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February: Focus On Relationships Month – FREE printable calendar, challenges, & reading list

Man how great was January? I hope you are all feeling good about finishing the Focus on Finance month and excited about our next Focused in ‘19 Month-long theme and challenges. Any guesses at this month’s theme? Cue the drumroll…February: Focus on Relationships month is here! See how we’re getting Focused in ’19 over HERE.

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Sexy, date night makeup tutorial!

Welp…sorry, but brace yourself for another beauty post! I don’t usually post so frequently about beauty and makeup. But I recently got some big gift cards to Sephora and Ulta (thank you Ebates!), and I’ve had so much fun trying new looks and products. Y’all have been asking about the products I’ve been using to create

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How to Hold a Finance Date Night (or “Money Date”) …and Why You Should!)

How is Focus on Finances Month going so far for everyone? Hopefully you’ve been committed to the spending freeze this week and it’s been going well for you! I love a good spending freeze, it’s a great way to kickstart a new financial path. If you’ve been following along on the month calendar and see

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Join Me at the Uplift Families Parenting Conference – $5 off coupon! [UTAH]

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen that I am a blog partner with the First Lady of Utah, Jeanette Herbert, and her Uplift Families initiative (read all about it HERE)! Last year, we attended their parenting conference, and it was amazing. I laughed until I cried, was inspired, ate fabulous food and amazing

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Date Night Deals! Best date ever, $1 Movies, 40% off Flowers and more! [Frugal Find Friday]

The ultimate DATE NIGHT DEALS are here! It’s that time of year again, Valentines Day is upon us. For this Frugal Find Friday we found some of the BEST date night deals to shower your sweetheart with love! If you are a last minute planner (like yours truly…), we’ve got you covered! We have discounts (some exclusive to Freebs only!) to my favorite date

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Date Night Hacks…GLAM in MINUTES!

Gals, let’s face it…we all need some serious Date Night Hacks in our life. We’ve all been there…it’s date night, 5pm…you look at the clock and realize the sitter is coming in 15 minutes and you look like a walking mom-zombie! You know, yesterday’s half-done makeup still on, teeth not brushed, hair in a crazy top-knot, sweatpants, milk-stains,

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Join me at the Uplift Families Conference next weekend! + $5 off coupon(Utah)

Freebs! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I broke my “post every Tuesday and Thursday” rule. But I have an exciting project that I’ve been working my buns off for and it took longer than expected, hence the radio static. Be excited for it to be available next week I’m thinking. In the meantime for

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Last chance to buy Finance Date Night tickets for Sept 20 class!

SUPER QUICK REMINDER! We have our next Finance Date Night coming up THIS Saturday here in Utah. For those who have no idea what the heck a FDN is, see photos from our last one and get all the details HERE (but it’s basically a fancy, fun night out where you get a 3-course dinner at

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Fancy Finance Date Night with the Pages! (UTAH)

Hey, will you go on a date with me? No, really. This is crazy-last minute, but that’s how I roll so let’s go with it. Ever since my amazing red carpet event at Toscana a few weeks ago, I’ve had this nagging idea to do regular fancy date night/mini couple financial Boot camps, where we eat

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Take a bow and shoot some guns: Frugal Fashion Breakdown

It’s official…I’m breaking up with “What to wear Wednesday“.  As I explained here, you guys want more fashion on this blog, so frugal fashion is what you’ll get! BUT…I just can’t seem to get my act together enough to get it out regularly on Wednesdays. Call it summer, call it laziness, call it the “I just really

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How we go on dates for CHEAP! (or even free)

On Instagram I placed a call for help, asking what you wanted to see more of on there. The answer was loud and clear…more of me and my family showing what we do to save money and how we put our money-saving philosophies to action! Well, wish granted 🙂 As uncomfortable as it is for me to take/post pictures

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