Splurge vs. Save: Health & Wellness Edition (Find Out When It Pays to Spend More!)

Mar 19, 2021 | Health, Video

Are those new sneakers worth it? Should you splurge on that fancy exercise bike or should you get your workout fix in using free YouTube videos? Today, I'm going to share my take on health and wellness splurges!

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Welcome to my new Splurge vs. Save series. First up: health and wellness products! I need to get on my soapbox for a quick minute before we get to the video. Frugality doesn’t mean you can only shop at the Dollar Store, and it doesn’t mean you can only buy second-hand. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s about knowing when to invest in something that will last and when it’s okay to go for the cheap version. Being frugal means you can afford to spend money on the things that count!

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So, when it comes to health and wellness products, when is it okay to splurge, and when should you try to save? Well, let's talk about it, Freebs! Watch the video below for my take, then keep reading for a recap.

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Click HERE to watch the video online, or keep scrolling to watch part one of my Splurge vs. Save series:

And there you have it! Just my two-cents on the best ways to save on health and wellness. If you didn't take notes, don't panic. I'll recap it all, plus share a few extra tips, so keep on reading.

And by the way, if you're into budgeting and want to learn how you can save more money and free up your finances for things you love, you should check out my Budget Bootcamp! It's a super fun and interactive virtual course that will help you whip your wallet into shape.


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Okay, before we dive into my recommendations, let's get a quick disclaimer out of the way! Ultimately, whether you choose to splurge on a product or go for the cheap version is up to YOU! You could make the case either way for almost all of these products, so do the math. For example, if you're thinking of buying a $2,000 exercise bike, but you can join your local gym for $30 a month, the gym membership might be a better buy. Run the numbers, and if it makes sense to splurge, find a way to make room in your budget.

Sometimes, spending a little more money upfront can save you a TON in the long-run, so consider how often you'll use an item, too. And remember, being frugal doesn't mean you have to be cheap. Frugal living is about using your money wisely so you can make your dollars go the extra mile. Got it? Okay, let's talk about the health and wellness splurges that are a must-have for me!


Call me crazy, but I love a good cold cup. It's kind of a problem. (Have you seen my Instagram stories?!) Yes, you can absolutely buy a cheap water bottle at Walmart or even The Dollar Tree, but having a nice cup that keeps my drink cold makes a HUGE difference for me! If you struggle to hit your daily water goals, consider investing in a few fun cups. I suggest a 32 oz. or larger bottle!


If you work out a lot or even take lots of walks with the kids, do yourself a favor and invest in a nice pair of walking shoes! I love Nike athletic shoes, and guess what? While they're *technically* a splurge, I never pay full price. Head to the outlets, and you can get a reliable, name-brand sneaker for not much more than the knockoff version. And the nicer athletic shoes last SO much longer, so you actually end up spending less. It's worth it! Hands down, I'm team splurge on the workout shoes.

Pro Tip: Wanna know another great way to save some cash on name-brand items? Shop sales! Sneakers and athletic equipment almost always go on sale in January (hello, New Year's Resolutions), but it also pays to know which semi-annual sales are worth your time.


Ladies, I'm guessing I don't need to say much about this one. If you've ever tried to use cheap sports bras, you know the struggle. After a few washes, they're suddenly worthless. Instead of wasting your money buying new (cheap) sports bras all the time, spend a few extra bucks and invest in a few high-quality ones. I love the PopFlex bras because they give me a ton of support, AND they hold up well in the wash.


Okay, I'm SO passionate about this one, you guys, because I was doing it wrong for so long. For months, I kept seeing Care/of ads on Instagram, and I thought their vitamins looked awesome, but I was skeptical about the price. I couldn't bring myself to shell out that kind of cash on vitamins, so I decided I'd put together my own little regimen. But guess what happened? I ended up with dozens of vitamin bottles collecting dust in my cabinets. I never took them, and my hair, skin, nails, and energy levels were struggling.

If you talk to any doctor or healthcare professional, they'll tell you that prevention is the key to good health. We all know this, right? Putting it into practice is easier said than done, though. Thankfully, I decided to give care/of a try, and it's been a gamechanger! Here's what I love about it:

  • Every Plan is Tailor-Made – When you sign up for care/of, you take a detailed quiz to go over your healthcare goals, and their team of experts makes recommendations. As a mom of eight, energy, hair, skin, and nails were my top priorities, and they came through with some amazing products for me! I LOVE their collagen powders. I put a little scoop in my cold cup every morning, and my hair is growing like crazy now! As you mamas know, that's a pretty big deal, especially after having twins.
  • Tons of Affordable Options – So, I was wrong to think that care/of was super pricey. In reality, most of their popular vitamins cost less than $10 per month. Some of them are only $5-$6 per month.
  • Super Convenient – All those vitamins I bought at the drugstore just sat in my cabinet because they weren't convenient to put together or take on the go. Care/of has saved me so much time, and now I actually take my vitamins every day.
  • Motivating – I love the care/of app! Each time I take my vitamins, I track it in the app and earn points for swag or discounts. How's that for motivation

I could keep going because I'm obsessed, but check it out for yourself and see what you think! I worked out a deal so you can score 50% off your first month. Just use the code JP50.


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Alright, you guys, let's talk about one more splurge item. This one is totally optional! If you don't use or need a fitness tracker, don't feel like you have to buy one. I've tried the generic brands, but now that I have the Apple Watch, I'll never go back.

To be honest, I only bought it to get notifications from my phone on my watch. (Just keeping it real for you, guys!) BUT, that bad boy has become a life-saver for me. It tracks my sleep, my breathing, my heart-rate, steps, and so much more. You can even track what you're eating! It's super motivating for me, and I need that since I don't love working out.

Pro Tip: Looking for a free way to log all your activity without spending a dime? Grab our free fitness tracker printable!


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All this talk of shopping is pretty fun, right? Well, saving money can be fun, too! Here's my take on the health and wellness products that you can skimp on.


Look, I've seen the ads, too. I know there are some dang cute yoga pants, tank tops, and shorts on the market. But are they worth the $100+ price tag? Considering I can buy about three or more workout outfits for that price from Amazon, Marshall's, or TJMaxx, my vote is “no.” And honestly, you guys, I think the stuff I find at those stores is just as cute!

If you get a gift card for one of the expensive brands, or you want to put those yoga pants on your Christmas list, then go for it! But in my opinion, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on your workout clothes.


Okay, here's another item I don't think is splurge-worthy. I'm all for having nice, high-quality bags. But a gym bag? It's just there to carry your change of clothes, and let's face it; gyms are kinda gross and dirty.

I love some of the gym bags that Amazon carries. They are so stinking cute! (Leopard prints, anyone?) And I honestly use mine as overnight travel bags, too. They've held up really well, so I don't see the point in splurging.


Well, now we've come to the most hot-button topic of all the debates on health and wellness splurges. Do you buy an exercise bike? Pay for a gym membership? Use workout apps? Or free videos? In general, I think going the DIY route is an easy way to save money if you need to!

If you're like me and you get bored with your workouts pretty easily, check out these at-home workout ideas. If you think you need to invest in a piece of workout equipment but don't have the budget to shell out thousands of dollars, check Facebook Marketplace! You can buy high-end, gently used treadmills, bikes, weights, and more for up to 75% off! Spring is the perfect time to look because a lot of people have given up on those New Years Resolutions.


There you have it, guys! Just a few quick tips and my take on how you can stay fit, healthy, and motivated on a budget. I know the decision to splurge vs. save is a personal one, so I'd love to know what you think!

Which health and wellness items are you willing to spend a bit more on? Have you found any crazy good deals on workout clothes or shoes? Spill the deets and drop a comment below!

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Now go take your vitamins!

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