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Grocery shopping Q&A! How to freeze fruit, use leftovers, food tips GALORE! [Ask Me Monday]

Aaaah, that beloved grocery bill. Kicks you in the pants a bit, doesn’t it? Putting it lightly…how much you spend on groceries can make or break you. If you go to the store several times per week, wander the aisles, tossing whatever sounds good in your cart…I hate to break it to you, but you’re

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4th of July groceries for a STEAL this week!

As I mentioned on Instagram today, I went grocery shopping late last night to restock my disturbingly empty post-vacation fridge. I use Deals To Meals to highlight all the best deals for the week for me because I’m too lazy to watch the ads. And BOY…The deals this week did NOT disappoint! I thought I’d

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Did YOU save 1/2 on groceries this week? (Price-matching made easy!)

Have you been price-matching this week? (see how I grocery shop for details) If not…YOU SHOULD! I save 1/2 on my groceries each week without clipping a single coupon. Take today, for example… After holidays the deals are typically few and far between. But seeing as how we just got back from 10 days in

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A look inside my price notebook

I just got back from a trip home to Oregon and had some major shopping to do! While shopping I realized I should probably show you my price notebook and how it saves me so much money. By taking note of the best price of an item, it helps you know when something is truly

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