    Jordan, thank you for sharing!! Guess what? I went and got the deep varicose vein in my right leg completely fixed by Dr. Jensen! I thought it was “superficial” and that I just needed to deal with the pain and discomfort, but, as Dr. Jensen’s website says, “Veins Matter!” I felt a little “pitched to” at first and wasn’t entirely sure it was necessary, but after having it done I realized, they sort of have to pitch it to people, because we don’t understand just how valuable our vein health is, especially as we get older and stuff starts to change. I’m the mom of three kids, 19, 12, and 10, and I just did it a little over a year ago. I’m so glad I did. I just erased a really buggy problem I’d been putting up with for years. I don’t even think about it anymore. Wow. Thank you for posting. People need to be educated and you just did your part!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I’m so glad you got them fixed!! He’s great, isn’t he? Thanks for your comment, I’m so glad it went well for you!! XO

  15. AvatarJennifer says

    Hi thank you for sharing , I am going for sclerotherapy in a couple of weeks and I am currently breastfeeding and was wondering if it is safe to be breastfeeding ? Thanks Jen

  16. AvatarMelissa says

    Thanks for the post Jordan, so glad you such great results! I am almost 40 & have always worked on my feet. My family has a history of bad vein health. Maternal Grandmother’s was like yours, but both legs, and they burst. I am finally wearing good supportive shoes and compression socks, so my question is, did your Dr. have any recommendations to prevent recurrence? Like compression socks or anything like that? Thanks for all the info as always!

  17. AvatarLisa says

    Thanks Jordan. You have helped me make the decision to get my really bad & Painful Varicose Veins done. Thanks again. Lisa

  18. AvatarGuy Anderson says

    Hi Jordan. My name is Guy and just watched your video on Varicose veins. Thanks for posting that because it has educated me to know more about varicose veins. I just sat down with my doctor and went over my results from my ultrasound I had a couple of weeks ago. In my right leg they are pretty bad. It’s like quateuple the number it supposed to be in my right leg so that one is pretty bad. My left is not as bad. My question to you is how long did you half to wait for your insurance to approve the surgery ??? Thanks

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I had to get pre-approved before we could even operate. It might be different in your state but in Utah, anyway, they have to pre-approve everything before they would pay a dime. So be sure to get your insurance involved BEFORE doing any procedures!

  19. AvatarCindra says

    Did you ever experience numbness in your leg or foot? I am 62 and have bulging veins only in my right leg. The veins seemed to be more prominent in my right leg when I was pregnant (8 pregnancies). My concern now is the partial numbness in my right foot, and assuming it is due to my bulging veins, also in that leg. Not sure if I need to see someone like a neurologist, or other specialist besides a “vein specialist”.
    I am concerned that the numbness has gotten gradually worse. Could there be permanent nerve damage? Years ago I had a test done that determined the veins were NOT ones that could cause clotting, since that was my concern more than the appearance of the veins. Thanks for sharing your story. Any thoughts?

  20. Avatarsadie van roie says

    I have bad veins during pregnancy I have 4 kids and might have more have never had treatment done before but did your doctor tell you how long you have to wait to get pregnanct again after vein treatment thank you

  21. AvatarStacey says

    Hi Jordan,
    Your post and video are a huge part of getting me through this pregnancy (my third) and giving me hope about my legs! I had some issues with my first two pregnancies but my veins reared their ugly faces early this time (and they are so painful!). I want to get these fixed ASAP after this baby comes but I also plan on nursing. Did you pump during/after having the procedure and sclero? If so, how long each time? Thank you so much for sharing your story. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only pregnant chick that has this issue. Your post is amazing!

  22. AvatarHenrietta Pretty says

    Amazing video. Can I ask if your legs at still vein free a year later? I had an operation 2 years ago and i had new veins come back within a year; now they are getting much worse again, and my legs are super uncomfortable. I’m in UK so have to pay for all this myself – and i just wonder if i’m fighting a losing battle. I’ve had bad veins since 17 🙁

  23. AvatarEmily says

    I am having this done TOMORROW!! and was starting to freak out and get nervous. My leg is not as bad as your photos, but close. With each pregnancy, (10!) it has gotten worse. My OB always told me the same thing and I never even went to a vascular surgeon. When I finally got up to guts to go see him, he was sorry I had waited so long. I am hopeful it will be helpful. If I have more babies, I will deal with it then & I will be thrilled to have less painful veins, especially during my cycle until then 🙂
    What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • AvatarNatali263/20 says

      How is your “veins”?
      Tell us
      I have a 6 months old baby and my veins are so bad.Arms,legs,down on my feet.I have several post pregnancy problems but this is hard.I’m really like an old woman,but only 26.
      I cry everyday.I’m thinking:acne,saggy big breast,streches marks,varicose vein and veeeery visible veins everywhere popping out..And so many from pre pregnancy..

      • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

        They are doing so amazing. GO GET YOURS FIXED! I can’t stress this enough! You won’t be sorry, I promise!

        • AvatarMba Kizito says

          Yes it’s amazing having for leg back as before looking very happy for that Varicose Vein Surgery.

          But how can i get my own remove because am having it on my leg, but i dont know what to do again, such as i have being in different Hospital and the Doctors will tell me that if i try to touch it i will died.

          I have seeing your own get remove and am very happy for you.

          Thanks you so much for the video. I live in Nigeria and am getting ready for vein surgery this December.

  24. AvatarAnka says

    Thank you so much for your video. I live in Spain snd am getting ready for vein surgery this November. I was told to wait until I ‘m done having kids:) I too am looking forward to wearing shorts again which was especially hard living in the warmest city in Europe, Seville:) Thank you so much!!!

  25. AvatarJessica says

    Hi I had practically the same procedures done on my left leg ..I am now 3 months after the surgery..could you tell me how long it took for your leg to look normal..I still see where the vein used to be in my leg. So essentially looks like I still have a vein in the void. It has lightened up a bit ..but can’t wait until I can feel comforitable in shorts’s been years ! I have had vein issues since I was 16 and waited until I was 28 to fix them. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! Thank you for sharing your story.Great insight! You look fabulous!

  26. AvatarMelissa says

    Thank you so much for posting this! After my third baby (19 months, and 22 months apart), my legs have been awful! I won’t wear shorts ever. I am a personal trainer and into health and fitness and it drives me insane how bad my legs look. 🙁 I feel like it is petty for me to be upset about it, but they look close to what yours looked like. I live in workout pants or jeans. I am hoping to call my doc this week! Thanks!!

  27. AvatarChelsea says

    I’ve done all the procedures to my friend. I feel for you. I have really bad veins around my ankle and below it still. My Dr. said he couldn’t treat any of those (not even with a phlebectomy) because they are to close to the arteries. What did you do about the veins around your ankle and on your foot? I wish something could’ve been done for my foot. Or maybe I should’ve asked around.

  28. AvatarSaskia says

    Hello! Thanks for posting this, I love your humour around it all! I have three kids and my youngest is now Three, I always wanted Four kids but the veins have been a put off towards having more ( selfish maybe? ) Like you, I got them bad with the Third, also very achy vaginal ones and heavy feeling ‘down there’. My question is, did you notice it got HEAPS worse with the Fourth baby? Like, will I be able to bear the pain? I remember finding it hard to stand still in one place, I always had to be moving…and I wore one of those V- supporters…tell me, Im not worried about the leg ones so much…just the pelvic ones and vagina…does the vagina swell HUGE? And will it go back down in size once bub comes out? Also, did you bother wearing compression tights through pregnancy… I’d love to hear from you:) Conisdering fourth…:) x

  29. AvatarChelsey Hackleman says

    I love that you had the courage to post this! Even though I “know” people on social media aren’t perfect, sometimes its hard to remember it, especially if I’m just in a rough patch of life. But I love how you aren’t afraid to show the real side of life and that you’re human just like the rest of us. I’m glad they were able to clear everything up and you’re not suffering anymore!

  30. AvatarBrynn says

    Thanks for this post! It was so interesting. I’ve had problems with my veins too, and have a blood clotting disorder that manifests during pregnancy. Your post was so informative and enlightening. I’ll be looking into treatment soon.

  31. AvatarMelissa mears says

    I needed to find this today.. we were looking for appointments for my husband. Thank you so much for this. Your before and after pictures are amazing

  32. AvatarChristen wells says

    I have some funky veins I need to address and this was helpful. The idea of getting the process started seems more doable now, thanks!

  33. AvatarLisa Hill says

    Thanks for sharing your story. it will be very helpful to everyone out there suffering from this medical problem. We should always try to prevent such disease from happening by having a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad food habit and eating healthy organic food.

  34. AvatarHollie McDonell says

    When I was pregnant of my second child some varicose veins started to appear on my legs, at that time I wasn’t really worried, but as they got worse I started to get worried so I visited a specialist who recommended me venorid treatment, and the results have been amazing!

  35. AvatarLivi says

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the video and info! I’m 8 months pregnant with my second child and all my pregnancies have had gotten worse and worse. I know these are my “battle scars” or whatever that remind me of the awesomeness that my body has done in creating two humans, but I still don’t wanna look at these gnarly things for the rest of my life. I have one “black” leg and it’s seriously embarrassing and ugly. I plan to have some corrective treatments when I am done with this pregnancy and this made me want to get it done ASAP. Thanks again for the info and sharing your story!

  36. AvatarRobertha Larson says

    I’ve had varicose veins since 3 years ago. Don’t give up with the treatments, you’ll find the one that works for you! The treatment that has helped me a lot is venorid. Besides applying venorid, taking 30 minute walks 3 time a week has helped me!

  37. AvatarSharon says

    Good for you for sharing. You should be very proud of yourself for being so upfront with ugly issues. Most people would just keep it to themselves . But you have probably helped alot of people .great job being real.

  38. AvatarShelby says

    Now that it’s been a while since posting this… did you ever do anything about your crotch veins?? Wondering if they have gotten any better or if you had procedures done on them?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Unfortunately that is a whole different set of surgeries from a whole different doctor. So no, they are still an issue and haven’t been fixed directly. That being said, by fixing my leg veins it has definitely helped, since blood flows up toward the heart!

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