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3-Ingredient Homemade Finger Paint Recipe

Homemade Finger Paint

A few months ago my son was BORED with a capital B. I decided to do a little project that was easy, free, and was a huge success… Homemade Finger Paint source, original recipe source The recipe is so simple! Click HERE for a printable version. What you need: 2 Tablespoons sugar ⅓ Cups cornstarch…

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Tips and tricks for traveling with kids!

I love road trips, it’s true. But when you’ve got young kids, it can be…well…let’s just say A CHALLENGE. I was in Oregon all last week and made the trip BY MYSELF. It was tough because I was flying SOLO with my 26 month old and 8 month old. not easy, people. However, with lots of practice, trial,…

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Free Carseat Canopy – just pay S&H

Here’s another good freebie/cheapie! Just pay shipping/handling, still a decent deal. Enjoy! Valentines Deal: Free Carseat Canopy™ at! Use Promo Code “VALENTINE” at TODAY! It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1.  Go to  Click on “Shop Now” and select any carseat canopy you like.3.  Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag.     Enter the promo code…

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30-second silk flower headband

Happy Saturday! Today I have a really really really easy little project to show you. Actually, I’ve been meaning to post this for months. (Sorry about the pictures, by the way, I had to take them with my phone because this was back when my camera was busted) 30-Second silk flower headband It’s so easy! …

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Tons of home remedy tips and tricks PART II : Creative ways to make your life easier!

Welcome back to “You’re Welcome” Wednesday, where I share a creative tip with you that’s bound to make you say…THANKS! Yup,  got another one.  …Another random (but SUPER helpful) email with some amazing tips in it! (See my first one HERE…also extremely helpful.) I have no one to credit for the content,  photos, ideas, or instructions… I…