What we are buying for Christmas! Our Family Gift Guide 2018

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

Holy smokes, we are in December! That not only means the year has officially flown by in record time, but also means we are officially in gift guide season! You Freebs have asked for a 2018 gift guide, and who can say no to your cute little faces! Thus, I'm back to share what we are buying for Christmas this year, and how we are giving amazing gifts that are still easy on our budget. (I'm also throwing in some additional gift ideas for you while I'm at it!)

As explained last year, we buy pretty much all of our family gifts at Walmart. Lucky for us all, they asked if I would share our finds with you and partnered with me on this post! (Um, hi. Yes. Yes please 100x. I mean, I talk about you all the time anyway…) I'm REALLY excited about our gift guide this year, because we are taking a different approach with our kids' gifts. Ready to see what we did?

Now introducing…

Page Family Gift Guide 2018

Here's what we did:


This summer our basement went through the Toypocolypse, if you remember from Instagram. One day, after coming into our basement play room to the biggest disastrous mess you've ever seen in your life (yet again) I declared that I had had ENOUGH. Toys were disregarded, broken, and strewn EVERYWHERE! As a result, we bagged up and donated about 2/3 of our toys and haven't bought any more since. As a result, our kids have played outside more, used their imaginations more, and it has given us room for a few special toys that our kids really adore.

For Christmas this year we decided to be more mindful about our toys. In years' past, we stick to a really strict budget, and try to get as many toys as we can for that amount. This year we decided to up our budget, and choose just one big “main” gift for each child, and for that gift to be something that would keep them active/moving, learning, or something that they could do with the family. Then, Santa brings them one medium to small gift. I can already imagine the great memories that will be made with these gifts this year, and feel confident that none of them are going to end up in a giveaway pile in a few months!

Here's what we bought:

Daivy (4):

Recently, Daviy has been telling us that she's ready to ride her very own bike (cue the waterworks! I seriously can't believe how fast she is growing up!).  Currently, she is riding her big sister's yard sale hand-me-down. Since cute little Daivy is all about princesses these days, we decided to get her the Disney Frozen 12″ Girls' EZ Build Bike with Sleigh Doll Carrier, by Huffy.  Aside from having one of her favorite princesses on it, the bike is also easy to assemble, includes a doll carrier for Daivy's dolls, and has removable training wheels.  We can't wait to see her face when she sees it on Christmas morning. I mean, the tassels and doll seat??? I'm dead. So darn cute.

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

On her Christmas list for Grandmas, Grandpas, cousins, and Santa of course, we also added this portable Disney Bluetooth MP3 Karaoke player.  This girl loves to sing anywhere, and would absolutely go bonkers over it!


Daivy's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving. For years we have given Calico Critter sets to Priya for years. So when we saw this adorable Calico Critter Luxury Townhome Gift Set at Walmart for such a good price, we just HAD to get it for Daivy for her birthday so she can play with her sister!

I'm obsessed with Calico Critters. Bubba's mom STILL has the set they played with as kids, so I know these will be generational toys for Daivy's own kids someday. We keep these toys in a separate closet away from the black hole of the basement, thank goodness. It's safe to say she was surprised and pleased by her gift!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

HUTCH (8):

For over a year now (including last Christmas), Hutch has BEGGED us for a Hover Board. We kept telling him no, since it's a higher-priced item. We got him several smaller gifts last year instead, but since the Toypocolypse and focusing on one larger gift that will keep them active and moving, we decided to make his wishes come true. This year he is getting the Hover 1 Superstar Electric Self Balancing Hover Board.  There are lots of places that sell this coveted gift item, but Walmart's price (and ratings!) were great!  Plus, this hover board is completely tricked out with LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and app connectivity. We also got the Buggy attachment so the younger kids who aren’t old enough to safely balance can ride and enjoy right along with him!

Hutch is seriously going to F-L-I-P O-U-T when he sees this, I can't wait!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

Hutch is also really into legos right now, so on his Christmas list for Santa and other family members we put this LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Halftrack Mission set.  It includes 2 mini figures, and 378 pieces.  It's a great price for a lego set with that many pieces, and I love that it would keep his creative juices flowing.

BECK (5):

Sweet little Beck is our helper. Always has been. Whenever Bubba is in his workshop, Beck is right there by his side wanting to help, and be a “worker” like Daddy. A few years ago we got him a toy tool set from a yard sale, that he still plays with to this day. This year, however, we are getting our little handyman his very own Hyper Tough 102-Piece All Purpose Tool Set that comes with its very own fold out case! REAL tools! He is going to pass out from excitement. The case is great, so he can easily see and keep track of everything. Now…let's just hope he doesn't put a hole in my wooden floors or something…

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

Also on his list, we listed several of Walmart's great selection of board games.  Something Beck really enjoys doing with the family. The prices are great, so might as well pick up a few! Beck is one of the ones who actually plays with the toys we kept, so we also listed this awesome Air Hogs Supernova hovercraft, the Zoom Tubes Car Trax , and these cute little Fingerling dinosaurs. I was really impressed with how many great toy options there were for little boys (the hardest ones to shop for, in my opinion!).

PRIYA (7):

For Priya's big gift this year, we decided to get her a bike as well. She is riding Hutch's hand-me-down boy bike (which was a hand-me-down from a neighbor to begin with!). She's an athletic little chica so we are super excited for her to have the Mongoose 20″ Girl's Byte Bike.

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

It's sturdy (Bubba test-drove it in the store, ha!), and super cute which is always a plus. I will say though…go bike shopping at Walmart with a buddy. There were so many to choose from, I needed all of Bubba's brain power to help me decide!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

On her list we also put what she begs for for every Christmas and birthday…an  “American Girl Doll”. Little does she know that Walmart's doll line called My Life As is not only very similar to the American Girl line, but is SO MUCH MORE affordable! She has two of their dolls already, and my mom is getting her a third for Christmas. Their doll line has so many outfits, accessories, animals, cars, you name it. If your girls are anything like mine, consider the Ice Skater Doll and Loft Bed Set, and Remote Control Jeep, SO STINKING CUTE!

MORY (2.5):

This girl of ours loves to talk and sing just like Daivy does!  So we thought she would love this fun Fancy Nancy microphone that Walmart has.  With it, Mory can sing along to built-in music and use it's AUX jack to plug in to any audio device so she can really jam out.

Aside from that, we still haven't decided what her BIG gift will be this year. Any ideas for us??


As many of you already know, two of my absolute favorite things are Instant Pot (I use mine almost daily) and The Pioneer Woman (she is my best friend but just doesn't know it yet)…so how could I resist THE MOST ADORABLE Instant Pot in existence?!  Found only at Walmart, it has 12 smart built-in programs, built with the latest 3rd generation microprocessor technology, and has a 3-ply inner pot stainless steel bottom. It also comes in breezy blossom or vintage blossom patterns.

So, yes, I decided to get that for myself this year (thanks Santa!). Couldn't resist! And…let's just say we broke all the rules and busted it out early because I wanted to use it for Thanksgiving. Let's just say it gave my sweet potatoes the special little love they needed ;).

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

I also got myself a sweatshirt from Ellen Degeneres' new apparel line called EV1.  It's made specifically for Walmart and just launched this week!  We all know I LOVE ME SOME Ellen so I couldn't resist.

I got this cute long-sleeve t-shirt (only $12!),

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

these high-waist jeans, and these relaxed-fit vintage jeans (only $24!)

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

And this hoodie that I've basically been LIVING in:

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

Those prices?? Ellen, my girl, you're totally speaking my language.


Let's be honest, fun is this man's middle name. Which is why we decided dad needed a cool gift too! He decided an arcade game for our basement would be the perfect Christmas gift for not only him, but for the entire family.  We just about DIED when we saw the Arcade1Up Rampage Machine.  Not only is it ULTRA RETRO which he loves (Hello childhood flashbacks), but because the price is INSANE!! He's also super picky about quality so he loved it's classic upright cabinet design, 4 games in 1 capability, original artwork, and coinless operation system.  So yes, this is Bubba's gift…but lucky for all of us, it'll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Aside from personal gifts, Bubba and I also love doing a family gift that we can all enjoy together.  This year, we decided to get the new Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Forza Horizon 4 Bundle to replace our other one that we have had for over eight years!  Though we don't typically love using screens a lot at home, our opinion changes fully when it's a game that promotes physical activities like running, dancing and even cheerleading for Priya.  Which is perfect for this time of year when the kids are more cooped up inside.

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

We decided to gift it to our kids a little early because A) they saved up so much allowance this year, we wanted to reward them, and B) then they can enjoy it the entire holiday season! Their faces were priceless…

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

So there you go! That's our gift guide this year!

We decided to focus on one main gift per child (plus a smaller/medium Santa gift), and a modest stocking this year. I can't wait to see our kids playing, using their creative, and getting active with these gifts.

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from funcheaporfree.com!

Have you started forming your own gift guide or buying Christmas gifts yet?  If so, I would love to know what you got!  But if you haven't started shopping, or still have a few more gifts to get, make sure to check out Walmart for all your gift giving needs.  Aside from having amazing gift options for incredible prices, they also offer FREE 2 day shipping* on any order that is over $35 and offer same day pickup for all eligible items**.  You really can't go wrong with choosing Walmart to help with all your gift guide and giving needs this year!

Happy shopping Freebs!

*Free 2 Day Shipping is for eligible items only. A minimum $35 order is required. Available items ship within 2 business days on orders placed before 2pm, excluding weekends and holidays. Order by 12/20 at 2pm local time to receive by Christmas.

** Order online by 4 pm for free same day Pickup in store on eligible items. Order by 2pm local time on 12/23 for Pickup on Christmas Eve


  1. AvatarMeg H says

    You could continue the bike theme for Mory and get her a 10″ Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser Ride-on. It’s like those big wheels we had when we were little. The 10” is for ages 2-4 both Walmart and Amazon have them at about the same price.

  2. AvatarRyan says

    So I tried a minimalist approach this year but struggle with my 7 yr old girl. She’s irresponsible, doesn’t clean after herself and disrespects any toys to craft sets. She basically only respects books and that’s about it. I got her a scooter and already purchased some items. Here’s what i got. Legos (long story but mostly for building with brother), a scooter, a journal, and then I went a little nuts with hair chalk, a bracelet maker, and craft set. Now I want to return the hair chalk (she cut her hair three times after being punished for it), return a barista toy (irresponsible with toys) and the bracelet maker (leaving craft items everywhere). That leaves legos a journal and a scooter. She’s been awful this year in so many ways but is that too slim? I don’t want to be too harsh.

    • AvatarTrin says

      Maybe you could gift something that isn’t a toy but a fun experience. Like a nail salon certificate to get her nails painted (my 7 & 10 year old loved it!) or a movie gift card to go to a show together or something like that. I’ve been surprised how my kids have adored those types of gifts without adding to the insanity of toy mess! ha! Good luck!

  3. AvatarBrooke says

    I need family friendly Xbox recommendations, I have to not be pleased with the only older teen/adult games or the dreaded f-word game.

  4. AvatarSarah Andrews says

    Hi! I been watching your website for awhile. Yes, I am a new subscriber. I am hoping that you can help me for Christmas. What is your thoughts on gift buying when you have a 19 year old & a 17 year old. I also have a 13 year old & a baby that will turn 1 on Christmas Eve. Would you only do 1 gift & stocking. The 19 year old is a huge reader, loves to watch movies, & loves to write. She also has anxiety . The 17 year old is a gamer. Loves his PS4. He also play sports & is my outgoing child. I am not sure what to do. Please any advice would be great.

  5. AvatarStace says

    I’m completely stumped for my 8 and 11 year old daughters. The 11 year old really isn’t into girly things but she’s also not athletic. The 8 year old loves horses but I haven’t found anything for her either. And then parents… it’s hard when none of us are very materialistic. And gifts is at the bottom of my love language list!

  6. AvatarBekki says

    This is such a great idea for working out Christmas presents and I love that the biggest gift is from you and Bubba and not from Santa!
    Maybe you could have a look at getting one of those cardboard cubby houses for Mory, the ones that have pictures on and you colour it in yourself!!

  7. AvatarBekki says

    I love how you guys are doing Christmas, and that you give the biggest gifts from yourself and Bubba, not from Santa. For Mory, maybe you could look at getting one of those cardboard cubby houses that are just white with pictures all over them and you colour it all in yourself! Then all of the kids could help to colour too! <3

  8. AvatarMelanie says

    My youngest is almost 3 and obsessed with magnatiles. We got the Picasso tiles set from amazon and they are wonderful. They allow creativity without a huge mess or tiny pieces ☺️

  9. AvatarKerry says

    I have 4 kiddies and have decided that it is quality over quantity. So this year I am only sticking to a few of my favourite brands. It also helps with keeping everything organised and tidy as there isnt a 100 different sorts of toys to pack away.
    The brands we love are Duplo, Lego, Imaginext, Barbie, Fisher Price Little People, Wooden Thomas Train Sets, Puzzles, Nintendo Switch and Wooden Play Food. So when people have been asking what to buy my kids for Christmas or birthdays I tell them anything big or small as long as it is one of those brands. The kids love adding to their collection and the toys last for years so all the kids end up loving playing with them.

  10. AvatarAbbey says

    All the two year olds in our life are getting a horse hopper! Do you have one in your house! All my kids love it!

  11. AvatarSarah says

    These sound great!! I’ve found that when kids have too many toys, they get overwhelmed and don’t play with any of them for very long. By the way, have you posted your Instant Pot recipes? I have an IP but haven’t used it much.

  12. AvatarMartha says

    I got the great deal on a set of legos from Walmart for my 6 yr old and I got a balance bike that was 60% off from Walmart for my 2 yr old.

  13. AvatarCindy Stout says

    There’s are wonder detailed ideas! Thank you! Our youngest is 15 now, but our grandkids are just coming up on these ages! I had one thought to share, we have also gotten our boys tools, toolboxes in the past for Christmas, and I wish we would have also gotten them a kit or scrap lumber to use the tools with. We felt a little bad seeing them kinda sad as the others were playing with gifts and needing a quick project, perhaps a bird feeder etc. Just a thought, and knowing you two, you’ve already got something in mind! God bless!

  14. AvatarJulia says

    We love giving experiences instead of gifts….so we bought tickets for the family to see Straight No Chaser to start off the holiday season. Then we bought something for everyone to do and read for under the tree.

  15. AvatarFlavia says

    I love Ellen and the Pioneer Woman is m go to girl, so you and I are basically BFF’s just for that hahaha

    I’m sure your kids are loving every minute of it.

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