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Busting Winter Germs At Home!

I’m still enjoying time with my family and squeezing the last few moments out of our Christmas break, so I’ve enlisted the help – again – from our fabulous Mary, FCF team member, to help me with the last of our post series about getting and staying healthy, brought to you by CVS and their #FindYourHealthy

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Getting Healthy In The New Year: A Beginner’s Guide

WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO!? *breathing heavily*. January is just around the corner…and so are New Years Resolutions! Today I’ve enlisted the help of my FCF Team member, Mary, to help me out (as I’m still with extended family for Christmas Break) and share some of the ways she’s getting healthy in 2017. She has fabulous ideas,

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My Must-Have Baby Essentials (…my excuse to plaster Mory’s face on the web…)

Gah, that face! Bringing baby Mory home last month was the highlight of our year. We love her to pieces! (…so do the other kids. Literally. Pieces. As in, “be soft so you don’t break her into pieces“, pieces…) Many of you have asked what my favorite, must-have baby essentials are. I’ve hesitated even saying, because I’m not

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