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Help me write a book!

Help me write a book!

Guys…I need your help! An amazing opportunity has arisen for me to write a book, a goal I’ve had for a long time!! **JAZZ HANDS!!** Here’s my problem…they are trusting my judgement to decide what topic the book should be about. (Trusting my judgement? Heaven help us all…) Oh, and did I mention I have to…


Virtual MECCA tickets now available!

Only a few more weeks until MECCA, the biggest, baddest, and funnest (oh yes I did) money-saving conference around! (Read all about it HERE.) I wanted to pop in to let you know that as of today, VIRTUAL tickets are now available! Can’t make it to MECCA this year? No problem! Register for a Virtual…


Only 37 days until MECCA madness!!

GUYS…I’m hyperventilating a bit (mostly from excitement, don’t worry). I can’t believe the year has FLOWN by! I sat down to look at my calendar, and realized we only have 37 days until the MOST AMAZING MONEY-SAVING CONFERENCE THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! I wanted to issue a quick reminder to come join me and…


Calling all success stories! [Yes, we want YOU.]

Hey, you. Yes, YOU! Would you like to be featured on FCF? …I thought so 🙂 I get emails and comments regularly from readers, sharing little snippets of success they’ve had from implementing FCF principles in their life. They melt my heart, make my day, and inspire me like you can’t believe. I have finally wised…

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Date your freezer lately? Freezer inventory 101: printable included!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that this weekend I made over 20 freezer meals with my friend Shandra from DealsToMeals in preparation for the arrival of baby girl. TWENTY! (Don’t worry, I’ll share all the recipes, pics, and info soon.) I found my biggest struggle not in preparing the freezer meals…but finding room…