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Get Out of Debt, Make Money

FCF Q&A: Investing 101: “Do you have advice on Investing vs saving? None of this makes sense, I need help!” Investing broken down to its simplest form.

Fun Cheap or Free Q&Q

Welcome back to FCF Q&A! To see other Q&A’s see HERE. Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding investments, savings and checking accounts, IRA’s, what it means to invest, How do I invest? Where do I start? How important is it to invest? Should put money into savings, or into investments? With the economy the…

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Job opportunity in Utah

With the economy the way it is, I know it can be tough finding full-time or part-time work! My husband’s company is hiring so I thought I’d pass this along in case it could work for anyone out there. Part or Full-Time Sales Development Rep Launch Leads is a rapidly growing and an award winning Utah…

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Want to earn some extra cash? FCF is hiring!

*Note: The position has been filled! Thanks for applying! Hello my lovely readers! I have exciting news.  (Drumroll please…) FCF is hiring! Ta-daaaaaaa! source There are some exciting new things going on over here, and one of them is… I am currently looking for a  Director of Marketing for FCF!!! This would be a perfect…

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Get paid to give your kids vaccines – Utah

Remember THIS post about how I made $350ish by giving my son a flu shot through Jean Brown research? Well, here’s an opportunity for YOU to make money! Here are the details: Cash for Kids 10-12 year olds who need vaccinations for school can earn money. Each year, Jean Brown Research watches a certain number…

How To Save Money, Make Money

Utah All Kids Sale – Sept 23-24

I found out about this huge kids consignment sale and thought I’d share! Click HERE for more info:   South Town Expo Center Exhibit Rooms 300 A,B,C,and D 9575 S. State Street Sandy, UT 84070 Shopping Days:  Friday – Saturday, September 23 – 24, 2011 FREE ADMISSION  Event Open To Date Day Time All Kids Sale All Public 23rd…

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Great part-time work available for people in Utah!

My husband’s company is hiring!  He is looking for energetic, positive, and hard-working women and men (but especially interested in women) to hire on part-time. This could be perfect for moms especially, since he’s only looking for a few hours a day.Click on the link below for more info. Trust me, he’s a great boss…

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Get paid $350 to get a flu vaccine!

Lauralee passed along this tip to me. I checked it out, it’s legit! THIS company is a medical research company. Right now they are doing research on pediatric flu vaccines. As far as I understand: if you have a child between 6-36 mo old you take them in for a flu shot (same one your…

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Saving Craving! Savings tip of the day: Ebates

Today’s tip is SO COOL! It’s a site that you need to check out. It’s called Ebates, and it’s GENIUS. Basically, you go to their site, you click on the store you want to shop at, it directs you to their site, and you shop like you normally would. The cool thing is, by shopping on…