How to Make More Money at Work, from Home, or by Starting a Business!

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Sometimes your paycheck just isn't enough. Use these tips on how to make more money and be amazed at the results you'll see! Earn more money at work, start making money on the side or even start your own business!

No more wondering how to make more money! Fun Cheap or Free has some great tips on earning more at work, getting a side hustle at home and even starting your own business!

Want a better job? Having trouble making ends meet? Want to get paid more at your job? Want to work from home? Start a business? Make money on the side? Need a little cash to have a little more fun, or pay down debt faster?

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Don't worry, you're not the only one that's in this boat. In fact, we've gotten so many questions like this in the past, we decided to do an entire video on how to make more money! We cover it all and more. And don't worry, I talk a lot, say dumb things, and make crazy faces as per usual. #ConsistencyIsKey

(Oh, and P.S., the video is from a few years ago, so enjoy watching a younger #bubbaandjordy school you with their knowledge. It's just as relevant today as it was then!)

Check out the video online HERE, or keep scrolling to watch it below:

Is your mind blown? No more wondering how to make more money after a quick summary!


Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you cut, you scrimp, and you just can't do anything else. You can barely find the money to get by every month, let alone actually live a little! What's a Freeb to do? Lucky for you, we've got some great tips that will help you to make more money at your current job.


  • Act Like the Owner – Work hard. Get there early. Stay late. Dress the part. If the manager has to wear a certain type of clothing, start wearing that type of clothing (if it's allowed). Act the part that you hope to rise to. Be a leader before you're actually a leader so your coworkers and management will notice you.
  • Think Outside of the Box – Be creative with your position. Be efficient with your time. Come up with systems that can make the company run smoother. Have ways the company can save money? Suggest them!
  • Simply Ask – Ask the boss what you can do to qualify for a bonus, earn a commission, or make more money. You may not necessarily want to ask them for a raise or for a promotion, but demonstrate to them that you're willing to do what it takes!

Start doing all of those and your boss will never have a doubt in their mind who they should turn to when they need to promote somebody to a higher level position.


Use these tips from Fun Cheap or Free for how to make more money by getting a side hustle!

This is perfect for those who stay at home, work part time or have full-time jobs, but are still needing more.

I really don't recommend jumping into something like an MLM or network marketing company unless you're really passionate about it. If you're going to stick with it and use the product regardless of your sales record, then go at it with caution. But if you're going to have to pay a chunk of change to get started and then quit within the first three months because you can't find any customers, then it's not worth it!


Have a bomb business idea? If you love it, then use these tips on how to make more money by building your own business and get after it!

  • Share Your Business Idea with EVERYBODY – Don't hide your business idea. Don't be afraid of telling people your idea. Talk to everybody about it! Your friends, your family, your neighbors, a stranger at the grocery store. You never know, those who aren't close friends of yours may give you the best feedback! It's always good to talk to as many people as you can to see if your idea is necessary and people would pay for it.
  • Sell It Before You Build It – Literally and figuratively, sell your product or service before you build it. Bounce all of your ideas off people before and during building the product or service. This will help you to create the perfect business for your customers. Plus, it's a great way to get some start up money by doing pre-orders!
  • Get Testimonials – If you have a service business, you don't necessarily need money to get started! All you need are whatever products are necessary to perform the service and you can get started. Do your first few services at a discounted price and be sure to get testimonials and referrals from your customers. Once you have a name for yourself, you'll be able to perform those services on a more regular basis at full-price.

So what are you waiting for, get to building that biznas already! 😉

How to make more money when your paycheck isn't enough - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free


In case you aren't sick of hearing us say it yet (hayuck hayuck), you can watch much more about starting a business and how to make more money on Budget Boot Camp.

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As you can see, with a little creativity (and some scrappiness and hard work), you CAN make more money at your current job or at home, doing what you're already doing. How are you going to make more money? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for more awesome tips? You're in luck!

  • Tired of living the paycheck to paycheck cycle? Learn how to start a budget and take control of your current financial situation!
  • Ahhh, debt. How can you pay it off while still living a little?! Lucky for you, we've got some ah-mazing tips!
  • Need to save some money quick? Do a spending freeze!

Thanks for watching, until next time!

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  1. Erikka

    My son is only one and a half so I’m not worried about allowance yet but this has really helped me as a guide in making a budget for my son and future kids.

  2. Erikka

    Totally got confused because I’m going through so many of your posts! I tried an MLM and it definitely wasn’t worth it. I wish I would have found you before I wasted/lost money.

  3. Heather B

    I loved this Q&A. It has definitely been one of my favorites!

  4. Edeeu

    Some major life changes are causing me to navigate the waters of working after being a stay at home non working mom for over 14 years and it’s terrifying. I want to be able to provide for my kids and I without having to be away from them a ton so the more advice and help, the better.

  5. Sydney

    You are speaking to my soul! We have been needing to be so scrappy since my husbands job change! I could definitely be more so. Work in progress! ?

  6. Christy Faust

    Some good ideas!

  7. Whitney Smith

    Thanks for the tips on being scrappy! {It is not a matter of having a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulness!} I seriously love you guys!!

  8. Stephanie Becker

    I’ve shared this with three friends! They always wonder why I work so hard. Well this is part of why! My goal of paying stuff off helps keep me motivate.

  9. Jennifer Bingham

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the small income issue the last couple of weeks and how to increas what comes in. I’m encouraged there are options!

  10. Marie

    You guys are so down to earth! But so informative and joyful to watch and listen to, thank you for taking the time to do the Q/A and post.

  11. Ana Brito

    Thanks Page! This bring me hope! I’m at home with my baby but we need more money so I’m searching a solution to can make money working from home! I can’t see you live q&a because I’m from Portugal and it’s 4a.m. when you start!! But i see after on youtube! Please continue because i slowly had changes in my live with your tips! My favorite it’s j.o.b.!!! Helps me a lot with the baby!!

  12. Talia Halm

    Thanks for the insight and encouragement!

  13. Michelle

    Such a good post, watching again w/ the hubs! 100k giveaway!

  14. Janelle

    Thanks for sharing your opinions about MLMs. I completely agree that with the time commitment it may make sense to just get a “normal” job!

  15. Shannon McLaughlin

    My issue with MLM’s is the culture each one of them creates. They play on FOMO for sure but create this high positivity environment where you end up parroting talking points in the company script. My husband is trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming – think Tony Robbins) and it is a great body of knowledge…when used ethically. There are LOTS of people out there that use it in sales to manipulate the subconscious and frankly, I don’t see how most, if not all, MLM’s are different. The appeal of that dream life is just too good to pass up on for many unsuspecting participants. We’re all for the dream life, just acknowledge that the vast majority of people won’t get there working an MLM. See John Oliver’s excellent YouTube on MLM’s (warning: language).


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