My kids are gymnasts. Talented gymnasts. Once they fall asleep they perform acrobatics and flips that would put Dominique Dawes to shame. While those skills may get them an A+ in circus school, it certainly doesn't help keep them warm at night…or keep them from falling out of bed…or keep my mattress from getting pee all over it when my son has an accident.
Poor little mattress…

I heard about this new product that is coming to market soon and thought it sounded pretty cool. My friends over at StayMade gave me one to test out on my gymnasts kiddos, and it was so innovative, I had to share it with you!

So here's the concept: there's a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a comforter…
…and they all zip together. And then…
…oh no wait, that's it.
It's that simple. Genius, really.

No, it's not a sleeping bag, and doesn't even look like one. It looks like a normal bedding set:
…but with a sneaky little secret!
Why do we care that it zips?
Let me count the ways…
  • It keeps your kids tucked in at night; no more waking up freezing cold.
  • It keeps your kids from falling out of bed – no need for an awkward-looking (and sometimes expensive) toddler rail.
  • It keeps the bed looking nice and MADE all the time, and teaches your kids how to make their own bed easily.
My models, demonstrating the product.
Here's the coolest part…
They have an accessory called the PeePod. It's a thin, waterproof “sack” type thing that zips right into a standard StayMade. If your child has an accident during the night you simply unzip the PeePod, toss it right in the wash, then go about your normal life.
No more changing sheets at 4am. Can I get an alleluia over here?!
Again, modeling.

Here's the coolest part…
Their campaign just launched on KickStarter LAST NIGHT. They need funding to get this product manufactured at a reasonable rate. The neat thing? YOU can help fund their company, and get a StayMade product in return! Here's how:

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?
The GOOD NEWS: Their product is being offered RIGHT NOW at a steep discount if you pre-order one.
The BAD NEWS: their discount is very limited, so you'd better hurry!

So if you're interested in a StayMade and want one for a deep discount, that's the way to do it! Just go to their kickstarter page to see videos (and hmmm…you might just happen to see a certain someone in the videos that you know quite well…) that show the product in action.

Check it out! You might just find yourself jumping for joy at all the extra sleep you get during the night.
…like so.
Check them out!

Kickstarter Link

Sponsored by my friends at StayMade. Go support their innovative idea!