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Family-Friendly Things to do in Utah Valley! (+Utah Valley Staycation itinerary!)

This summer we did things a little…different. Typically we use the summer months as the opportunity to take family vacations; to fly away for a week at a time, spend a ton of money creating memories in far away places. And while we love to travel and show our kids the world, this summer we

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Freebs Night Out #4 Recap: Tailgate Edition with Alex Boyé

Hey Freebs! We are currently enjoying a fun family reunion, but I wanted figured it was ’bout time to show you how much fun we had on our last Freebs Night Out! When I heard that my good friend Alex Boyé was putting on a summer kickoff concert, I knew we had to be part

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Freebs Night Out: Party Bus Edition – Event Recap!

You all have been patiently waiting our final recap from the fun events we held over the summer. I definitely saved best for last! If you remember, we held our second Ladies Night event that at I woke up one day with the crazy idea to end the summer with a BANG. At the Ladies Night

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Copycat Swig Raspberry Dream Recipe! (…My favorite drink!)

It’s no secret that I love Swig (a cute soda and cookie shop in Utah and Arizona that I hope will dominate the world someday with their deliciousness). My weakness is their (diet) Raspberry Dream, my favorite drink of all time. Picture this: diet Doctor Pepper…coconut cream…raspberry puree…oh. my. heavens. Basically dessert in a cup. *wipes drool

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BBC ’16 – Budget Boot Camp Conference Recap! (AKA my favorite day of the year)

I realize now that several weeks have passed since BBC’16 and it’s darn due time I recapped it for those who are interested! If you recall, I have been throwing this conference since 2013. Only, back then it was called Frugality Boot Camp. It started as a mini conference with 25 freebs in a conference

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Date Night Deals! Best date ever, $1 Movies, 40% off Flowers and more! [Frugal Find Friday]

The ultimate DATE NIGHT DEALS are here! It’s that time of year again, Valentines Day is upon us. For this Frugal Find Friday we found some of the BEST date night deals to shower your sweetheart with love! If you are a last minute planner (like yours truly…), we’ve got you covered! We have discounts (some exclusive to Freebs only!) to my favorite date

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Snag the last few tickets for Budget Boot Camp ’16 Conference! [UTAH]

Hey Freebs! Wanted to pop in quickly to remind you of the Budget Boot Camp ’16 Conference (BBC’16) being held in Utah THIS Saturday (January 23)! We had 130 seats available and we are down to our final few, so I wanted to pop in and remind anyone who was on the fence. For those

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Invisalign for the price of BRACES! Crazy-good Utah deal!

UTAH! Listen up! I know it’s not Frugal Find Friday yet, but this deal is so crazy, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I had an Invisalign appointment with my Orthodontist yesterday (see why I got Invisalign as an adult) and he casually mentioned that they are running a special until Dec 31

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Come see me at the Pinners Conference! (Utah) DISCOUNT CODE!

Happy Tuesday, Freebs! I have tons of announcements and lots of things to catch you up on. To keep things organized I will be putting everything in individual posts so you can refer back to them easily in the future, so be sure to check out my other posts for today so you don’t miss

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Join me at the Uplift Families Conference next weekend! + $5 off coupon(Utah)

Freebs! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I broke my “post every Tuesday and Thursday” rule. But I have an exciting project that I’ve been working my buns off for and it took longer than expected, hence the radio static. Be excited for it to be available next week I’m thinking. In the meantime for

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Bomb Shelter Baby is Hiring!

As many of you know, I started a side company called Bomb Shelter Baby, where I sell my nursing cover invention; the “Bomb Shelter”. It’s a 360 degree, patent-pending nursing cover with sleeves, that allows you to nurse anytime, anywhere, on the go, in complete confidence and privacy. (Do I sound like an infomercial yet?)

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