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"Instant-Library" Thrift Store Gift Basket

I’ve posted before about how expensive brand new children’s books can be (especially hard-backs!), and how buying them at thrift stores and/or your local library is a great way to get fabulous books for cheap (HERE for example). Well, here’s a tip to take your used books to the next level! I went to a thrift…

DIY, Gift Ideas, Reuse

Saving Craving! Savings tip: DIY Christmas gifts

My parents are the most amazing, generous, loving parents in the world…and they are awful to buy gifts for! They never really need much and I feel so indebted to them, I feel like I can never buy them a nice enough gift. Now that I’m a mom myself I truly see the beauty in Do-it-yourself,…


Let’s Get Organized!

Let me start by prefacing this post by saying I know that this is not the normal stuff that you find on this site but I still think it is worth sharing with all of you. Since most of our to-do list’s don’t look like this. Most days we feel like this! I’m sure most…


Saving Craving! Savings tip of the day: Light bulb Christmas ornaments

Today’s tip is a fun cheap/free DIY project, but is also another eco-friendly idea! From now until Christmas simply save any light bulbs of yours that burn out. Cover them with water-based varnish, tissue paper, scrapbooking paper, paint, glitter, whatever you like (see a few ideas below. You can also google images for “light bulb…


Saving Craving! Savings tip of the day: Make your own disinfectant

We all know how expensive household cleaners are. I was watching Studio 5 the other day and got this recipe for quick, easy, and cheap disinfectant! She said it can replace Lysol wipes and all those other expensive products. It makes a ton, and lasts forever. Here’s what you need: 3C Hot water 2T Borax…


Quick, Easy, and Affordable Projects!

Here are a few more inexpensive furniture transformations I’ve been working on lately. I rarely do a project that requires sanding. I am not a fan! Usually, it’s paint and hardware and that’s it! And then you have a whole new piece! This chair had great curves to it, but definitely needed some TLC! I…


Decorating on a Dime

Decorating your home can definitely get expensive, so anytime I can add to the house with a limited amount of money I am one happy camper! Here are a few things I’ve done lately: I found both this pottery barn shelf ($10) and 3 baskets ($2) and garage sales over the years and just had…

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Saving time = Saving Money

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that Time. is. valuable. Even if you are like me and don’t have a conventional “job”, your time is worth a lot! Learning to be efficient with your time is often times as valuable as making a few bucks. Just think about it…if you are a…