What makes this printable Easter gift idea so special? It's both adorable and affordable, super easy to put together and everyone loves Easter candy! Print out these “Some Bunny Loves You” printables and put together a quick gift today.

Easter Gift Ideas - Some Bunny Loves You Printable from FunCheaporFree.com

Hey Freebs! It’s me, Tiffany, from Making the World Cuter. I love to create just about anything, but printables are my go to. I also love to give gifts that are easy to put together and of course, inexpensive! Because let’s be honest, if it’s inexpensive we can give more!

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I love having a reason to celebrate and give gifts. For that reason, pretty much every holiday is my favorite, I can’t help it! Easter is a fantastic time to give a gift because it’s unexpected and because Easter candy is the best candy. Everything tastes better in an egg shape, ha!

Printable Easter Gift Idea

Let’s make this fun little gift shall we?

Some Bunny Loves You Easter Gift from FunCheaporFree.com

What you’ll need:

Before we get started, have you heard this Easter joke my kids told me this week? I love a good pun, and this one made me LOL.

What do you call a bunny wearing a kilt?

Hopscotch! Hahaha!

Okay, time for the serious stuff. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of candy are you going to give? I chose these Tootsie Roll Easter Eggs from Target and a giant bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs from Costco. The smaller bag will be for a teacher gift and the bigger bag will be for one of the families we hang out with. I may have had a bag of mini Cadbury Eggs for my best friend…but I’m not sure where it went (ha!).

Free Printable Easter Gift Tag and Bunny Ears

Next, you will need to print and cut out your printable bunny ears and gift tag. Cut out both of the ears and the bunny face, and then cut out and punch a hole in the corner of your gift tag.

Easy Easter Gift Idea from FunCheaporFree.com

After you cut out all of your pieces, staple or tape the ears and face to the bag of candy. I like using a stapler, especially for the ears to get them on there good and sturdy. On the big bag of candy, I used tape to secure the face because the stapler wouldn’t work well there.

Finally, take your gift tag and cut a piece of string or ribbon a few inches long. Cut it about 6 inches if you want to tie a bow. I love using baker’s twine on projects like this. There are so many fun colors to choose from!

Some Bunny Loves You Printable Gift Tag from FunCheaporFree.com

Slip the string into the gift tag and then around one of the bunny ears. Tie in a knot or bow and tuck the edge under the face to keep it in place! You can write who it’s to and from if you want as well.

Some Bunny Loves You Candy Easter Gift from FunCheaporFree.com

Some Bunny Loves You Gift Idea

Need some ideas for who you can give one of these cute gifts to? Here are just a few I came up with:

Some Bunny Loves You Easter Gift Idea with Reeses Eggs from FunCheaporFree.com

Who will you give one to?

Take my advice and get an extra bag of mini eggs for yourself, or your best friend will be sad when they don’t get a cute and delicious gift!

Grab your Easter Printable Gift Tag here!!



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