Paid Too Much? Get Money Back…by Doing NOTHING! [Paribus]

Aug 20, 2015 | How To Save Money, Make Money, Shopping Tips

Paid Too Much? Get Money Doing NOTHING! No joke.

Don't you hate it when you buy something, then a short time later see that it's dropped in price? It's the worst. While many stores will refund the difference if the receipt brought in within 7 days or so, this is much tricker (or nonexistent) when buying online. I found a company that fixes all this that I had to tell you about!…even though I'm neglecting 50,000 with our move to do so. Can't help myself, what can I say.

The company is called Paribus. They are blowing up all over social media so my husband said I should look into them. It's a cool concept – you buy something, they watch your online purchases, and they refund you the difference if something you buy goes on sale! It's wicked simple. Here's how it works:

Paid Too Much? Get Money Doing NOTHING! No joke.

How does it work?

Paribus scans your inbox for receipts and automatically saves you money when the items you bought drop in price.

Stores often guarantee that you will get the lowest prices. They even promise to price-match. But they don’t follow through unless you work for it. Paribus does the work for you! When you are owed money, Paribus automatically gets it for you. They are like a great boyfriend, bodyguard, and best friend all rolled into one.

How do I use it?

Sign-up, connect your mailbox, and Paribus handles everything else. It automatically detects purchases, monitors and compares price changes in real time, and engages with stores on your behalf to get you paid.

Paid Too Much? Get Money Doing NOTHING! No joke.Here's how it's described on their website:

What does it cost to use Paribus?

If Paribus succeeds in getting you money back, we get paid 25% of what we earn for you. No success, no charge — you have nothing to lose.

BUT…I contacted them directly and they will bring it down to 20% for FunCheapOrFree readers ONLY by signing up using THIS LINK!

Can I bring the cost down even more?

Yes! Refer a friend and we'll cut both your fees by an extra 5%. In other words, refer five friends and Paribus will make you money for free for the rest of the year! Incentives are subject to our Terms of Service.

What stores does Paribus support?

Paribus supports nearly twenty of the largest online retailers (including Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, Bonobos, and more) and is quickly adding more.

Paid Too Much? Get Money Doing NOTHING! No joke.

Check out this video on how it works:

Seriously cool, right??

Be sure to sign up for this today! You have nothing to lose, it costs you nothing out of pocket…so might as well, right?? Plus, with the holidays right around the corner this will be a game-changer with online shopping.

Use it and let me know what you think!! Have a great day –



  1. Faye Joyce

    Is this only available in the US? I am a Brit living in Dubai and think it’s a great idea. Can I use it too?

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Great question! Let me email them and find out.

  2. Joan Clark

    Hello Jordon
    I have not heard you mention your faith in some time. Great to know that as women of God we are sharing the tips with each other to make our lives, families, and world a better place. I am a little sceptical about the new app for refunding money. It seems it is another way to eliminate jobs. I know we all are part of the paradigm shift in our world in the wake of the new way of shopping online, but I think of the jobs that will be lost. I would like to see more conversations about buying less, and consequently saving money. time and the environment.


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