Kitchen Renovation Details! Everything you want to know about our new kitchen.

Kitchen renovation details! Completely unsponsored. How much we paid, what we choose, how long it took, everything you need to know! From

Alright, alright, alright, it's been long enough. You have asked and waited oh-so-patiently, so now it's time to share all the details about our massive kitchen renovation! I shared the progress for months on Instagram, but I promised to give you the FULL low-down dish on everything.

However…I still hesitated in writing this post.

Truth be told, this was a big, huge, pretty darn expensive renovation. It was not DIY, it wasn't “hack-y” or scrappy, and it certainly wasn't “cheap”. I worried about sharing so many details about a project like this for a number of reasons. “Will people think we are trying to brag?” “Will it be annoying to my Freebs?” “Will it put a wedge between me and people who are in their F.D (Financial Disaster) or who are in a tight financial situation, and cause them look at a project like this as something that makes me less relatable to them?”

Lots of questions and insecurities to work through, if I'm being totally honest.

But…at the end of the day, I'm your Richard Simmons. I've been there. I lost the “weight”, and now I'm your eternal financial cheerleader! I am more than happy to share this with you, because I'm not ashamed! Heck, I'll even tell you what we spent and what things cost, because I'm dang proud that we saved up enough to pay cash for everything! It was friggin' hard work, by gee golly! We wake up every morning so grateful that we took the time to save up and do it right.

As you may or may not know, we spent years scraping by. Living off of credit cards. Unsure of what our paycheck would be, or if we'd have enough to cover our bills. Self-employed, unsure of our future. Raising a young family and trying to live a good life on a very tight budget. We've been there! We are still there in many ways!

Here's what I can tell you. The budgeting and financial principles Bubba and I have created, tried, tested, and continue to live by every single day…WORK. 

And they work WELL.

And they work FAST if you are dedicated and hit it HARD.

We are out of our F.D. We are on solid ground. We don't have debt any more. At all. We aren't afraid of bills any more. Heck, we aren't afraid of paychecks any more! We haven't won the lottery, we aren't billionaires, and no one has ever gifted us any form of money. We are average, down-home folks without any special privileges or circumstances, just like anyone else.

But…we live, breathe, eat, and SWEAR BY the financial principles we teach every day on this blog, social media, and in Budget Boot Camp. And we hope that a project like this is proof that anything is possible! We had to wait a really long time to redo a kitchen. In fact, this is our first major home project we have ever done (aside from paint and carpet)…and we've been married 11 years! It took several years of saving up, and even longer before then of saying “no” to new furniture, eating out as much as I'd like, even vacations that came up, all so we could put in our dream kitchen, and do it exactly how we wanted it.

So here I am. Keeping my promise of sharing every detail with you in hopes that it somehow INSPIRES you – not deters you – from sharing in this joy with us. Maybe it isn't a kitchen for you. Maybe it's continuing education. Or buying a home. Or starting a family. Or starting a business. Whatever your financial goal or dream is, just know that with hard work and delayed gratification, it CAN HAPPEN for you!

With all of that being said, are you ready to dive right in??

Today I'm sharing all about our renovation – the products we used, what we splurged and what we saved on, why we chose what we did, and I will even link to all the furniture and lighting we chose! As a reminder, not a single stitch of this kitchen was sponsored in any way. We saved up and paid for 100% of it ourselves, so you best believe we did our research before investing in everything we chose!

First up, some before and after shots. Kind of hard to believe, right??

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