Water only week-long challenge!

I know I'm a few days late on this because I just got back from vacation last night, but I wanted to pop in quickly to remind you of this week's Focus on Fitness challenge. If you've been following along on the calendar, you know that this is WATER ONLY WEEK!

For 7 days straight, challenge yourself to only consume WATER…and nothing else. No coffee, alcohol, Koolaid, Crystal Lite mix thingies, or even sports drinks. Just plain…old…WATER. Yes, I'm scared. I'm exhausted from our trip and have gotten all too used to my caffeine kick in the day to keep me going. And yes, there are sports drinks that are healthy for you! But the purpose is to cleanse our bodies of all the UNHEALTHY stuff that we swallow each day, and to get in the habit of reaching for a water bottle rather than a Coke when we're thirsty.

So what do you say, who's with me!?!? (…and who is terrified?….)