It's time for part 2 of “My favorite things – travel edition”. Excited? You should be 🙂
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When traveling with adults and/or kids entertainment is key! (Especially for the plane and car.)
Here are a few entertainment must-haves that I like to travel with:
iPad 2

Ok, I know it's expensive, but it is seriously such a dream…especially with kids!
I won mine so I got really lucky. To purchase one on your own I recommend selling old items, buying used, or simply saving up over time to get one. Worth the investment! It's all the entertainment you need for a trip, right at your fingertips.
Zagg Invisible Shield
At around $50 “installed” it's a hefty investment, but WELL WORTH IT (click HERE for info). Within hours of having my ipad it was dropped (me), licked (my dog), and got greasy finger prints all over it (my son). 
The shield is, as it says, completely invisible, scratch proof, and has a lifetime warranty. 
I have loved mine!
My Favorite Travel Apps
I have lots of favorite apps (that I will share with you soon) but in terms of my favorite apps (both for my phone and ipad – and no, I don't have an iphone) when traveling, here are a few:
Pandora Radio (Free) 
(click HERE)

This app is a must-have for you AND your kids…especially for car trips. You choose an artist or genre you like (my favorites are toddler radio, Jack Johnson radio, and Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, and Amos Lee) and it plays a radio station with similar artists.
When in the car, I play this app on my phone, plug in my aux cable, and get toddler radio in the car for free. It's a dream.

Cozi (Free)
(Click HERE)
This is a great app for many things, but they have a nice list feature that is super handy for packing. You can sync this app with other members of your family so you can add things to a shared list. 
For example,
I travelled to Oregon first, my husband flew out later and met us. As I thought of things he needed to bring, I was able to add them to his packing list from my phone or ipad. Pretty cool, eh??
(Ok, so I get excited about lists. Sue me!)
Sound Touch (Free, or $2.99)
(Click HERE)

 This app has been an absolute LIFE SAVER! 

It is the best kids app EVER!
There are tons of pictures of animals, instruments, household items, etc. You touch a picture and a live photo of the animal (or whatever it is) pops up, along with a sound. 
There are 3 or 4 real photos for every animation so it literally entertains my toddler for HOURS! (Ok more like 20 minutes, but in toddler years that equals hours and hours!)
There is a free version of the app, but within minutes I bought the full version ($2.99) because there are so many more pictures. I bought it for both my phone and iPad, my kid loves it so much.
Netflix (Free if you have a service subscription)
(Click HERE)
As long as you have internet or phone service, you can instantly watch anything that you have set in your que. I'm not a big TV watcher, but once again, for trips this is awesome!
For me, it's filled with Barney, Blues Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Thomas the Train…along with some of my favorite TLC shows like Cake Boss and 17 Kids and Counting.
Note: Be sure to add the shows to your que before you travel, it's much much much easier that way.
Kindle (Free)
(Click HERE)
No more weighing down your suitcase with “just-in-case-I-finish-this-one” books. Thousands of books at your fingertips – on your kindle, iPad, or phone.

iPad Headrest Mount
During long car rides I used to die without this. I don't have a DVD player in my car and my son gets reeeeeeeally restless and bored in the car. 
I bought an iPad mount from Brookstone and have never turned back! 
I recommend downloading some long movies (like full-length disney movies) for this one because it's hard to get to if your child is using it and you are driving. Regardless, this one is well worth the investment if you ask me!
Table Topics Game
Regardless of how long you've known the person you are traveling with, “getting to know you” games are AMAZING for getting to know someone. It really makes the time fly by, I promise (especially on long road trips)!
I have had this one for a while and have enjoyed it, but there are tons of games like this for cheaper. Or, simply create your own!

Color Wonder Coloring Books

My 18 month old loves to draw, and loves to get the ink/crayon/marker EVERYWHERE. This is a big no-no when on a plane or in a car. I discovered this ditty and am sold!
The downside is that this product is pricey. The upside is that it's a clean – yet effective- entertainment piece for the kids. The seemingly clear markers come to life once used on the color wonder paper. It's genius, really, but like I said, pretty pricey.
So those are a few of the things I try not to leave home without when traveling. What are some of your favorite things?