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Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

  In respect of “No eating out!” week to help us Focus on Finances this month, I thought I’d pull out some BOMB DOT COM (Oh yes I did) recipes for you this week! Since we all know that A) I’m no Rachael Ray and B) I’m downright horrible at taking photos, especially of food…I thought…

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Cheesy Bacon Chicken + Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce Recipe

Warning: Ugliest photo alive. But you have to know that it only means that this recipe IS THAT GOOD, that it’s worth showing anyway! Today I’m sharing  one of my favorite recipes of ALL TIME. Yes folks, it’s that good. Healthiest recipe ever? Meh, not totally. But it’s hearty, easy, and so. dang. good. so trust…

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How to make your own baby food…for pennies! Plus, how to roast butternut squash

This weekend in-between Conference I made our favorite, most delicious, easy-peasy, eat-it-and-beware-because-you’ll-dream-about-it-for-the-next-9-nights, butternut squash soup recipe. No, we don’t really like butternut squash, and yes, it’s just that good regardless. Anywho… I price-matched some butternut squash for a crazy-good deal the other day. How crazy-good you might ask? Normally $1.18/lb got them for $0.37/lb. So…

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Doctored Up "Suddenly Salad" Pasta Salad Recipe

A good friend of mine, Sharla, is awesome. She’s hilarious, fun, crafty, and is a GREAT cook (check out her new blog, This is Doable). One day she was telling me about her favorite pasta salad recipe. She uses “suddenly salad” as the base, and it reminded me that I used to do the exact…

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Best Cinnamon Roll Recipe…Ever.

photo source This weekend my family enjoyed watching General Conference on TV – which is a special religious broadcast that comes around 2x per year. It’s tradition for my family to come visit us in Utah from out of town (Oregon). It’s also tradition for us to eat… A LOT. My belly loves it…my thighs hate…