The Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Her Feel Like a Queen

Apr 28, 2021 | Holidays, Lifestyle

There's nothing as powerful on this earth as a mother's love for her children. This year, use this list of the best Mother's Day gifts to show just how much you care and appreciate all the love she's shown. She's incredible, after all!

Mothers come in all different shapes, sizes, and circumstances. Some are adopted into the family through marriage, some are not even related at all, but instead, a persistent pillar of strength and womanhood in your life when you need it the most. Biological or not, the mother figure in your life deserves to know how much you love her!

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We have ideas for moms of all types — crafty, practical, and those with a big sense of humor. We even have a list of great FREE Mother's Day gifts for those working with a limited budget! Make this Mother's Day special with a gift that speaks straight from your heart, and straight into hers. Now, let's get to these best Mother's Day gift ideas!


Here's a list of some of our best Mother's Day gifts. Some are practical, some are silly, and some are just plain indulgent (helloooo Godiva!), but all will be LOVED!

  1. Loopy Phone Case – These are perfect for a mom on the go! Use code FUN10 for 10% off.
  2. Mama Bear T-Shirt – Get a matching baby bear shirt for a fun surprise.
  3. Flower Delivery – Did you know you can order flowers on Amazon and have them delivered directly to her door?
  4. Godiva Chocolate – The best way to a woman's heart… or at least one of the best ways!
  5. Shelf Cooking 101 – unless she already has a copy, of course!
  6. 101 Blessings for Mom – This one is sure to bring the tears!
  7. Love that You’re My Mom Pillow Case – A sweet reminder every time she walks in the room.
  8. Vouchers for Mom – A coupon book that just keeps on giving… 20 times!
  9. Funny Mom Mug – This one is for those moms with a great sense of humor. 😉
  10. Milk Frother for At-Home Lattes – help make her homemade cup of joe rival the local coffee shop!
  11. AirPods – Seriously… What mom wouldn't love the convenience of these babies! If she already has a pair, how about these ADORABLE glitter cases!
  12. Leather Planner – Help mom make the most of her time!

These classic Mother's Day gifts are guaranteed to make the special woman in your life smile.


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  • 1 vegan leather cover with interior pockets and wallet features. Choose between: Tan or Daisy.
  • 1 Pagelet 4-pack set of choice. Choose between:
    • Set #1 includes:
      • Price Notebook
      • Budget Tracker
      • Year-at-a-Glance
      • The Note Book
    • Set #2 includes:
      • The Meal Planner
      • Block Schedule 
      • Fitness Tracker
      • To Do Book

Order by May 4th to receive in time for Mother's Day! Check out more details about this ultimate choose-your-own-adventure planner system here!


Make her something she will appreciate, or buy her something to help HER create. Get crafty!

14.Diamond Painting Kit – have you seen these fun at-home crafts? Hello, new hobby!

15.DIY Picture Hanger – Cut, sand, and stain a piece of wood. Then glue clothes pins across the front. Hang family pictures from the clothespins and attach a hook to the back to hang on the wall. If you're feeling really crafty, paint or stencil something like “memories” across the top of the board above the clothespins.

16. Photo Coasters – All you need are square tiles, pictures, and mod podge.

17. Painted Garden Rocks – Paint Rocks and label them with common herbs in the garden.

18. DIY Photo Puzzle – Glue a large photo to card stock and cut into a puzzle for your mom to put together.

19. Cricut Vinyl and Paper Cutter – Let her get her craft on! This is a great addition to any crafty mom's closet.

20. Water Color Brush Pens – Perfect for “lettering” by hand! Buy her a how-to book to go along with it!

21. Bob Ross Paint Set – Another great option for the artist mom.

Whether you are giving the gift of crafting or giving a crafty gift, the creative mom in your life is sure to love it!


Mom and daughter hugging, from Fun Cheap or Free

Are you working with ZERO budget?? That's okay, we've ALL been there! You can still show your love and appreciation without spending a single penny.

22. Write a Note – Skip the expensive Mother's Day cards at the store and write her a heartfelt note instead.

23. Pick Her Flowers – Spring is a time of beautiful blooming flowers. Pick some from a field (legally, of course!!) or from your own backyard and tie a ribbon around the stems.

24. Give Her the Gift of Time – Spend the day with her — she will be thrilled!

25. Do Something for Her – Has she been talking about having her windows cleaned? Maybe she needs her car washed. Give her the gift of your service for a day.

26. Make a Memory Book – Put together some old photographs of you two over the years.

27. Give Her a Manicure – Pamper and take care of her like she has done for you for so many years. It's HER day!

28. Maker Her Dinner – Surprise her with her favorite meal and don't let her help clean up!

Giving the gift of your time and thought can be more meaningful than anything you could ever buy.


Moms take care of EVERYONE, all the time. Now, it's time we take care of her. Show how much you care by giving her the gift of self care!

  • Bath Bomb Gift Set – Perfect for the bath-loving mom!
  • Sleek Rechargeable Candle Lighter – no more dollar tree lighters! This rose gold sleek pen-looking lighter will recharge for a modern replacement!
  • Minky Couture – The softest blankets EVER! Use code PAGE45 for 45% off.
  • Spa Set – This set has everything your mom needs to help her focus on herself for a change.
  • Cozy Bathrobe – Perfect to pair with the bath bombs. Let her slip into something cozy after her relaxing bath!
  • Nail Polish Set – Buy her the nail polish set AND offer her a manicure for a double whammy!
  • Serenity and Calm Candle – There is nothing more relaxing than a calming candle after a long day. Pair it with a new book for the avid reader.
  • Bathtub Tray – Another great gift to pair with the bath bombs and the robe. Can you say spa night?
  • Cozy Socks – She can lounge in style with these super comfy socks!

These gifts of self care are sure to excite the mom who loves to relax after a long, hard day. Wait, isn't that all moms?


Does your mom love the fancy things in life? Well, fancy things may not be in the budget, but we have a whole list of gift ideas for the jewelry and makeup-loving mom!

Whether your mom is a fancy gal or she falls more on the simple side, these gifts are full of meaning and will melt her heart… we are sure of it!


If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift on a super tight budget, make one of these semi-crafty printable gifts for cheap. All you need is a printer and ink and you'll have a gift she will cherish forever!

  • DIY Coupon Book – If you don't have the budget to buy a pre-made coupon book, make one yourself!
  • Jar of Compliments – Type up all your favorite things about your mom, cut them into strips and put them in a jar for her to read when she needs a pick-me-up!
  • Make a Book of Written Memories – Fold printer paper in half and hole punch the folded side to bind with ribbon. On each page, record a favorite memory or story including you and your mom. Type it up and print before you bind them together or just write them by hand. Either way, this will be a treasure!
  • 10 Things I Love About You – Let her know why you love her so much! Get the free printable here!
  • Printable Mother's Day Card – Find free cards online to print. You can even find some the kids can color.
  • Find a Print to Frame – There are TONS of cute printables online for free or almost free. Just print and frame for a perfect gift!
  • Printable Interview Book – This is a fun one to do year after year. Print out the free interview book and have your kids fill it out for both mom and grandma!

Printable gifts for Mom aren't just for kids… they are cherished no matter what age it comes from. It's the effort and the care you put into it that matters most, not the money you spent!


Mom reading Mother's Day card from daughter, from Fun Cheap or Free

There is nothing sweeter than a homemade Mother's Day gift from a young child… it may even be sweeter than chocolate! These gift ideas will be a hit and be cherished forever.

  • I Love my Mommy Because… – This book will make so many sweet memories for momma and baby.
  • Make Her a Picture Frame – Decorate with markers, paint, jewels, and fake flowers.
  • Have Breakfast in Bed with Her – Let the kids choose what they think she'll like and help them make it!
  • Tulip Towels – Have the kids press paint handprints on white tea towels and then draw a stem and leaves with a paint pen. Write their name and the year for a precious memory gift.
  • Mother's Day Poem Printable – Print a poem and let the kids make a border around the paper with painted handprints.
  • Painted Canvas – For very small kids with less than stellar motor skills, use painters tape to make a design, such as a heart, on a canvas. Let your child paint the canvas however they want! When they are finished, let it dry then remove the tape for a beautiful masterpiece.
  • Salt Dough Footprints – So easy to make and SO cheap!
  • DIY Hand Scrub – Let the kids do this one, too! All you need is sugar, olive oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

So simple and so cute!

When deciding on the best Mother's Day gifts this year, remember, it's all about the thought and intention. Make it a point to tell her you love and appreciate her and her day will be made! What is the best gift you've ever given or received for Mother's Day? Share with us in the comments below!

Boy kissing mom with flowers, from Fun Cheap or Free

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Happy Mother's Day!


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