10 Ways For Kids To Make Money

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It's important to teach our kids to work hard and learn how to manage money while they're young. I'm talking about 10 easy ways for kids and teens to make money. They will get to work on their entrepreneurial skills and gain a little work ethic, too!

Ways for kids to make money from Fun Cheap or Free

Hey-o, Freebs! I'm here to talk to you about some easy ways for kids to make money. I don't know about you, but I want my kids to learn the value of a hard-earned dollar rather than giving them whatever they want!

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These small jobs will help to give kids and teens entrepreneurial skills, along with money in their pockets. And maybe, just maybe, they'll want to save their money for something big rather than blowing it on the candy aisle of the store.

So, let's get to it, shall we?


Some of these jobs will require some adult supervision or assistance, especially for younger kids. These jobs will help to teach independence and a great work ethic, which is probably what I love most about them! They won't need your help once they've gained some experience and will be independent little workers!

A few of the jobs will need some “tools of the trade,” so to speak, to be able to accomplish them. You may already have these at home, or you may need to invest in them. But think of them as that, an investment! Once they have these tools, they shouldn't need to buy any more.


These aren't just for younger kids, but they're definitely a good place for the younger ones to start. As a parent, you'll know if your child is at the right age for these fun little jobs!


This one is an oldie but a goodie! It doesn't require very much effort to make up some lemonade, punch, or any other fruity drink and take it to a busy park on a warm day. You don't even have to have an actual stand, you could just use a card table for them to set up on.

Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money from Fun Cheap or Free

I like this idea because it teaches the kids about how much money goes into a business versus how much comes out. Take them to the store to buy all of the supplies that are needed so that they see how much it costs. Then at the end of the day, they'll be able to see how much money they made compared to how much they had to spend for the supplies. They not only make some money, but they also learn a little life lesson!


This is not only an easy way for kids to make money, but it also helps them to purge some of their things! (Which is a total win for you, right?!) They can have a garage sale if the family, or neighborhood friends, have enough to put one on. Or they can post it for sale on the internet, like Facebook Marketplace or eBay (with the help of an adult, of course).

This is a great way to find new homes for barely worn clothes and shoes, toys, trading cards, electronics, the sky's the limit! Just make sure that you go through it before they sell it so that YOU are okay with them getting rid of it.


If your kids like animals, then this is a great way for them to make some money! Sometimes dog owners are just too busy to be able to give their dogs regular baths and brushes. Or maybe the owners are sick, hurt, or not able to bathe their dog. If you're a dog owner, you know that some dogs NEED their regular baths and brushes, right?!

Kids Making Money By Dog Grooming from Fun Cheap or Free

This is a fun way for kids to get their animal lovin' in while also bathing and brushing them. It won't be the cleanest job, but they'll put some hard work into earning this money! This is also a job that will bring return customers, since the dogs will continue needing their regular baths and brushes, which is great.


Keeping with the animal theme, this takes it a step further! There are some owners who need someone to let their dog out on a daily basis. This is a great way for kids to make money, all they have to do is take the dog for a short walk and let them do their business (and clean up said business).

Pet walking could also lead to pet sitting for when the owners go out of town for the weekend. It would help to teach the kids about pet responsibilities and caring for an animal. This is definitely a job that would bring return customers and if the kids do a good job, they would probably get referrals as well!


These jobs are probably geared more towards teens. Although, that doesn't mean that a younger kid couldn't do certain aspects of these jobs!


Babysitting is another oldie but goodie. It's a great way for kids to make money while also teaching responsibilities and taking care of others. And you know that referrals are a given if they do a good job, because sometimes it's so darn hard to find a good babysitter!

Babysitting Job from Fun Cheap or Free

Now that more moms are staying at home or working from home, it's become popular for them to hire mom's helpers. The mom doesn't necessarily leave the house, but she hires a helper to watch over the kids so that she can get some work done without interruptions or distractions. If you have a kid who isn't quite old enough to babysit on their own without any parents being around, then this is a great way to get them started!


Sometimes moms can't leave the house and they need groceries picked up, or maybe their favorite fast food because it's just been one of THOSE days. Maybe someone is sick and can't get out to get their medicine, or maybe they're elderly and aren't physically able to get out and about anymore. If you have a driving teen who needs some easy ways to make money, then this is a great option.

I would suggest only letting them do this for people that you know, but this is a great way to get return clients. They could check in with their regulars every few days to see what they need and schedule out their errands during the week. This would teach them some great responsibility and accountability since someone else is depending on them!


If you have a teen who needs some ways to make money and they live and breathe sports, then this is a good fit for them! They'll have to go through an official training like this one to become certified and they'll have to pass a referee's course.

Officiating Youth Sports To Make Money from Fun Cheap or Free

Once they've done all of that, they'll be able to officiate whatever sport they love the most! I love this job because it gives them a way to work in the sport that they're passionate about. They'll also be a great role model for the younger kids who are playing the sports.


This is a typical warm-weather job for a lot of teens that really helps them to work on their entrepreneurial skills. They could offer a wide range of services, including mowing, trimming, landscaping, and pulling weeds. These are some really great ways for kids to make money that would bring return customers and referrals if they do a good job!


I don't know about you, but I love a clean car. And having kids makes it REALLY hard to keep a car clean for very long, am I right? Heck, even before kids, it was still hard for me to keep my car clean! That's why this is an easy way for kids to make money. All they need is a quality detailing kit and minimal supplies and they'll be good to go.

Cleaning Cars - A great job for teens (check out all these ideas for teens to make money) from Fun Cheap or Free

Most people would love to have their car cleaned but may not necessarily have the time or energy to leave the house and do it themselves. Have your kid go around the neighborhood and offer their services to clean and detail cars right in the neighbors' driveways.

If you think that your kid needs a little practice before they start charging, then have them offer to do the first one for free. This lets them gain some more experience on what works and doesn't work. It would also probably get them some referrals if they do a good job!


If your teen has access to a smartphone or computer, then these are some easy ways for kids to make money. There are a lot of reputable survey sites out there who are looking for kids to take surveys. If your teen is interested in this, I would suggest having them check out Swagbucks and Survey Junkie first. Both of the sites have an age limit of 13.

After they've completed enough surveys, they'll be paid by either PayPal or in giftcards of their choice. If they're going to be on their phone, they might as well be making some money! Just make sure that you supervise this so that you and your teen are both on the same page with what's going on.


Now that your kids are making money, it's important to teach them how to save that money the proper way rather than blowing it all in the candy or toy aisle of the store. Teach them to be responsible with their money now so when they're adults and out of the house, it's second nature to them. Luckily, we have a free printable that will help them to reach their goals!

Alright, well there you have it. Ten ways for kids to make money, gain some experience and learn some new life skills! Do your kids do any little odd jobs to make money? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Ideas for Kids and Teens to Make Money from Fun Cheap or Free

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  1. Mary Becker

    Also- learning a skill like sewing can be profitable. My daughter first started sewing and selling scrunchies and hair wraps. Now she is selling cotton / washable face masks.


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