3 Summer Systems to Save your Sanity! FREE PRINTABLES included!

FREE printable summer chore charts, zones, and bucket list charts to save your sanity. Video included. This is AMAZING! From FunCheapOrFree.com


Happy Summer, Freebs! *Eye twitch while double-fisting chocolate cake*

Anyone else…struggle (for lack of a better word) with summer? Keeping kids entertained, being productive, and saving your sanity (and wallet!) can be a SERIOUS challenge when you've got a house full of kids. Have no fear, Mama J is here! Today I'm sharing my 3 most effective Sanity Saving Summer Systems (say that 10x fast…) that have changed our summer around for the better, and I have no doubt will help your household as well! In this video we cover chore charts, bucket lists, allowance, behavior, screen time, boredom busters, exercise and getting kids outside, even keeping the house clean! It pretty much does everything but teach you French, I'm telling you.

But wait, there's more!

I've also included FREE PRINTABLES for everything you see in the video!

*Jordan crowd surfs into raging, excited fans*

It's all there!

Watch the video online HERE or watch below, then keep scrolling for the printables!

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