New YouTube Video: Costco Haul For Family of 10!

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Last week I shared the best kept secrets and shopping tips for Costco. This week I'm showing you EVERYTHING I bought for the week for my family of 10! Think you can guess how much this cost…? Watch and find out!

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If you haven't already watched last week's Costco Secrets video, you're going to want to check that on out! So many great shopping hacks that you probably haven't heard before and can save you major money!

After stocking up for the week for my big family, I filmed the entire Costco haul. It's a fun tradition in my grocery haul videos to leave you guessing how much I spent until the very end. If you get within $5, I will be verrrrrry impressed! Here's this week's YouTube video:

Now this was definitely one of my most expensive grocery hauls I've shared with you. Like I said in the video, it was time to restock our school snacks and lunch items for all of my kids and I really wanted to focus on fresh healthy fruits and vegetables for my family after being gone on a work trip. That's the beauty of being flexible with your budget – I had saved some money from my grocery shopping the previous week, and will do some extra shelf cooking over the next couple of weeks to balance it out!

My previous grocery haul video was during #Shelftember and was UNDER $100! You can watch that one here.

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Hope you enjoyed this video and can't wait to share next week's with you! I share new videos on YouTube every Thursday! See you then,


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    Do you have an envelope budget template available with 2024 months instead of the previous year…?


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