What to do when you drop your phone or iPod in water…PLUS a custom iPhone case giveaway!!

Jun 12, 2013 | DIY, Lifestyle

NOTE: If you just dropped your phone in water scroll down to the navy blue text ASAP! Time is of the essence! HURRY!
For the rest of you, read on and take mental note for the future 🙂
Have you missed me? I've had a lot going on lately.
I was in Arizona for a wedding……then we went camping……then we went to Vegas for Memorial Day…Then we went to Yellowstone with my family……and now we're back and have a REALLY REALLY BIG THING happening this week!
(Can't wait to tell you about it soon!)
But I have been DYING to post this tip and I can't stand it any longer so I must share!
But first, a little background (because It's impossible for me to keep things short.)…
I recently got a new iPhone5. I waited for a long time and finally had an upgrade on my phone plan, so it cost me less than 1/2 of what it would.
(P.S…totally love the phone! I'm a true convert!)
I enjoyed the phone for a few weeks then realized that I really needed to protect it. ASAP. Having 3 kids 3 and under leads to lots of slobbering, dropping, and scratches. My philosophy? If you are going to “invest” in electronics (you get what you pay for, let's be honest) then it's important to “invest” in PROTECTING them to make them last as long as possible. I looked around at many different cases that were cute, but I felt like they wouldn't keep my phone from breaking/shattering/scratching. Then, if I found a durable one, it was ugly!
Then I remembered the golden ticket…I went STRAIGHT to my friends at Plum Street Prints and got this adorable custom case made.

I started with this design:
and had them switch it up a bit for me:
ADORABLE, right?
Photo courtesy of my Instagram. You following along??


Anyway, it's been doing a great job of protecting my phone…
Until I dropped it in the toilet on accident.
Awesome sauce.
(Note to self: Don't set your phone on the back of the toilet. Because just maybe someone will text you at that moment. And just maybe the vibration of it will cause it to fall into the toilet while your hands are covered in soap from trying to help your two year old wash her hands making it really hard to fish out and even harder to get the case and back of the phone off. So just maybe it would suck.)
I fished my phone out of the toilet (gross) and ran to the web to see what to do. Here's a compilation of what I found/tried that ACTUALLY WORKED!
1. TURN IT OFF! If it's on, it could fry your computer-y stuff.
2. Wipe and SHAKE out the water. Wiping it isn't enough. Shake the heck out of it and you'll be surprised at how much water comes out of the speaker holes, power plug hole, etc. Be sure to take off the back, battery, etc. and really wipe it down good.

3. Stick it in rice. If you have any of those Silica Gel packets that come in shoe boxes and new packages those are awesome too. I happened to have some lying around (random, I know) so I tossed them in too.
4. Wait 24-48 hours before turning it on. The longer the better, but be sure to wait at least 24 hours before turning it on. You can even put it a warm place (like near a heater) to help. Oh, and please, disinfect your phone and throw the nasty rice away when you're done. Your phone was just in the toilet for heaven's sake.

For me, it worked in a matter of hours and works 100% good as new. I have to tell you, I believe part of the reason why is because of my new case. I'm not just saying this because the girls at Plum Street Prints are friends of mine, I really, honestly believe it helped keep much of the water out somehow!
I was so excited about my adorable, custom, and ultra-protective case (and that my iPhone wasn't frizzy-fried) that I contacted them and asked them to do a giveaway.

So guess what? Here you go!

Enter to win a $50 store credit to get a case of your own!

Don't have an iPhone? No prob, Bob. They have iPad cases on their site, as well as an Etsy shop full of adorable custom prints.

Entering is easy. Click HERE to enter, or click on the widget below:

I truly recommend these cases. They are stylish and custom of course, but they are also pretty heavy-duty and truly protect your beloved technology babies.

Give it a go…and meanwhile, keep your phone away from the darn toilet!



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