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Want to know one of my greatest love-hate relationships? It's PANRTY ORGANIZATION. As we all know by now, I'm a bit of a food hoarder and believe strongly in shelf-cooking (keeping a good stock of food on-hand to keep meals homemade, and inexpensive). Keeping a good stock of food at home can be a major benefit to your wallet – B-U-T…if that food is disorganized, messy, and cluttered, it can definitely feel more like a burden than a benefit!

Two years ago when we moved into our house I finally figured out a pantry organization system that works really well for my family. It took 8 years of marriage to get there (sad, but true!) but now that we have found our system, I'm passionate about helping you find yours! Thus, for today's  “Back to Productivity” challenge this month, I'm going to share exactly how I do my own pantry organization as well as loads of other ideas and tips I found to hopefully spark some organization inspiration for you! Now, I'm well aware that my pantry is GIANT – trust me, it was a huge selling point for the house we bought. But the last 2 houses we lived in had ITTY BITTY BITTY pantries that didn't offer much storage. So the tips I'm going to give today can be adapted to fit into almost any food storage/pantry space; large or small.

Let's get to it, shall we??

First, let me give you a tour of my own pantry to kick things off…

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How to Get Rid of PAPER…

How to digitize schoolwork, receipts, and documents to cut down on paper clutter from!

Raise your hand if you have papers stacked, shoved, smushed, placed, and filed all around your house! I know I do. Well, rather, I did! Papers are TRICKY because many of them are

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Super Simple Homework Station…

Super simple tips for a KILLER homework station in your home! Doesn't have to be complicated! From

Whether we like it or not, another school year is about to begin, and with that comes the H-word...HOMEWORK.  (Lots and lots of homework in some cases...) I'm a huge believer in

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How to plan a year in advance…

How to plan a successful year in advance with a free printable from!

You might know by now that I'm a big fan of doing crazy things. And you might also know by now that sometimes, those crazy things work like a CHAMP and somehow end up making your

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Let the “Back to…

Back to Productivity month...YES PLEASE! Become productive, organized, and super successful with an amazing FREE back to productivity calendar from!

Alrighty Freebs!  Say TA-TA to disorganization, no routine, and a flustered structure (or lack thereof, ha!). TODAY is the day our Back to Productivity month challenge begins!  If

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DIY edible finger paint recipe…

Kid friendly DIY pudding finger paint idea that would be great for any summer art project! From

As much as I love summer, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my kids occasionally drive me nuts during this time of year.  You feel me? Today I have a fun and easy pudding finger

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Sign up for the “Back to…

"Back to productivity" month-long challenge for back-to-school. Free calendar printable, weekly challenges, etc. HECK YES! From

Holy smokes, Freebs, where the heck did summer go?? I don't know about you, but the months flew by! (Well, the months were short, but the days were sure long though...still not

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7 Ways to Save Money When…

Are you hosting a BBQ this summer?  Then you're in luck because today I'm going to be sharing how you can easily save money while hosting your own BBQ!  As you guys know, hosting a

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3 Summer Systems to Save your…

Free Printable summer bucket list chart - so cute! Print oversized at Costco for just $10! Such a life-saver!

  Happy Summer, Freebs! *Eye twitch while double-fisting chocolate cake* Anyone else...struggle (for lack of a better word) with summer? Keeping kids entertained, being

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GENDER REVEAL! Page Baby #6 is…

You have all been anxiously waiting, so I won't keep you much longer! Baby Page No. 6 is a...

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Fun Cheap Or Free…LIVE!…

Log into Twitter, call your mama, and fire off the flares... ...Freebs Night Out just hit the road. That's right! I've had a dream and idea for YEARS to be able to travel the

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My 10 minute makeup routine!…

I am no make up artist, but I get asked frequently about my makeup so here's how I do it! It seems like a lot of steps but I've been doing it this way for so long, I can be fully ready in less than 10 minutes! Many of the products I use are drug store products, so it's an affordable look for anyone |

Alright, alright, alright! Lately I've had an influx of requests for an updated makeup routine, and Mama J likes to make her Freebs happy. Thus, as promised, here's an updated

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Make-ahead FREEZER breakfasts!…

Happy Shelf-Cook May, Freebs! Let's be honest...who doesn't need more quick and easy breakfast ideas in their life? And how about topping it off with delicious recipes that

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