30 things you didn't know about me, on my big 3-0! From FunCheapOrfree.com

I'm sure you're already sick of hearing about my big 3-0 this week (sorry in advance!), but hey, you only turn 30 once right?? Since today is my ACTUAL birthday I thought I'd switch things up a bit by sharing 30 things you most likely didn't know about…well…me! (Narcissism is a natural side effect of birthdays, apparently.)

So whether you're curious or just bored, here's a little somethin' somethin' to spice up your Tuesday. Hope you enjoy…

30 Things you Probably DIDN'T Know About…Me!

  1. I am not afraid of spiders or rodents. Not even a little bit. But I will get physically ill if I even think about boogers coming from anyone other than my own kids. Ted Cruz, you're dead to me.
  2. I only shower every other day. Always have. I'm just not that stinky, don't judge me!
  3. I was on The Price is Right in college, Bob's final season. Got to spin the wheel and kiss Bob and everything. I almost won a piano but alas, the Check Game did me in so I walked away with a luggage set that we still use to this day.
  4. Ironically, Bubba was on that same Price is Right road trip (as were 21 other friends of mine), but we were so far in the “friend zone” we don't even have any pictures together from that weekend. 8 Months later it all changed, almost overnight, and we were talking marriage only a few weeks after we started dating.
  5. Soggy bread makes me want to barf.
  6. I LOVE reality TV and have a laundry list of shows I am fighting to be on, including The Amazing RaceWorst Cooks In America, Shark Tank, and Fixer Upper (…if I can ever convince Bubba to move us to Waco Texas solely to be on the show…). In my next life I'll meet Bubba by going on The Bachelor.
  7. I wear a size 11 shoe. The shape of my feet are such that they fit better into heels than flats.
  8. No one closes bathroom doors at our house, including Bubba and I. In fact, we completely removed the bathroom door in our first home because it was more annoying than anything. I have to make a conscious effort to remember to close doors when company comes over.
  9. I want to be a Braverman. In my dreams I'm the 5th sibling.
  10. I can't physically make noise when I laugh due to growths on my vocal chords (which are also responsible for my raspy voice that I lose AAAAALLLL the time). After years of practicing and perfecting, I can now squeeze out about 4 “hahaha's” in a row, which I'm very proud about. Thus, the first thing I notice on almost anyone is their laugh. Yes, this is extremely sad for me because humor is such a huge part of my life. And yes, now you will all notice this now that I told you my big secret. DANG. It's ok, in my next life I will also have the most amazing boisterous belly laugh you've ever heard. It'll be epic. 
  11. In my next life I will also have Mary J Blige hair. Ok now I'm done with the “in my next life” jokes.
  12. I don't really like kissing. I'm weird, I know. And I have to mute The Bachelor sometimes when the kissing noises get out of control and start grossing me out.
  13. I get very intimidated and shy at places like classes at the gym where I don't know anyone and am in a group. However, I will travel the country and go to 2,000 person blog conferences by myself with total confidence and have the time of my life. I'm a walking contradiction.
  14. I not so secretly want twins, even though I already have 5 kids. Hey, I've always been a fan of 2-for-1 deals!
  15. I am very passionate about adoption. I think mothers who place children, and families who adopt children, are some of the most heroic people in the world. It's such a beautiful gift for so many people. I have a dream of adopting a teenager someday and can't wait to do so.
  16. I could eat sushi every single day. That and corn dogs. But not at the same time, that would be gross.
  17. I don't really understand the appeal with Chick Fil A. I know it has a pretty hard-core fanbase though, so don't tell anyone that out loud, mmmmkay? (I don't want to get flogged!)
  18. I rarely get embarrassed or offended, I have a pretty darn thick skin. But if you ever talk bad about Bubba or ever try to harm my kids, I will cut you.
  19. I have no sisters (sandwiched between 2 brothers), and have always had a hard time understanding women as a result. Ironic, I know.
  20. Additionally, I have ZERO jump reflexes thanks to my brothers. You could sneak up behind me with a full-blown cannon and I would hardly flinch. In fact, you know how the doctor tests your reflexes by bonking your knee with that weird triangle thing? (All technical terms, I'll have you know. Especially “bonking”…) Only one doctor has ever been able to get my leg to respond, and he was only able to do it by having me look at the ceiling, grit my teeth, and pull my own hands aggressively in opposite directions. I know, I know, my hidden talents are mind-blowing.
  21. I've never been stung by a bee. Should I carry an Epi-Pen just in case? Anyone?
  22. I've grown to love my name, but when I was younger I hated it and begged my mom to call me Amy. 
  23. I am an irrational neurotic mess when it comes to my kids and roads/parking lots. And them falling off of things. I freak out around any kind of railing or edge. 
  24. I don't mind doing laundry. In fact, it's pretty gratifying. But I absolutely HATE folding and putting it away. And putting away clean dishes. Least favorite chores EVER. 
  25. I do NOT like being tickled but I am putty in your hands if you play with my hair or massage my back. Just thinking about it makes me drool…
  26. I love A1 sauce and will eat it plain when no one is looking. But only with a fork. A spoon would be weird.
  27. I LOVE the water and would love to live on a lake someday, but have an absolute irrational fear of water sports and have a hard time having fun on boats. If you try to get me on a tube tied to a boat I'll snap your elbow.
  28. I am strangely good at pole dancing. I took a class once because there was a Groupon and it looked fun, and turns out I'm a natural. I figure if this whole blog thing goes south, at least I have a solid back-up plan.
  29. I have an extremely hefty bucket list (…that I really need to blog about someday). It's basically non-negotiable, I'm a bit of a freak about it. It includes things like “have my name in the credits of a movie”, “take Bubba back to Brazil” (he served a mission for our church there for 2 years when he was 19 – we are Mormon, by the way, in case you didn't know *bonus fact*), “have my own money-saving show” (think Super Nanny but with finances instead of child behavior), “Dance with Ellen“, and “become fluent in another language”. A few things I've checked off the list include “meet Oprah”, “swim with sharks”, “be on The Today Show“, “sign a book deal” (though I technically signed a book deal then cancelled it because I didn't feel good about it…so maybe that one isn't quite scratched off yet?…) and “marry my perfect match”.
  30. I have never felt my age. Even as a kid, and especially in high school, I have always been annoyed that my age is so much younger than I feel. Many times I feel awkward telling people how “young” I am, especially since the average age of my best friends is 35-40 I'm SO EXCITED to be in my 30's and have no doubt it will be my best decade yet. I can't wait to see what my 30's have in store, and thank you all for taking this journey with me!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL! (…and you are brave for reading this far.)