Whether you're on a spending freeze or just looking for ways to use up all that chicken in your freezer, these restaurant copycat recipes are exactly what you need! So, put down your phone (unless you're using it to read this), and just say “no” to takeout. These recipes will help you save a ton of cash!

copycat Chick-fil-A nuggets recipe, from Shelf Cooking

Whether you're craving Red Robin, Olive Garden, Chik-fil-A, or Cafe Rio, you're going to love the recipes we're about to share. We may have even found a Dole Whip copycat recipe for you. 👀 What can we say? We love our Freebs!

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Do yourself a favor and try going one week without a single meal (or treat) from a restaurant. (Spoiler alert: if you do, you'll save some serious cash!) With these copycat recipes in your back pocket, you have no excuse to order takeout. Get ready to wow the fam…here we go!


hot cocoa with marshmallows, from Fun Cheap or Free

We won't lie. We like hitting up the drive-through window for a refreshing treat now and then. But doing it every day? Well, our frugal hearts just can't stand it! So, here are a few of our favorite copycat beverage and treat recipes:

  • Starbucks Fall Drinks – We get it. It's hard saying no to those pumpkin drinks! But if you've got caramel sauce, whipped cream, cinnamon, and some pumpkin puree handy, you can make about five drinks for the price of one at Starbucks! A good frother will help you take your Starbucks copycat drinks to the next level!
  • Swig Raspberry Dream – If you don't live in Utah, you might know about the magical deliciousness that we call Swig. This soda shop has it all, and lucky for you, we uncovered a copycat recipe for Swig's Raspberry Dream drink.
  • Dole Whip – We know Disney isn't technically a restaurant, but when we stumbled upon this copycat Dole Whip recipe from BellyFull, we had to share it!

It's taking everything in us to stop from running for the blender, but we've got SO much more to share! Let's keep going, eh? Next up: sauces!


chick-fil-sauce with nuggets and fries, from Fun Cheap or Free

It's time to get saucy! We got our hands on two of America's favorite sauce recipes (well, the copycat versions!), and we think they're just as good as the originals. And the best news? They're so fast and easy to make! Here you go:

  • Red Robin Campfire Sauce – If you know, you know! This fry sauce is pretty much the best ever. (Was it cheugy of us to say that?! Oops!) Grab our Copycat Red Robin Campfire Sauce recipe courtesy of our sister site, Shelf Cooking.
  • Chick-fil-A Sauce – Yes, we know Walmart sells a knockoff version! But we have to be honest; this copycat Chick-fil-A sauce recipe is better. And since we bet you already have all the ingredients anyway, why not take two minutes to make a quick batch? You'll save some major money this way!

Ready to move on to a few side dishes we think you'll love? Let's bring the restaurant home!


cilantro lime rice in a bowl, from Fun Cheap or Free

We promise these side dishes taste just as good as their restaurant-inspired sidekicks. You can thank us later! Here are three copycat sides you should try:

Drumroll, please! We hope you're ready for what's coming next because these main dish copycat recipes are giving us life.


Copycat Olive Garden zuppa toscana, from Fun Cheap or Free

Okay, we saved the best for last! Let's talk about dinnnnerrr…dinner time! Well, copycat dinner recipes, that is! Here are some of our faves:

  • Brio Sliced Steak Salad – Before you turn your nose up at a salad, try out Shandra's copycat Brio sliced steak salad. We dream about it, you guys!
  • Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets – Need we say more? No more Sunday cravings for you! This copycat Chick-fil-A nuggets recipe is here to save the day.
  • Red Robin BBQ Chicken Wrap – If you're thinking, who goes to Red Robin and doesn't get a burger, then you've obviously never tried this copycat Red Robin BBQ Chicken Wrap!
  • Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup – You'll want to lick the bowl when you finish eating this chicken gnocchi soup!
  • Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Bowl – We've got another copycat Cafe Rio recipe for ya! Yes, we love them that much. This Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe cooks in the crockpot, so it doesn't get much easier.
  • Copycat Zuppa Toscana – We've got one more Olive Garden copycat recipe for you, too! This zuppa toscana is a TREAT.
  • Breakfast Egg Sandwiches – You know those drive-through breakfast sandwiches that taste SO good? The ones on the English muffin. Well, you can whip up a huge batch to keep in the freezer! They're crazy cheap and easy. Grab our egg sandwich recipe from Shelf Cooking.
  • Chipotle Barbacoa – Break out the crockpot for this easy copycat version of Chipotle's barbacoa beef. Shoutout to The Magical Slow Cooker for this goodness!

Can you even?! We can't wait for you to try these.


We hope you love all these copycat recipes as much as we do! We predict your bank account and your tastebuds will thank you for making these dishes.

Do you have a go-to copycat recipe? Share it in the comments below!

Various restaurant copycat recipes, from Fun Cheap or Free

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