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Lego Rental, Mickey Mouse Pendant, Get Paid for Coupons, & More! [Frugal Find Friday]

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted some Frugal Find Friday steals and deals, so here are a few goodies I’ve had my eye on. The frugal finds for today include a Lego Rental company, a gorgeously sparkly Mickey Mouse necklace (perfect gift for someone), getting paid to take surveys or use coupons,…

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Fun Cheap or Free is HIRING!!!!

Sound the alarm, call your mama, and get your camera ready for a happy-face selfie shot because FUN CHEAP OR FREE IS HIRING!  I’m spread too thin, we have too many great things going on, and WAY too many great things that still need to be done so I’m looking to create an A-Class, top-notch,…

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The truth about how my blog makes money.

We interrupt this Focused in 14 program to bring you an entirely unrelated, very long post that I’m sure will bore many, but might just be interesting to some.  Either way, I hope you all read it…you’ll understand why once you do. I’m a blogger. It’s still weird to say sometimes, because in my mind,…

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FCF Q&A: Investing 101: "Do you have advice on Investing vs saving? None of this makes sense, I need help!" Investing broken down to it’s simplest form.

Welcome back to FCF Q&A! To see other Q&A’s see HERE. Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding investments, savings and checking accounts, IRA’s, what it means to invest, How do I invest? Where do I start? How important is it to invest? Should put money into savings, or into investments? With the economy the…