Christmas Gift Guide For The Chef 2022

Nov 16, 2022 | Gift Ideas, Holidays, Lifestyle

Do you have someone on your list who LOVES to be in the kitchen? Or maybe a newlywed just starting out on their cooking journey? This list is loaded with amazing gifts for them!

2022 Gift Guide For Chefs. Fun Cheap or Free
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  1. Gold Kitchen Utensils. This 5 piece set sure to elevate any kitchen out there. I'm a huge fan of beauty and functionality so excuse me while I add them to my cart.
  2. Pasta Pot w/ Straining Lid. No more digging through 15 cupboards to find your strainer only to realize it's in the, currently running, dishwasher. This pasta pot comes with a lid that is a built in strainer.
  3. KitchenAid Mixer. This may not be a necessity but I can promise you that anyone who unwraps this gift will be THRILLED! The KitchenAid mixer makes meal prep a breeze and since they offer so many different attachments, it'll make your gift giving easier for years to come.
  4. Ice Maker. This countertop ice maker is AMAZING! It makes ice quickly and comes in a range of colors to match any kitchen.
  5. Handheld Frother. A gift perfect for the fancy drink lover in your life (or the mixHers lover like me). This makes a great stocking stuffer or pair it with a cute mug & their favorite drink mix!
  6. Vacuum Sealer. Do you have someone in your life who loves to buy and freeze?! Then this Food Saver Vacuum Sealer will seal the deal on the best gift ever (pun 100% intended)
  7. Crepe Maker. This electric crepe maker will quickly transform anyone to a tiny bistro in France!
  8. Instant Pot. Is any kitchen truly complete without an Instant Pot?! It's such a great & versitile tool. I'd snag this for the person on my list who is always running kids to practice and activities, to help them get dinner on the table quick!
  9. Echo Show. I LOVE having an echo show in my kitchen, so I think this would be an amazing gift! Let that chef listen to their tunes or watch their favorite shows while cooking dinner. Plus you can sync your calendar to it (and so much more) so they'll never forget a dinner date again.
  10. Pink Kitchen Utensils. Oh AND gold!?! This is a girls paradise…this 17 piece set comes with everything they could ever need in their kitchen.
  11. Food Processor & Chopper. The longest part of meal prep & cooking is cutting ALL.THE.VEGGIES! This food processor not only does that but it will actually do the chopping for them, yes please!
  12. Shelf Cooking™ Yearly Subscription. Do you have someone on your list who breaks out into hives when they are trying to meal plan? Or maybe someone who is just too busy to take stock of their kitchen and cook from it? I got you, this is the PERFECT GIFT!!! Gift them a yearly subscription to our Shelf Cooking™ Meal Plan and they will get weekly meal plans, along with grocery lists & prep plans, straight in their inbox each week. They can even choose their own recipes and easily create a meal plan that way. (not pictured)

Gift Guide For The Chef 2022. Fun Cheap or Free

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