3-Minute Donut Bites…easy and addicting!

Ok. Let's get real here.
I'm going to issue you a
What I'm about to show you, introduce, knock your socks off with is cheap, easy, and really really really really really delicious. Oh yeah, and they are about a million calories each.
Turn away now if you prefer the boring side of life and only eat healthy stuff. (ok totally kidding…….kinda……)
For the rest of us, I now introduce to you:
I don't spend much time on Pinterest, but when I do, I chose a few gems here and there to pin for “down the road” when I don't have 3 kids screaming and yanking on me all the time (…so…maybe the year 2062?).
But I saw THIS pin and had to try it asap.
I didn't even take good pictures of the process because it had no instructions or description, just pictures. So naturally I didn't expect it to turn out so well. BOY was I wrong.
Here's how to enjoy the treat of the century:
1. Get yourself a can of biscuits. I got THIS kind, but her picture had honey butter biscuits. Mine turned out great though, so just go for the cheap-o Walmart ones:
2. Heat up some oil. I used vegetable oil, and I put a few cups in the pot (maybe 4-6?). Let the oil get REALLY hot; if it's not hot enough it'll just make your donuts greasy. A trick I learned is to put the handle of a wooden spoon into the middle of the oil. If bubbles rapidly flow around the handle, then it's hot enough. Thanks for that one Rachel Ray!
3. Cut your biscuits into 1/4 pieces. Drop them into the oil, I did 5 or 6 at a time. They cook really fast, probably less than 1 minute. Take them out when they get nice and brown. I used an oil strainer (like THIS ONE) to bob them around in the oil to get both sides fried evenly.
4. Set your donuts on a paper towel for a minute or two, then roll them in sugar (because they are just too low-fat as-is…)
P.S…this is a cell-phone pic, so you can see just how impressive they look. No photo-shop here, baby!

5. ENJOY. And thank me. Then hate me. Then thank me again.
So good, so easy! And sooo fast. Let's be honest, it took me longer to figure out how to open the dang can than it took to cook the things.
Great party food, eh? I know Olive Garden has a dessert similar to this (called Zeppoli), and they serve theirs with chocolate, caramel, and strawberry-esque dipping sauces. Not a bad idea…

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  1. Perfect timing! I was looking for something to take to a playgroup brunch tomorrow. These will be perfect. Thank you!

  2. We used to make these all the time! They are amazing and yes addictive! To take it a step further I like to dip them in melted chocolate frosting!

  3. I totally forgot about these donut bites. I used to make them all the time back in the 60's. When my husband becasme diebetic I kind of got away from sweet desserts But will have to try the again when the grands and great-grands come to visit.

  4. We make ours in the fry daddy. We go the extra step and take an empty pill bottle and make actual donuts and donut holes. 🙂 I must agree that they're addicting!

  5. I've been doing this for about 45 years.. <G> Yummy, all the way! No Doubt about it..

    I love & appreciate the hot oil wooden handle tip though.. never heard that one! 🙂

  6. I remember my mom would make donuts usibg this method growing up so I was looking forward to trying the bites. However some of the bites didnt get cooked in the middle. It seems like the first batch was good but after that the oil became too hot and browned the dough rsther quickly therefore re ceieved less time frying. Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated!


  7. Wow, I am going to try this ! from the pics the biscuits must be thick so i hope i get some that will make these treats……looks like I am from the dark ages as i have never seen this method before.

  8. i live in England, uk what can I use instead of the biscuits in a tin as we don’t have these here thanks xxx

    • You can make your own bisquits very easily….
      2¼ Cups Flour
      1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
      1 Teaspoon Salt
      1 Tablespoon Sugar
      ⅓ cup Shortening or Butter
      1 cup Milk
      extra flour for the counter
      Add flour, baking powder, salt and sugar to bowl mix together.
      Cut in shortening or butter to resemble coarse crumbs.
      Add half the milk and mix, then add remaining milk and mix together.
      Put on floured surface and kneed gently 15-20 times.
      Pat out flat and cut out biscuits. Or like the one person said they use a pill bottle and make cute little mini donuts. These will be way healthier then the packaged bisquits we can buy in the US so consider yourself lucky you don’t have these available. Make and enjoy =)

  9. What is a ‘can of biscuits’? Not sold in Oz. Is this raw biscuit(cookie) dough or is in more like bread dough?

    Many thanks

  10. I rolled them out and put a dab of dulce de leche inside and cooked them that Way. Rolled in sugar you’ll never eat a normal doughnut again!

  11. Hi guys great post. For those of you that can’t get canned biscuits . Pizza dough works the same I’m Italian and we’ve done it that way do since I was a little girl. Some grocery stores sell the dough pre made in the bakery or ask your local pizza shop for ball of fresh dough my favorite place charges me $ 1.00 happy baking

    • Of course! You’ll get an email, you will need to click that email to confirm that you’d like to be on the list. Thanks for subscribing!

  12. We always used either cinnamon sugar or confectioners sugar to roll them in. Also of you want big doughnuts just use the whole biscuit and cut a whole in the center. You can then cook the doughnut holes too! Great memories of my mom making these during my childhood!

  13. hi! Something similar- pkg of crescent roll dough- fold triangles of dough around a chocolate-roll in a ball- have guests deep fry in a fondue pot and then roll in cinnamon sugar. Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get!

  14. I use the really cheap thin biscuits and fry them whole and coat in powdered sugar or regular sugar. Then I put various fillings into piping bags with a very large decorating tip on the bag and make filled donuts. I have done this using both Jelly and Wilton’s Buttercream icing. I plan on trying Nutella next.


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