100 Fun, Cheap, or Free Summer Activities for KIDS! + Free Printable!

100 fun, cheap or free summer activities to bust boredom this summer! www.FunCheapOrFree.com

Summer is in full-swing around here, and if your house is anything like mine, a bit of affordable (or free!) entertainment is in order! To help bust summer boredom, I’ve elisted Mary (our Social Media Manager) to bring to you a list of some of our favorite Fun, Cheap, and even FREE summer activities to keep the kiddos moving all summer long! And don’t worry, we even have it in a free printable for you so you can make it an official Summer checklist!

Side note, if you don’t follow me on Pinterest, you probably should! I have a board dedicated to summer fun, kids activities, and parenting life savers. It’s full of goodies that you don’t want to miss. Now without further adieu, take it away Mary!

100 Fun, Cheap or Free Summer Activities for Kids!

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What’s in my Hospital…

When you're headed to the hospital, it can be hard to know what to leave behind. See what I take with me, www.FunCheapOrFree.com

I'm sorry if you're on baby overload, this is the last baby post I'll do for a while! But SO MANY OF YOU have been asking what's in my hospital bag, what I packed for the hospital,

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My Must-Have Baby Essentials…

Newborns come with their own set of must-haves... I've made a list of the products we keep in every room at home to make baby days a breeze! www.FunCheapOrFree.com

Gah, that face! Bringing baby Mory home last month was the highlight of our year. We love her to pieces! (...so do the other kids. Literally. Pieces. As in, "be soft so you don't

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Finding the “Working…

Ask me Monday! You send in your lifestyle, parenting, frugal living (or any other burning subject!) question, and I will pick one, and answer! Get the scoop, www.FunCheapOrFree.com

Welcome back to Ask Me Monday...on a Tuesday. Oops. We have lots of family in town and as a result, I've been slow to stay on my Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule, sorry

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Which Costco Membership is…

Which Costco Membership is worth the money? Executive or Standard? Find out how to get the most bang for your buck at www.FunCheapOrFree.com

It's no secret that I love Costco, and have become somewhat of a Costco pro over the years (if you haven't noticed by my Costco page!). They have great prices on quality items and

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Freebs Night Out: LADIES…

Freebs Night Out! (Utah)

Hey, Freebs! Thank you again for your responses to the survey we posted about earlier this month. We got over 1100 responses in one weekend and a resounding theme we heard was that

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Chore Sticks: the Ultimate…

Chore sticks! Possibly the easiest "chore chart" EVER! (and works SO WELL!) From FunCheapOrFree.com

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my magical chore sticks. For those who haven't yet, hold on to your seats because your mind is about to be blown! Well, maybe not

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That time my son almost drown…

The gift of presence - the story of how a mom didn't notice her son drowning because she was on Instagram.

The gift of presence. Of being, not just in the same room, but fully PRESENT with your kids, family, whomever you are with. It's officially summer, and many of you know that each

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Walmart’s Price Matching…

Beginning next month 500 Walmart stores will discontinue their ad matching program -- get the scoop on how to stay on top of your savings-game at www.FunCheapOrFree.com

If you've read my blog for more than 30 seconds, you've probably guessed I'm a big fan of Walmart and it's price matching. It's how I grocery shop and save about HALF on my

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LAST CHANCE! The Ultimate…

LAST DAY!! The ULTIMATE Homemaking Bundle! Get over 90 Ebooks for under $30! Topics range from cooking, and cleaning to organizing and relationships! Plus, my 81 Slow Cooker Recipe book is included!! www.FunCheapOrFree.com/Bundle

Remember that awesome collaboration I told you about last month that I'm apart of? Well, TODAY is the LAST DAY you can snag Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! This awesome collection

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Does grocery budget include…

Ask me Monday! You send in your lifestyle, parenting, frugal living (or any other burning subject!) question, and I will pick one, and answer! Get the scoop, www.FunCheapOrFree.com

I get hundreds of questions every week between emails, social media, blog comments, and just being asked in-person. Answering them is one of my FAVORITE things about doing what I

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My Top 15 Laundry Hacks!…

15 laundry hacks everyone should know! Great tips + video! From FunCheapOrfree.com

It's no secret I have a big family, which includes 5 kids...pause for dramatic effect...that are complete TORNADOES in their clothes. The reality? I do a lot of laundry. Like, a

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7 Reasons Why I DON’T…

The BEST, EASIEST, and SMARTEST way to save money on groceries! Deals to Meals saves my budget! Read all about it - www.FunCheapOrFree.com

It's no secret that I am not a couponer. In fact, you could consider me captain of the Anti-Couponing Team. I was recently interviewed for CNBC on WHY I don't coupon (nor recommend

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