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Frugality Boot Camp’13 recap!

I’m sure some of you are probably sick of hearing about Frugality Boot Camp 2013, so I promise that this will be the last you’ll hear of it for a while! (Ok, so promise is a pretty strong word…) But I have to re-cap what a wonderful time we had, and how much of a…

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Great deal on boots again!

I posted a good deal on adorable boots the other day (see HERE) but I got a message from some of you saying that your size sold out before you got a chance to take advantage. Darn it all! Well, wanted to let you know that today there’s another screaming deal on boots and shoes…

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Great deal on diaper bags!

K, guys, sorry to post another random deal but I’m excited about this one.  With the impending arrival of baby #3 in just a few weeks, I’ve had to keep my eyes peeled for good deals on a few things I need. One of which, is a diaper bag. (Is it too hard to ask…

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FCF Q&A: Investing 101: "Do you have advice on Investing vs saving? None of this makes sense, I need help!" Investing broken down to it’s simplest form.

Welcome back to FCF Q&A! To see other Q&A’s see HERE. Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding investments, savings and checking accounts, IRA’s, what it means to invest, How do I invest? Where do I start? How important is it to invest? Should put money into savings, or into investments? With the economy the…

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Being FRUGAL vs being a CHEAPSKATE

Still enjoying all the amazing questions you lovely readers are tossing my way! Have a question of your own? Leave it in the box HERE. I got an amazing question left in a comment on THIS POST about us finally getting out of debt after some really tough financial times: