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BBC ’16 – Budget Boot Camp Conference Recap! (AKA my favorite day of the year)

I realize now that several weeks have passed since BBC’16 and it’s darn due time I recapped it for those who are interested! If you recall, I have been throwing this conference since 2013. Only, back then it was called Frugality Boot Camp. It started as a mini conference with 25 freebs in a conference

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Entertaining toddlers, Date Night, budgeting for clothes and more! (Live Q&A 1/28/14)

Loved trying a daytime LIVE Q&A today! So many of you tuned in, and your questions were beyond amazing (seriously, I have the best readers). We started a little late…kid issues, internet issues, general issues with life itself, but still had great time. Click and watch the video below (or watch online HERE) and scroll down to

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Budgeting, Blogging, Splurging, and more! (Live Q&A 8/14/14)

Tonight we enjoyed another fabulous LIVE Q&A! (To see how these work and to see past Q&A’s click HERE). I got a HUGE flood of incredible questions tonight that covered everything from how much to spend on Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and babysitting, to paying off debt, budgeting for daycare, and how to afford having

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Free printable to help your kids save money

Enjoy this guest post from Lindsay, our Child Learning contributor from One Beautiful Home. Take it away, Linds! Hey Everyone! I am back today to share with you a new printable that will help your kids save money and learn how to budget and save up for specific purchases – AND save your wallet from

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Voted as top 6 at The Mom Conference!

Remember how I told you about the amazing FREE conference for moms online? Well, today is the last day of the conference. It’s reserved for the top 6 speakers (out of 36), voted on by Mom Conference attendees. Guess what?? I was voted as one of the top 6!! (*mouth gaping open.) I have to

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The Simplest Budgeting Technique Ever…CONDENSED!

Today I’m being featured on, where I share an UPDATED and CONDENSED version of the simplest budgeting technique EVER! [See the old, full-detail version (including a video) HERE]. In case you’re interested, here’s an excerpt of my post: As a frugal living expert and financial disaster survivor, I’ve learned the secret to budgeting that

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