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Fixer-Upper Photo Book: My Page Project Photo Journal

I know many of us use photo books as great gifts for grandparents, for photo journals for ourselves, and I even like to use them to document my kids’ schoolwork and artwork so I don’t have piles of paper lying around. But have you ever considered using one to display the BEFORE pictures of your house?? If

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My new Daily Vlog! (Well, InstaVlog, that is…)

If you ever wondered what everyday life is like with 5 kids while updating a home  (#ThePageProject), running a few businesses, and keeping up with life in general… your dreams have officially come true! I have always wanted to do a Vlog (and since I get almost daily requests for one it sounds like some

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How to Buy a Home! My Best Home-Buying Hacks and Tips!

image If you weren’t sick of hearing about my birthday, now you’ll be sick of hearing about the new house we bought! Sorry, but I just. can’t. stop. talking about it! I’m so stinking excited and have so many things to share. So just know that I apologize in advance, but why wouldn’t I want

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Why it’s worth the money to hire movers! (And how to do it right)

Are you sick of hearing me complain about how HARD moving is? Seriously, Freebs, I feel like I’m about to die. And, spoiler alert, since misery loves company, I probably won’t quit complaining any time soon. But there’s hope! Amidst the misery there is light at the end of the tunnel by way of tips, tricks,

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My BEST Moving Hacks!

Moving {SHUDDER}… does the sheer word give you itchy hives, and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed?! Don’t you worry, I have a list of moving hacks I have used over the last few weeks prepping for our move, and I’m going to share them all with YOU! Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t opened a few

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4 Affordable home decor tricks that make a HUGE impact

As I mentioned in my Girl Talk sesh, I’ve been nesting lately. To keep myself busy while Bubba is gone and to give our home a fresh new feel, I’ve been working on affordable ways to decorate and make a big impact…which is not easy for someone who is A) cheap, and B) design challenged.

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