7-Day Budget Challenge: Day 2

Jordan cooking a recipe from Fun Cheap or Free
Jordan cooking a recipe from Fun Cheap or Free

Hay, haaay, Freebs! Day one of the 7-Day Budget Challenge is officially under your belt. How are you feeling?! We hope you're excited to keep learning because we have so much more in store. Welcome to day two!

Today we're going to ask you to make one small sacrifice that could pay off BIG time in the long run…


We know, we know. Those dang waffle fries are so good, but you don't need them! Just say NO twice to eating out and make something at home instead.

You could seriously go to Europe if you were to skip all restaurants, take-out, and drive-thru windows and put that saved money towards your vacation fund. Here are just two examples of how you can really save big:

  • Skip the $5 soda or coffee run every day and save $1,825 per year instead!
  • Skip a $20 drive thru run only THREE times per week and you'll add another $3,120 to your savings!

Instead, figure out how to make your favorite copycats at home, repurpose leftovers, and use the food you already have! That's how you'll end up saving money in the long run.

Disclaimer: we know not everyone spends this amount of money weekly on outside food and drinks. If that’s you, then GREAT! But we also hear that no one wants to eat at home every day… That’s okay, too. The issue isn’t spending your money at restaurants; it's using the drive-thru or restaurants as a backup when you don't have a fully crafted plan.


We can even help you satisfy those fast food cravings, so check out these copycat recipes:

Need a little extra help? Here are 100+ dinner ideas and tons of meal planning tips.


Use the financial goals section to help you dream big and decide what you want your money to do for you! The financial goals you set are what will help you skip those seemingly small $5-10 dollar purchases that really add up in the long run!

Ready, set, COOK! You've got this!

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Make sure you haven't missed a day of the challenge!

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Happy cooking!

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