Top 7 store sales you should NEVER miss!

The top 7 store sales you should never miss, plus tons of shopping insider secrets! From

Bubba and I got a sitter and set out for our “Bubba-only-goes-shopping-every-3-years-so-its-time-to-go-nuts-and-update-his-wardrobe” shopping mission. As we were shopping (click here to see our excitement) and oohing and aaahing over the deals, I was reminded of this post that I did a while ago on “the top 7 store sales you should NEVER miss!” that also includes tons of inside secrets that took intense amounts of hacking and investigative journalism to uncover. One tip? The “J” Months are the BEST times to go shopping, and January is no exception! I decided to re-post that old post so you could take advantage of the rest of this month and shop your little hearts out…until June hits and I tell you to do it all again :) So without further adieu, I present an oldie but goodie for you!

 The Top 7 Store Sales You Should Never Miss…and why!


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Today on Studio 5 I did a segment on shopping, the best times to shop, and which stores have the best sales!
 It took HOURS of research and lots of investigative hacking, but I got all the goods for you!
Watch the segment below or click HERE to watch online:

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MECCA Virtual Tickets Now…

MECCA virtual tickets

The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived...drumroll please... MECCA Virtual tickets are now available! *the crowd goes wild* MECCA was the most amazing

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Reversible Down Alternative…

down comforter

Ready for our 3rd MECCA steal of the day? This is one I'm nerdy-excited about... All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Comforter, just $27.99 + FREE shipping from

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Discounted Disneyland…

Discounted Disneyland Packages

Ready for our second MECCA steal of the day? It comes from our awesome sponsor, Get Away Today! Which, if you remember HERE, provides great Disneyland vacations for affordable

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Refinance your home, get $300…


We had some INCREDIBLE sponsors at MECCA this year. They wanted to wrap up their MECCA experience by providing our readers with some exclusive discounts and deals! I have 3 great

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Dream Week [the scoop you want…

dream week

mec I'm tired. And pinch me. That's about all I can think of how to start this post. It's been the craziest, most exciting, whirlwind of a week! If you follow me on Instagram

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How much to pay for…

How much to pay for babysitting - an unapologetic opinion! From

Your weight. Your income. How much your house cost...and what you pay your babysitter. The untouchable questions and conversations we all avoid, right? UNTIL NOW, BABY! When

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2015 Budget envelopes are…

envelope system

Folks, sorry for the radio static over here. I can't even BEGIN to tell you the crazy week I've had! Don't worry, I'll be able to spill all the beans soon. But let's just say that

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Welp, this explains the site…

UK feature

First of all...WELCOME to anyone who is new to FunCheapOrFree! We have a lot of fun around here, I hope you stick around so we can become BFF's! To give you a quick tour, read more

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Best of 2014…Thanks for…

Best of 2014 year in review from

2014 Was a wild ride, wasn't it? It truly was a great year! In looking back on the best of 2014 I thought I'd share a few of MY favorite moments, memories, and favorites with you,

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MECCA Ticket Giveaway!…

MECCA: Making Every Cent Come Alive, the ultimate frugal living conference

I know you're probably sick of hearing about MECCA (the ultimate money-saving conference Melea and I are throwing, coming up in 3 days - YAY!!), so I'll make this quick. For those

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Planning your year in advance!…

How to plan your entire year in advance, printable included! From

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram of Bubba and I planning our entire 2015 year in advance. Let me tell you, it sure created a lot of buzz with y'all! You were all pounding

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Volunteers needed! [Utah]…


Guys...good news and bad news. Bad news? We are officially sold out of MECCA tickets!! The good news is, if you didn't nab one before selling out, there's still a chance you can

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