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All about MARRIAGE! Intimacy, fights, compromise…and all sorts of over-shares.

WARNING: This has (almost) nothing to do with finance or frugal living. And I’m going to pretend to be Dr. Phil for a hot minute. But don’t run, I promise it will be worth your time! You may or may not know that every Tuesday Bubba (my husband) and I sit down to answer your

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How to stay motivated (…and motivate your spouse!)

  Raise your hand if you absolutely LOVE BUDGETING!! (…awkward cough…) Right. Exactly my point. I don’t really know anyone who thinks budgeting and cutting back on spending is super duper fun. No, not even me. In fact, ESPECIALLY not me. Have I found ways to get excited about it? Have I found ways to

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LAST CHANCE! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – Over 90 eBooks for under $30! ($1,102 value!!)

Remember that awesome collaboration I told you about last month that I’m apart of? Well, TODAY is the LAST DAY you can snag Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! This awesome collection includes 90 different Ebooks ($1,102 value!).  Did I mention you also get $244.99 worth of bonuses with your bundle… YEP! You do!! See what’s in the bundle!

Bubba vs Jordan Newlywed Game Challenge!

Well Freebs, I am so happy to announce that I am officially not pregnant anymore, and that Baby Page #5 is here! Baby Mory June was born last week, and is as snuggly, and perfect as we dreamed she’d be.  Don’t worry, her birth story (minus the gross parts) and picture overload coming soon.I’m knee-deep

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – Over 90 eBooks for under $30! ($1,102 value!!)

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. GUYS. I’m involved in a collaboration that is quite possibly the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Brace yourself for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle of all bundles…90 different Ebooks ($1,102 value!) to make your life so, so, soooo much better. Because let’s be honest…dishes

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How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Spending Money! (7 Tips You Can Thank Me For Later)

Tuesday we went over How To Talk About Money and Not Kill Each Other. Sorry Part 2 is late in the day, it’s been NUTSO over here (if you saw my crazy announcement on IG). Plus, in true Jordan fashion, what was meant to be a “quick post” ended up being a megapost of information. Oh

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How to Talk About Money Without Killing Each Other – 6 Tips That Actually Work

Happy Tuesday, Freebs! I wanted to do a Q&A post today. As I was scrolling through your incredible questions, I have definitely noticed a recurring theme lately. Not sure if it’s something in the water, or if it’s just the fact that awareness is catching and you amazing women (mostly women, anyway) are taking initiative

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Where FCF has been lately!

This has been a fun month for FCF! I’ve had the privilege of sharing some of my best tips all around the web. I didn’t know how best to tell you about all of them, so I thought I’d compile it all in one place! The features include a Disneyland on the Cheap TV segment, a marriage interview

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Finance Date Night recap + reserve tickets for the next one!

Ok guys, I have to be honest with you. I was a little nervous about our first Finance Date Night. It was not only a spur-the-moment, throw-it-together-in-3-days kind of a thing, but it’s something so different than Bubba or I have ever done before. (*ENTER uncertainty and nerves.) But Bubba and I really wanted to gather an

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Book Club Ramblings – My thoughts on The 5 Love Languages so far.

In case you haven’t heard, we have a new FCF Book Club book to help us all Focus on Relationships this month! I hope you are all reading along. If not, lucky for you the book is “The 5 Love Languages” and it’s a super easy read, so you could start now and catch up in

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