Cheap and Easy Ways to Celebrate the Small Things

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Use these cheap and easy ways to celebrate the small things and bring new life into the everyday moments of your day! These tips are so simple and easy to implement, yet they have a massive impact. You'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

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Are you getting stuck in the cog of the everyday mundane? No more going through the motions, friend! We'll show you some cheap and easy ways to celebrate the small things and add a little spark to your family's daily routine.

Whether it's dinnertime, tuck-in time, or simply picking your kids up for school, use these tips to make each of these moments intentional and special for everyone! Trust us, it's easy and cheap. Let's get to it, shall we?


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A simple shift in perspective can change your whole day. Day to day life can become so routine and well, boring, right?! Make an effort to celebrate the small moments of life and watch your family attitude transform for the better!


Finding simple ways to celebrate and enjoy the little moments in our day can do wonders for our own attitude and our kids' attitudes! Not only will you feel better in the moments, these are great opportunities to practice gratitude!

  • Morning Routine – Mornings can be stressful, right? No matter how much we prepare, we always seem to be rushing to get out the door on time. Try making our delicious make-ahead breakfast casserole the night before and celebrate your extra time with these intentional conversation starters. Make them funny and lighthearted to start the day off right!
  • Tuck-in Time – Spend an extra five minutes at bed time to celebrate the little victories of the day. Take turns sharing three things you're grateful happened that day!
  • Family Dinnertime – While the family is all together for dinner, go around the table and share one thing you saw the person to your right do well that day. It's a great way to celebrate each other and highlight each other's wins, no matter how small.
  • After School Snack Time – If your kids are anything like ours, afternoon snack time is already a highlight of the day! Make it special and celebrate their abilities by letting them get involved. Try our easy and yummy peanut butter protein balls. They are a kid favorite and so fun for them to roll up!
  • Lunch Box Notes – Making lunch time special for your kids is as easy as writing “I love you!” on a napkin and tucking it inside their lunch box. Trust us, their faces will light up when they see it!
  • Car Rides – Make car rides fun and exciting by taking an extra second to turn on a favorite song before you get going. Sing along together and make memories celebrating life in this ordinary moment!

These little things make a big difference!


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Maybe you love the idea of celebrating the small things but aren't quite sure how that looks. Here are a few of our favorite small wins to celebrate with our kids!

  • Finishing Homework – This may be a daily task, but that's no reason not to celebrate! Something as simple as an intentional high-five or a positive affirmation goes a long way to boost their spirits. Take it a step further and reward them with a sweet treat at the end of the week for a job well done!
  • Getting a Good Grade – Even if they always get good grades, celebrate these small wins! Celebrate the thirtieth A+ just as much as you would the first.
  • Positive Sibling Interaction – It's always great to point out and praise positive sibling interaction!
  • Completing Chores – Use our awesome clipboard system and watch them achieve their responsibility goals!
  • Getting to School or Work on Time – Life is hard. Even things we are expected to accomplish each day should be celebrated when achieved! Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a verbal “we made it!” to get the positivity flowing.
  • Accomplishing a Goal – Obviously anytime you accomplish a goal… celebrate! Did you get in your water for the day? Win! Did you get dinner on the table? Yes! Is everyone together in a warm home with beds to sleep in? Win!

Not every celebration has to be tangible. Words of affirmation and shining an intentional light on their achievements is a great way to celebrate in a cheap and easy, yet super effective way!


It's so great to celebrate the small things for others in our family, especially our kids. It can give them a boost of confidence and propel them forward to accomplish even more! However, it's equally important to celebrate your own wins, mama!

  • Patience – Did you get through an entire day without losing your cool? High five! Celebrate that win and let it push you toward more!
  • Getting Dinner on the Table – This daily task can be a challenge with everyone's busy schedules. Feel good about this win, friend! Grab some of our easy dinner ideas to make it even easier!
  • More Positive Interaction than Negative – Days with kids can be hard. Sometimes we can get ourselves in a cycle of negative interaction and aren't really sure how to get out! Even if your days are mostly positive, celebrate that victory because it isn't always a given!
  • Intentional Time – Make an effort to spend intentional time with each member of your family so they know they are valued as an individual. It doesn't have to be long, it can just be a few minutes! Celebrate accomplishing this because it makes a big impact!
  • Moving Your Body – Another way to boost your mood and positive attitude is to get your body moving each day! Set a fitness goal and milestones to accomplish them. When you do, celebrate big time!

Celebrating the small things in these cheap and easy ways is a great way to reframe your life and see the bright side! Taking the time to make everyday moments a little more special is a great way to boost everyone's morale and keep the attitudes good. Double win!

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Happy celebrating!


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