Welcome to the 7-Day Budget Challenge!

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Haay, haaay! We are SO excited that you decided to join our 7-Day Budget Challenge. If you made it here, then we bet you're ready to shake those cobwebs off your budget and get back on track after this summer. If so, you're in the right place. Help is on the way!

Let's show your budget who's boss and get ready for back-to-school, fall, and holiday expenses. Are you excited yet?! Watch the video below to find out what you can expect from this challenge.

Sounds pretty easy and fun, right?! Let's go over a few things to prepare you for this challenge.


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Ready to dive right in? Keep an eye on your texts (if you live in the U.S.) or inbox (if you're international) because we'll send you info every day at 8 am MST once the challenge begins with all the details you'll need for that specific day. In the meantime, here's what you'll need:

  • A notebook
  • A pen/paper
  • A screen (phone, tablet, or laptop)
  • The willingness to try new things
  • Optional: A Budget Planner

That's it! It's pretty simple.


Weekly spending tracker printable from Fun Cheap or Free

Here's your FREE weekly spending tracker printable! We've included a sample page to help explain how to use it, but it's really simple! Basically, you'll write down anything you spend this week, categorize it, and note if it was a “need” or “want” for you. This will really help you focus on where your money is going this week!

If you really want to make this a challenge for you, then print out multiple (or laminate yours) and use it for the next month. Talk about getting your spending in check! 😉

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Exciting news! Rock your budget with the Budget Planner! Use the code SUMMER20 to save 20% off your Budget Planner and envelopes right now!

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Ready to really get your budget on track? Sign up for Budget Boot Camp and get started today! Use the code SUMMER20 for 20% off at checkout.

Keep an eye out for your first challenge, and let's do this! All in, okay?!

See you soon!

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