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Frozen goosebumps.

I found this last night and have contributed an embarrassing amount of views to it since. I can’t. Stop. Watching. And I get goosebumps every time. This little girl is incredible. Just see for yourself:

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The Path of Least Resistance

Photo source Part of my personal challenge to get Focused in ’14 includes getting strong. Last year I was focused on losing my baby weight after having Beck (if you remember my 10lb challenge). This year it’s to actually do my body good and fix what’s ailing me (all my aches and pains and woes)…

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The flashlight theory.

You know those moments in life when you’re struck dumb? Those “Aha!” moments, if you will? Well, I had one of those at church on Sunday. I was listening to a talk (like a mini sermon) that was given by the Bishop of our ward (the leader of my local church branch), who also happens to be our good…

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My best Christmas ever.

Bubba and I (and the kids) pulled off an epic sub-for-santa this year. I took pictures and keep reciting in my head exactly how I want to blog/tell you all about it…but I can’t. We chose to do it anonymously and the problem with blogging is…you just never know who is reading! It’s killing me….

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To get you in the Christmas spirit…

I’m a choir nerd. It’s true. I was in two different choirs in high school including a jazz group. I even won a soloist award at a jazz competition in Canada. (No really guys, I’m the most random person ever.) I love music for the feelings it can create in us. So naturally I couldn’t…

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How FITNESS and FINANCES are the same

source I have often used the anology of how diet, weight-loss, and fitness are just like budgeting, frugality, and  managing your money. In fact, that’s the ENTIRE premise of my Frugality Boot Camps! (Which, stay tuned…FBC 2014 will be announced soon!! EEEK!) I started using this analogy because for myself first, but then quickly learned that…

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How to Embrace CHANGE and live a truly happy life.

source Yesterday I was watching What Not To Wear while folding clothes. I was watching only half-heartedly, distracted by my whites vs colors. Stacy and Clinton (LOVE. THEM.) were working with an ex-ballerina (Holly) who gained weight after not accomplishing her dream of becoming a professional dancer, and was having trouble accepting her new body….