Simplest Budgeting Tips…EVER!

Hello to all my new friends who might have seen me on Rachael Ray! And hello to all my existing Freebs. I've had lots of questions lately about good old fashioned BUDGETING (yes, the “B” word…). So today I thought I'd bust out my best, most delicious secret sauce to help you get your budget (and finances!) under control.

During our financial disaster ($15K in credit card debt, $10,500 car loan we couldn't afford, new business, no income, new baby, and $0 in the bank…) I had trouble getting advice from someone I could relate to. My friends didn't help much, apparently people don’t like to talk about money. #Weird. I found experts in books and online to tell me how to pay my house off, or pay cash for a car, or what accounts to invest in for retirement…but what about someone to tell me how much to pay for groceries? Or how to talk to my husband about money without killing each other? Or, heaven forbid, afford to take my kids to Disneyland someday without completely shattering our finances in the process? I was forced to figure it out for myself. And it worked. We paid off all the debt in 13 months (on a $31K income!), and now have several years' living in the bank, and have achieved all of our financial goals…WHILE living a full, fun life.

It wasn't easy, but over the years I have developed basic financial principles and simple budgeting methods that are so effective, they have helped not only us, but hundreds and thousands of people just like y-o-u. 

My best form of financial help and hand-holding is in my budgeting program. But for quick tips and a good jumpstart, this blog is filled with hundreds of tips and budgeting advice. Today I have gathered the BEST principles and financial methods that will surely kickstart your budget and help whip your wallet into shape!

So without further adieu…

The SIMPLEST Budgeting Methods…EVER!

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5 super easy ways to save $500 THIS WEEK! Anyone can do this! From

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Jordan Page and Rachael Ray - how to feed a family of 4 for $100

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Q&A with Jordan

Over the years I have gained lots of new Freebs into the Freeb Family. I realize that many of you new Freebs might not know we as well as others! Thus, I often get random

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The scoop on the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not! from

FREEBS! Put down the paper bags you're breathing into and listen up! I know rumors are FLYING about the Walmart price-matching policy and whether it's ending or not. Have no fear,

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Freebs Night Out: Tailgate…

ladies night out with Alex Boy and Funcheaporfree!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Freebs! As many of you know, May is "Focus on Change" month in my FREE Focused in '17: Best Year Ever program. May is the month to shake off your

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Beautiful Curls in under TEN MINUTES! How I curl my hair the quick and easy way. |

Ok, ok, ok! There must be something in the water, because lately I've been getting a TON of questions about my hair and how I style it! In true Jordan fashion, I did a quick video

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Those moments when you really wish you had a photographer that magically followed you around so you didn't always have to rely on a selfie... Brought my little sidekick (Priya)

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Budget Boot Camp Sale: Spring…

the best budgeting program EVER!!

Hey Freebs! Whew. Holy. Moly. Cow. I am back home after my trip to New York and am suffering from major jet lag. (If you nave no idea why I was in NY be sure to follow me on

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$745 Budget Boot Camp…

  Happy Monday Freebs! As we are now approaching May (wait, what?). I wanted to check in and see how your resolutions are going?... ...That good huh? Don't worry,

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Raise your hand if you're a procrastinator! (ooh me! me! pick me!). Though, I prefer to call it "works best under pressure". Let's be honest, Easter is only a few days away, but I

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Even I can do this!! How to contour and highlight the SUPER quick and easy way!

Happy Wednesday, Freebs! You may or may not know, but every-other Wednesday I put a new YouTube video up on a channel I contribute for called Millennial Moms. I share parenting

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