My favorite swimsuits…all for under $30! (And no, this isn’t sponsored…)

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Freebs! Stop what you're doing and listen to Mama J! But grab a snack first. No one should ever read a blog on an empty stomach.

I am at a family reunion but wanted to pop in quickly to share some amazing frugal swimsuit finds with you! I started writing a novel on IG, trying to explain where and how to find the suits…but Instagram is annoying and doesn't let you link to anything…and I know I would get 500 emails asking for a link…so forget it, let's do a blog post instead!

It's been a (long) while since I've bought a new swimsuit. I went shopping online and was shocked at the pricing! How in the world did we get to a point where people willingly pay $60 PER PIECE for a tankini? Sorry, but this mama would rather go on vacation than lose all her hard-earned money to swimsuits that will need to be replaced in a year or two anyway.

I turned to Amazon of all places, and found a whole slew of adorable suits for under $30…TOTAL! For that price I was able to nab several, and I love them all. Here are the ones I found and love:

Cute retro floral peplum suit – $26.99:


ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Peplum is flattering on just about anyone. I love the floral print, I love that the bottoms are high-waisted (flattering on the tummy!) and the firm cup in the bodice keeps the girls in place. Snag this swimsuit HERE.


Striped athletic tankini – $19.99
ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

I was surprised by how flattering this style is! The flouncy (is that a word?) top hides tummy trouble, and however they made the bra part is amazing…it makes the “girls” look 10 years younger. They have loads of adorable colors:

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

I bought this one in 2 different colors, I love it so much! Get this swimsuit HERE.  *This suit is currently unavailable, but here is a similar suit HERE.


Peplum high-waisted floral suit – $19.99

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Call me redundant, but give me 1) high waist, 2) peplum, and 3) floral, and I'm sold! And at $20 I couldn't really say no. This one has a longer peplum which was nice for my long torso, so I love the fit. Not to mention, the bottoms are reversible:

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Get this swimsuit HERE.


Pink/floral halter peplum high-waist: $24.99

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Are we seeing a theme here? Again, in love with this one. The quality on this suit isn't as thick as the others but I like the pink with the floral and again, love the fit. Get this swimsuit HERE.

They've got different colors too. How cute is the red one??

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!
ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!










So there you go! Proof that you don't have to pay much for swimsuits. Have you found any great deals anywhere else? Let us know in the comments below if so!

Happy swimming!


    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      These swimsuits aren’t great for big busts, I will say that! My big-busted SIL likes Lands End for her swimsuits.

  1. AvatarNatalie says

    The stripe tankini link goes to a Stars and Stripes suit that says $21.99. Do you know where the stripe tankini for $19.99 is?

  2. AvatarMegan says

    I’m so glad you bought the second and have a good review about it. The kids want me to go swimming with them and I make every excuse not to because of the way my tummy is and I just feel like a cow. I sure as heck want going to try ON swim suits feeling this way so I actually order it off of wish so I’m hoping it comes the way I’m hoping of not I’ll be buying off of amazon. But it should be here in the next couple days so fingers crossed!!!!

  3. AvatarHeather says

    Can you comment on the sizing? The website for the pink floral says XXXL(US 10), so does that mean if I’m normally a size 10 pant in USA, I order their XXXL?

    I’m new to Amazon……


    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha yes their sizing is weird because it’s from China I think! So go by US sizing, which might be XXXL in their sizing.

  4. AvatarHeather B says

    This post gave me the nudge I needed to try ordering a couple swimsuits online and, guess what, they turned out great!! Thanks, girl!

  5. AvatarDanielle Christianson says

    I’ve been trying to find some good cheap swimsuits. Thanks for you help! Love following you.

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