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Las Vegas hotel deals – rooms for $1!

Ok, who doesn’t need a weekend getaway once in awhile? We found deals at our favorite Las Vegas hotel for just ONE BUCK! I actually really like Las Vegas (remember our trips there in the past?). Sure, it can be pretty scandalous and a bit trashy if you aren’t careful, but as long as you avoid the risqué…


Online classes now available! + FBC’14 recap

Friends, the wait is over! Frugality Boot Camp this year was the best FBC yet. It was packed with amazing information, phenomenal teachers, classes to die for…and it’s now available ONLINE at for everyone to access from their own homes! …and the crowd goes wild… Some of the classes you’ll get as part of…

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Fun Cheap or Free is HIRING!!!!

Sound the alarm, call your mama, and get your camera ready for a happy-face selfie shot because FUN CHEAP OR FREE IS HIRING!  I’m spread too thin, we have too many great things going on, and WAY too many great things that still need to be done so I’m looking to create an A-Class, top-notch,…

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The Path of Least Resistance

Photo source Part of my personal challenge to get Focused in ’14 includes getting strong. Last year I was focused on losing my baby weight after having Beck (if you remember my 10lb challenge). This year it’s to actually do my body good and fix what’s ailing me (all my aches and pains and woes)…


Let the spending freeze begin!

Welp, it’s time. Call your mama, lock up your car keys, and hang up the ol’ shoppin’ shoes because the SPENDING FREEZE WEEK is here! For those of you who are committed to making January a #FocusOnFinances month (…and I hope you all are…nudge nudge…) then you should all be ready to give yourself the…

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The truth about how my blog makes money.

We interrupt this Focused in 14 program to bring you an entirely unrelated, very long post that I’m sure will bore many, but might just be interesting to some.  Either way, I hope you all read it…you’ll understand why once you do. I’m a blogger. It’s still weird to say sometimes, because in my mind,…

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“Focus on Finances” Calendar Printable

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve created a FREE CALENDAR PRINTABLE for January’s “Focus on Finances” month. It’s a great way to follow along to ensure you pace yourself and stay on-track! I’m going to break that calendar down for you a bit so you can know what the heck I’m talking about 🙂…