Shelf Cooking May Challenge + FREEZER GIVEAWAY!!


Happy May Freebs!!

Hi. My name is Jordan, and I’m a food hoarder. *Covers eyes with hands*

How is it that my fridge and freezer can be insanely full, yet I feel like there’s nothing to eat in the house? Does anyone feel the same way?

This can only mean one thing…I think it’s time for a #ShelfCooking challenge!  Last September, we all participated (and if you didn't, you should have) in #ShelfTember and it was AMAZING!! As I was looking at my overly stuffed fridge, I realized it was time for another challenge!! And you all agree! You all went nuts when I posted about it last week on Instagram.

Here is how the Shelf-Cooking May challenge will work (keep reading for details on an awesome giveaway ?) :

  • For the entire month of May, we are SHELF COOKING!
  • What is shelf cooking? It’s a style of cooking I coined that describes making meals starting FIRST with ingredients you have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. You only buy ingredients from the store that are needed to supplement those meals – NOT the other way around.
  • You will have $25 per week for fresh groceries, and everything else needs to come from your fridge, freezer, and pantry! (If you have dietary restrictions or teenagers you can go up to $50/week, but NO HIGHER!!! *Waves mom finger*). Don’t go nuts at the store today! It’s not the zombie apocalypse. If you need a few items, grab a few items as usual but NO spending all your dollars STOCKING UP like mad or it defeats the purpose
  • The HUNDREDS of dollars you save by participating in this challenge should be put straight against pressing debt, or into savings (you should have at least 6 months to live off of). If all that is done then put it in a fun money account for that “thing” you’ve always wanted to do/have for your family!
  • Join our private FB group! We have over 8k Freebs in our “Shelf Cooking Community” group on FB. It’s a fantastic place to share recipes, get inspiration, ask for help, and stay encouraged. It’s one of my favorite little spots of the internet! Go join!
  • Play along and WIN A FREEZER! At the end of the month I’m giving away a freezer again to someone who randomly posts pictures of their progress throughout the month on IG and/or FB and uses the hashtag #ShelfCookingChallenge and tags me. Be sure to tag me or I WONT SEE IT!

This is an incredible way to rotate your food, learn to cook from scratch, meal plan, and SAVE MUCHO DINERO  I’m so super excited. Keep your eyes on my stories for daily updates on what I’m cooking and how I’m doing.

Check out this post for even more details about Shelf-Cooking!

To help you in this challenge, we created a printable calendar with challenges to help you make the most of  #ShelfCookingChallenge!

Now…who’s in???



  1. I am in. I should have checked my e-mail I was just at the produce market. I am one of those who only has an e-mail and no other social media accounts ( and function Lol) Good luck everyone and happy saving.

  2. I would so do it but I am the only person I think that does not do social media….? ill be doing my own challenge though. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. This is so timely for me and my family! Last month, we decided that we had so much food in our pantry and freezers that we needed to stop stocking and start eating! We spent $100 on groceries in April and I documented every dinner we had (even the really sad ones!)–I found your Shelftember and Stocktober posts and videos halfway through the month. So fun!

    It’s a good thing we had such a tiny grocery expense last month, too, because I got a flat tire and realized that ALL my tires needed to be replaced. We were able to cash-flow the whole set, rather than use savings.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of revelations y’all have this month, because I’m always game for some dinspiration!
    Erica Burton recently posted…Net Worth & Debt Update: A Month of Freezer/Pantry MealsMy Profile

  4. I am going to try this challenge. Please clarify if the following idea is within the rules of the challenge, I thought that since at the end of the month is Memorial day and there are usually great meat sales at that time, that I would try to put aside as much money as possible from the $25.00 each week and then at the end of the month try to take advantage of the sales and coupons I usually get each year. I know that at the last week of the month the bill will be higher than $25.00, but I think it would be within the spirit of the challenge if I save for this expense all month. What are your thoughts?

  5. Hi there. I just recently subscribed to your YouTube channel. Awesome job, great ideas, real life, keeps us viewers engaged and is just REAL. I didn’t sign up for the challenge, but have been doing it anyways. We usually try to eat like this regularly as it is and go out very, very rarely. Thanks again!

    • I just found Jorden and her awesome youtube videos. I’m excited to try this challenge for August (even though I missed it)! You should do it too!

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