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A look inside my cell phone! iPhone hacks, favorite apps, secret texts + more!

Hi. My name is Jordan, and I’m a phone addict. Hi Jordan. *Kind of joking, kind of not.* This year I have been trying to find better balance with my phone. It’s just so dang hard because it is my EVERYTHING! My journal, my brain, my doctor, my babysitter (not kidding here, watch the video

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Entertaining toddlers, Date Night, budgeting for clothes and more! (Live Q&A 1/28/14)

Loved trying a daytime LIVE Q&A today! So many of you tuned in, and your questions were beyond amazing (seriously, I have the best readers). We started a little late…kid issues, internet issues, general issues with life itself, but still had great time. Click and watch the video below (or watch online HERE) and scroll down to

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Budgeting, Blogging, Splurging, and more! (Live Q&A 8/14/14)

Tonight we enjoyed another fabulous LIVE Q&A! (To see how these work and to see past Q&A’s click HERE). I got a HUGE flood of incredible questions tonight that covered everything from how much to spend on Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and babysitting, to paying off debt, budgeting for daycare, and how to afford having

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Live Q&A Tomorrow!! (Aug 14)

It’s that time again…time for another LIVE Q&A!! Live Q&A’s are a great way for you to ask any and all questions you have (via Facebook), and they are guaranteed to be answered by me, as I broadcast live through YouTube. It’s a virtual first date, really. The last LIVE Q&A I did was only 30 minutes,

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Live Q&A’s are BACK! Join me TOMORROW and make all your dreams come true.

You ask, I deliver… Lock up your kids, hide your valuables, text your mama, and sound the alarm…the Live Q&A’s with yours truly are BAAAACCCCKKK! I have to be honest here, I wasn’t sure if anyone liked them that much when I was doing them previously. Again, the woes of cyber-world is that I don’t

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