Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2022

Nov 16, 2022 | Baby and Kids, Gift Ideas, Holidays, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Ho Ho Ho! The Holidays are here and so are our AMAZING gift guides! This year we have 6 guides to help ease your Christmas shopping stress, we got you! Plus some of these products I was able to snag these discounts for you, saving you money is my love language.

Gift guide for her 2022. Fun Cheap or Free

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  1. Tote Bag. Who doesn't need (or want) a giant bag to carry ALL THE THINGS? This bag can store your drinks, planner, books, and all the other random things moms seem to have in their bags…all while looking fabulous!
  2. Sparkly AirPods Case. Are you constantly losing your AirPods? I've been there! This case can clasp onto your bag or keys and well you know I can't say no to sparkles.
  3. Tig Sweater. My beloved sweater that breaks the internet! If you've been around for a while you know this sweater is a closet staple for Freebs! The sizing is amazing and the comfort is next level. Make sure to check out the Sloan & Emmy sweaters too! Use code “JORDAN” for 20% off.
  4. Tumbler. A leopard print water bottle? Yes, please! Like me, a good water bottle is necessary if you spend 80% of your life on the run.
  5. Apple Watch Band. Could this watch band scream FREEBS anymore?!
  6. Block Schedule Planner. Master the art of block scheduling and this planner will become your brain!
  7. Flutterhabit Lashes:
  8. Body Spray: I love keeping a good body spray in my tote and in my car. A fresh spritz will make any woman feel like a million bucks!
  9. Lip Last: I LOVE Shine's Lip Last & their Lip Velvet. You can never go wrong with a good lip gloss on your gift list. Use code “JORDAN” for 10% off.
  10. Leggings: Let's face it..we all love a good pair of leggings! These are so soft & comfy and they even have a pocket for your phone…SCORE!
  11. herPower: I can promise you, there isn't a single woman on your list who couldn't use a little more energy and herPower can do that. I LOVE this drink mix, just code “JORDAN” for 10% off!
  12. Kizik Sneakers: Do you have a jet setter who needs a gift? These are my ultimate traveling shoes because they just SLIP RIGHT ON!!! Game changers for anyone and they are stylish & comfortable to boot. Use code “JORDAN” for 15% off.

Gift guide for her 2022. Fun Cheap or Free

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