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I’ve got EXCITING news!

Ready for a teaser? I’ve got a super, amazing, exciting, thrilling, and oh-so-fun announcement to make on Saturday! I’m a big one for excitement and anticipation, so stay tuned and check back in on Saturday to see what it is 🙂 …any guesses? EEEEK!

Live Q&A tonight

Hey all! I’ve had lots of questions about how to log on to the live Q&A tonight. It’s just powered through Youtube, so I will post the link right at 8pm MST so you can just click the link and it will take you straight to my live Youtube feed! Pretty cool. You will find

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And the winner is…

Thanks for everyone who entered our Cowabunga Bay giveaway! The lucky winner is…. HEATHER BUCHANAN! For everyone who didn’t win, remember that you can use FCFCOWA to get $7 off a day pass. Have a great Tuesday!

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