Oh, hey Tyra Banks! (My FAB Life Episode Untold Story)

My Fab Life Show segment! FunCheapOrFree.com

Do you remember that time I was on Tyra Banks’ new show, The Fab Life and I totally shared it with all of you and told you all the juicy behind the scenes details?


…oh that’s right, that’s because other than posting the link on Facebook I completely forgot to share it on here! (Booing and hissing allowed.)

Forgive me! I have good reason, believe it or not. I actually vlogged almost my entire trip and told myself I would post the vlog + TV segment as soon as it went live. Aaaaaaaaand….then life happened and I haven’t done either. I’ve decided not to wait any longer to share the segment with you, and hopefully the vlog will come soon! (Turns out I’m really bad at making videos when I tell you I’m going to, though, so don’t hold it against me or hold your breath. Just know that I plan to! Someday!)

So here’s the segment, then I’ll share a peanut version of my story/experience below:

Watch the TV segment online, or click and watch below:

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How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at FunCheapOrFree.com

As the Black Friday frenziness begins, I wanted to do the world's quickest post to remind you Freebs to NOT BUY A SINGLE THING ONLINE without using Ebates first!! You would be

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5 Ways to Save Time and Money…

Complete Thanksgiving sides you can make ahead and freeze, a list of stock-up items you should buy for the year, and other ways to save time and money this Thanksgiving! At FunCheapOrFree.com

  Good news...I haven't died! I know I've been MIA for a little while, but it's for good reason. Keep your eyes on Instagram and you'll see that I'm up to a HUGE project that has

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The Spending Freeze Has BEGUN!…

spending freeze

Is anyone else head first in this #FocusOnFinances November Challenge spending freeze week with me? It's been so fun so far! It's been a good challenge, and has been empowering to

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Beauty Faves for the Holidays!…

My beauty faves for the holidays! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Freebs, this is my last post in the #FindYourHealthy series I've been doing with CVS! I've loved working with them and hope you have found some value in these posts. Again, brands

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EXCLUSIVE deals from Jane.com!…

Exclusive deals from Jane.com!

A few weeks ago I was able to snag some in credible exclusive Frugal Find Friday deals from from Jane.com for us Freebs. It may seem like an inopportune time to post since we all

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Focus on Finances November…

Join the challenge! Do a few small things for a few shorts weeks and completely pay for Christmas! from FunCheapOrFree.com

FREEBS! I have the most EXCITING project for all of us! We are going to hunker down and focus on our finances in November, to make way for the BEST year of Holidays we've ever had.

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My Pregnancy Must-Haves!…

My pregnancy must-haves! From FunCheapOrFree.com. #FindYourHealthy

If you haven't heard, I'm 13 weeks along with baby #5! As much joy as that brings, it also brings a few other things...fatigue, nausea, heartburn, aches and pains, and dry skin,

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30% Del Sol Discount + $50…

Del Sol3

Happy Monday, Freebs! I know I'm breaking the rule to post on a Frugal Find Friday deal on Monday, but because of Halloween last weekend I figured no one was hovering over their

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Best Butternut Squash Soup…

EASY PEASY butternut squash soup recipe! Mostly made in a blender, so delish! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Last night I made one of my favorite (and easiest) dinners, my good ol' Butternut Squash Soup recipe. It's so simple - you roast squash, toss it in the blender with cream cheese

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A Free Grocery App YOU Told Me…

Free app that saves you TONS at the grocery store! From FunCheapOrFree.com

First of all, thank you for all the kind congrats and regards on my announcement yesterday. Seriously blown away by how sweet you all are! *group hug* Second, I have to thank

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5 Little Pumpkins……

5 little pumpkin coming this May!

First of all, don't worry, I'm ALIVE! I'm sorry for the serious absence over here! I spilled water on my computer last week, completely fried it, had to get a "new" (refurbished)

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TONS of Fun, Cheap, and Free…

TONS of fun, cheap, or free, Halloween party ideas

Get out your violins, freebs, a sad story is coming. Since our house is still for sale, we are having to skip our annual Halloween party this year...and pretty much any form of

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