Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, & how to make it work for everyone!

Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, and how to make it work for everyone! Includes free printables. From

A while ago I did a post about “Chores kids can (and should) do, by age“. In that post I promised to write about how we pay our kids allowance, and how much allowance is reasonable to pay kids. I’m FINALLY getting around to writing it…after 50 million years. The delay was somewhat intentional, believe it or not. Our kids are young (our oldest is almost 5), and we’re new to the whole allowance thing. So before telling giving the world my opinion, I figured I should test the waters a bit first.

After several months of research, trial, and error, here’s the system we use that seems to be working well so far, and the system we choose to use for our kids as they get older! Let me break it down for you…

First of all,

What should we teach our kids about money?

Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, and how to make it work for everyone! Includes free printables. From

  • To be financially responsible (saving AND spending wisely)
  • To work hard. To set the realistic expectation that nothing is handed to you in life, so you have to work hard for what you earn, and you earn what you deserve.

Notice that it does NOT include:

  • The proper way to tell us what we should buy for them
  • How listen to us when we tell them what to do
  • How not to make mistakes
  • How to avoid real-life challenges until they are adults

Why do we do things for our kids that they can do for themselves?

Let’s face it…it doesn’t do ANYONE any favors!

By handing our kids things on a silver platter (whether intentionally or not), it’s setting them up for unrealistic expectations because, whether we like it or not, that’s not how life works!

“But I figured it out as an adult, so can they…it’s time for them to enjoy being kids.”

Sure, maybe we turned out ok having had to figure it all out as adults. But at the end of the day we all want the best of for our kids, right? So why not teach them to be the most amazing, self-sufficient, responsible kids/adults they could possibly be? If you ask me, there are not many gifts in this world greater than that.

Should we pay our kids an allowance?

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