Pre-order your discounted MECCA Conference tickets Monday!

MECCA conference: an all-day conference teaching all things budgeting, finance, and how to find a good deal on ANYTHINg. Jan 10 in SLC Ut, tickets $49 or less!

Guys…I’m. SO. Dang. Excited! After months of collaborating with my soul sister Melea from, we have banded together to put on the best money-saving/frugal living conference this world has ever seen! Picture my previous Frugality Boot Camps, but bigger and better (if that’s even more possible!). Now intruding MECCA: Making Every Cent Come Alive

MECCA: Making Every Cent Come Alive, the ultimate frugal living conference

MECCA is the Ultimate Frugal Living Conference. It’s an all day-conference that will be held on Saturday, January 10, 2015 in Sandy, UT (don’t worry, we are working on having a virtual conference available for those who live out of state). It’s the PERFECT time to recoup from the holidays, and get your finances on track for 2015…and the perfect way to do it in ONE day, the FUN way.

Melea and I will not only teach classes all day sharing our own personal secrets, but we are also having TONS of classes taught by some of your favorite bloggers and experts including Jill from One Good Thing by Jillee, Tara from The Dating Divas, Liz Edmunds “The Food Nanny” and more! MECCA classes will teach you about budgeting, finding good deals on anything and everything, frugal travel, talking about money without killing each other, frugal beauty and fashion, getting out of debt, teaching your kids about finances, couponing/price-matching, DIY on a dime, and more.

Want to come? (Duh, right?)

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Come say hi if you’re…

fall home show

Wanted to pop in quickly, I'm getting ready to head to Ogden, UT to speak at the Standard Examiner Home show today and tomorrow. I'm giving a brand new version of my "simplest

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How to never ever ever have…

How to never have armpit, ever.

Guys...I have the strangest thing that I'm obsessed with right now. I haven't told a soul about it, but since it's seriously changing my life for the better, I've decided to open

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Easy DIY No-Sew Roman Shades…

DIY no-sew Roman shades, from

As mentioned in my "4 affordable decor tricks that make a huge impact" post, I've been working on updating and decorating my house. (Can you tell I'm nesting??) I really want to

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I may be cheap, but I am no…

"I may be cheap, but I am no cheapskate" from

Believe it or not, there is a difference between being cheap, and being a cheapskate. A BIG difference, in fact. I was reminded of this recently with a Kmart shoe debacle I was

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$150 Christmas Wish List…

$150 WishBin wish list giveaway

Merry Christmas in...September? Yes, it's only September! But if you remember my "5 things you should do in the Fall to prepare for the Holidays" post, you should be starting to

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4 Affordable home decor tricks…

4 affordable home decor tricks that make a HUGE impact, from

As I mentioned in my Girl Talk sesh, I've been nesting lately. To keep myself busy while Bubba is gone and to give our home a fresh new feel, I've been working on affordable ways

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5 ways a simple timer will…

5 clever ways to use a timer throughout your day to make your life MUCH easier, from

Since it's "Focus on Learning" month, I'm really honing in on ways that I can be more organized, and efficient. One of the things I've started doing this year that has made a

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Last chance to buy Finance…

Finance Date Night - ticket includes 2-course dinner and personal coaching from family finance experts! Details at

SUPER QUICK REMINDER! We have our next Finance Date Night coming up THIS Saturday here in Utah. For those who have no idea what the heck a FDN is, see photos from our last one and

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Mustard Blazer, lip gloss, $5…

$9.97 for this pack of pretty glosses

Happy Frugal Find Friday! Today I'm sharing some great finds and exclusive deals with make your weekend brighter, of course. Today I'm highlighting exclusive discounts on

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How to catch fruit flies: 2…

How to catch fruit flies - 2 ingredients that REALLY work

I'm headed to the airport soon to pick my handsome hubby who is in town for few days! Woo hoo! So I can't chat long. kitchen was SWARMING with fruit flies today. I. HATE.

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9 genius ways for the busy mom…

9 genius ways for the busy mom to multitask, from

With Bubba being gone for a while for work, I've had lots of time to notice, work on, perfect, or completely re-vamp my routine. It's amazing how focused you get when all your

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Braces or Invisalign? How to…

Braces or Invisalign - how to know which is right for you

As many of you know, I got Invisalign a few months ago. I know I have been BEYOND excited about it, and turns out many of you are too! I continue to get questions, comments, and

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