Freebs Night Out: Party Bus Edition – Event Recap!

Ladies Night Party Bus Edition was a fun-filled night full of dancing, music, and delicious food! See the details,

Last week I shared the rundown of our last Ladies Night event that we held at — well, around here, the fun never stops! Later that week, we did another meetup… on a PARTY BUS. Yes, a real-life, party on wheels! I wanted to make a post all about the fun night, our amazing sponsors, and thank you for coming. OH! and a quick request if you don’t mind!

Will you please take note of who our awesome sponsors were who generously donated the party bus, the food, concert tickets, glam squad and giveaways (which ultimately allowed me to make it such an affordable night for everyone), and find a way to give them some love? Whether online, on social media, or by supporting their business. Even a “LIKE” on an Instagram photo is showing them love…for showing US love. Huge thanks from me, Freebs! Appreciate the love fest.


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Love your leftovers!…

Hate leftovers? Learn to love them! Never let a good meal go to waste! See how I turn every leftover into a money-saving opportunity!

How has your "No Eating Out Challenge" been going? If you've been following our Focus on Finances month, you've probably been cooking at home this week; and if your fridge looks

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100+ Dinner Ideas for busy…

Need new ideas to freshen up your menu? Get 100 Family Friendly Dinner Ideas for Busy Nights! Includes a free printable to keep in your pantry so you'll never have to wonder "What's for dinner?" again!

To kick off our week of no eating out it seemed like the perfect time to share my 100 dinner ideas for busy nights with you (have you joined our Focus on Finances challenges this

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No Eating Out Challenge!…

Take the week off fast food - it's time for a no eating out challenge! School lunch, dinner on the go -- no excuses! No eating out! Join the challenge!

Before I recap how my "Say No To 3" week has been going, I want to introduce you all to next week's  Focus on Finances challenge. This week we are saying NO to eating out...of any

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Freebs Night Out #2 RECAP!…

Ladies Night was a fun-filled, motivational, and inspiring evening for women like YOU! Read all about our evening away,

A few weeks ago we had our second Freebs Night Out here in Utah. Guys, it was somehow even MORE fun than the last one! I wanted to post some pictures from the night, thank you for

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iPhone Hacks…for moms!…

iPhone hacks for moms! Get organized, and use your phone as a tool to make your life easier!

Hey Freebs! It seems that more and more of us have iPhones any more. So today for my Millennial Moms video I thought I'd share my favorite FREE iPhone Hacks that help everyone

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“Say No to 3”…

Say no to 3 things you normally wouldn't this week! Save some money, and bulk up your savings! Learn about this #FocusOnFinances Challenge at!

Does anyone feel like they just finished the Boston Marathon? Or just finished reading The Iliad? However grueling it was for you, I hope you are all undeniably proud of yourselves

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How I curl my hair! (Video +…

How I curl my hair - two different ways! Both ways are fast and easy!

I recently did a video on how I do my makeup, and since then, you Freebs have been dying to know how I curl my HAIR! Have no fear, Mama J heard you and today I’m sharing a quick

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How to Hold a Finance Date…

how to hold a "money date", or Finance Date Night. Seriously genius way to talk about finances without fighting - I'm so doing this! From

How is Focus on Finances Month going so far for everyone? Hopefully you've been committed to the spending freeze this week and it's been going well for you! I love a good spending

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Focus on Finances Month…

We are giving away 10 memberships to my fun budgeting program, Budget Bootcamp! Get the details at, or visit!

Hey Freebs! Since this is “Focus on Finances Month”, I thought I’d start us off with a BANG…one of the biggest giveaways we’ve ever done! Many of you have expressed interest in my

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How to start a…


You may or may not know that Bubba and I are both entrepreneurs and have 6 businesses between the two of us...and 4 of them are mine! We often get asked how to start a business,

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How to Sell Brass for Cash!…

Did you know you can sell your old brass for cash?? We made $35 in less than 10 mins! See how at

Happy Labor Day, Freebs! Our Spending Freeze Challenge officially began yesterday. Are you playing along? In keeping with our challenge theme of saving and getting creative, I

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Join the Spending Freeze…

Spending Freeze

Welp, it's time. Call your mama, lock up your car keys, and hang up the ol' shoppin' shoes because the SPENDING FREEZE WEEK starts TOMORROW!! For those of you who are committed

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