My Top 15 Laundry Hacks! (You’re welcome in advance…)

15 laundry hacks everyone should know! Great tips + video! From

It’s no secret I have a big family, which includes 5 kids…pause for dramatic effect…that are complete TORNADOES in their clothes. The reality? I do a lot of laundry. Like, a loooooot of laundry. I actually don’t mind doing laundry (well, everything but actually putting it away. That’s my least favorite chore e-v-e-r). I’ve had lots of practice and have sprouted some hefty laundry skills over the years. In fact, I’m actually a certified #LaundryNinja. Let’s just make that a thing, shall we?  Thus, in today’s Millennial Moms video I’m sharing my top 15 Laundry Hacks with the world, to hopefully help make laundry day at your home a little less painful!

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Now, let’s get some laundry done!

Watch my Laundry Hacks video online or click and watch below:

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7 Reasons Why I DON’T…

The BEST, EASIEST, and SMARTEST way to save money on groceries! Deals to Meals saves my budget! Read all about it -

It's no secret that I am not a couponer. In fact, you could consider me captain of the Anti-Couponing Team. I was recently interviewed for CNBC on WHY I don't coupon (nor recommend

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I SERIOUSLY need your help…

FunCheapOrFree is ready for a facelift - and I need your help!

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you might've caught wind that some big changes are coming to FCF! (Ps if you don't subscribe, you should! See the box in the upper right corner

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My new Daily Vlog! (Well,…

Keep up behind the scenes - watch my new InstaVlog! I post daily videos that show you a snippet of our life. It's crazy, and we love it!

If you ever wondered what everyday life is like with 5 kids while updating a home  (#ThePageProject), running a few businesses, and keeping up with life in general... your dreams

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Baby Mory’s Birth Story…

Baby Mory's Birth Story Video!

You all know by now that I've dropped off the planet a bit because I just had a baby. What you might not know is I was so excited to share in the beautiful (birth) day with all of

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Graduation Gift Guide! (Clever…

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, flat irons, and makeup oh, my! We have the perfect graduation gifts for you!

Howdy, Freebs, and happy Frugal Find Friday to you! If I were to guess, I would say that many of us have graduation announcements dotting our refrigerator doors.  What comes with

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Baby Girl is HERE! Meet Baby…

Mory June Page

Wow, did you think I died? Sorry for all the surface-level posts lately. Have no fear, I'm not dead...I just gave birth is all! That's right folks, whether you've been waiting

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Bubba vs Jordan Newlywed Game…

The Newlywed Game Challenge - 9 years in! See the shenanigans at

Well Freebs, I am so happy to announce that I am officially not pregnant anymore, and that Baby Page #5 is here! Baby Mory June was born last week, and is as snuggly, and perfect

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400 Dollar Chocolate Chip…

The best, chewiest, and most delicious cookies you'll ever make! This recipe has a secret ingredient that makes them so good, find out what it is!

Hi Freebs! I am busy at home caring for a newborn, keeping the other 4 fed, and you know, just adjusting to the crazy life that is a family of 7... yes, 7. I wanted to make sure

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Teacher Appreciation…

No-fuss, easy teacher appreciation gifts (or end of the year gifts!) - all you need is a gift card, and one of our FREE printables!

Oh, Pinterest. When it's time for gifting, you are my first stop. I love your ideas, and inspirations... but let's get real, I am NOT a crafty girl and there is just not enough

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Mother’s Day gift idea:…

fresh flower bouquet subscription - such a great gift idea!!

Unless you live under a rock, you most likely know that MOTHER'S DAY  IS COMING!! I've seen bazillions of Mother's Day gift idea posts and Pins, so I usually pass on reiterating

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How your NEIGHBORS can save…

An app that helps you do favors (and accept favors) from your friends and neighbors to help you save money!! Genius!!

You know those days when you're busy, there are a million things going on, your schedule is tight, or the baby is asleep, or you have company coming for dinner, or your car is in

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Top 11 Techy Money-Saving…

Oh my HACKS! These are SO GOOD! Quick and simple hacks you've probably never thought of - with video! From

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. Let's call it like it is...who DOESN'T love to find a good deal or save a buck...but who really has time for

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